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  1. Irizar

    Mega Airport Singapore X preview

    Well... you're right I guess, cause most of airports have wingflex
  2. There will be EXPED button feature simulated or it stills unactive?
  3. Looks like simmakers are open minded for developers like Aerosoft is, and their ideas for P3D developing. Sounds good - only proper way!
  4. Some time ago LOT Polish Airlines purchased large part of Nordica and there is new livery for CRJ (2 versions):,lot,n.jpg Any chance for them?
  5. How much will be A320family update if I can ask?
  6. So, how about printed checklist to all bus family? I know there was topic about, maybe it's good time to make it real? It would be nice to have laminated checklist specified to every bus. Specially cause there is no real equal to sim - IMO.
  7. As Mathijs says about 64bit simulator is round the corner, we probably don't need to worry about performance of such a beauti bird. The question is how far is "round the corner" Not sure if there was awnser - how that coffee and newspaper will appear? Greets!