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  1. Tremonia1974

    German Airports für P3D V4

    @Mathijs Kok any News about hannover?
  2. Tremonia1974

    German Airports für P3D V4

    Gibt es zu Hannover neues? Er ist mein Lieblingsairport da ich in der Nähe wohne. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, dass er für V4 geupdated wird. Da es doch ein Ferienflughafen ist.
  3. I am very excited and nervous. I can not wait to finish my domestic flights with the Airbus. The competitor's other Airbus is more complex, but still has a lot of bugs. I think the Aerosoft beta testers will do a good job and find all the bugs. So take your time and finish it nice and slowy. Quality over Quantity
  4. that would be a new thread i guess
  5. hmm sorry - but thats that what i haven't expected by aerosoft
  6. i didnt ask for the date, i only want to know is there any idea by the devs when i could be ready, because the informations, that are given, aren't really helpfull. 14 days in between, the meaning of that information is a bit strange. :/
  7. is it realistic to say, end of march we will get that big suprise?
  8. its incredible looking cockpit - i can't wait to fly that beauty! For me is the AS Airbus better then FSLabs, because for FSlabs Airbus i have set so many settings and changes.
  9. Tremonia1974

    Mega Airport Prag P3D V4

    ich warte einfach bis der neue für V4 da ist vllt sogar mit neuen Features
  10. Tremonia1974

    Repaint request

    Hey is it possible to make the new lufthansa livery, which will be released by Lufthansa at 07. Feb 2018?
  11. Is it possible that the developer make the new livery of lufthansa? 07 Feb Lufthansa will release the new layout.
  12. Tremonia1974

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Excellent work so far! Keep it going like that!
  13. Tremonia1974

    AS Airport Köln

    Ah okay danke dir Das kann Thema geschlossen werden
  14. Gibt es zum Aerosoft Airport Köln neue Informationen, wie weit das Projekt dort vorangeschritten ist? Es gab ja mal paar Screenshots, danach kam nichts mehr schade. Vielleicht weiß jemand ja mehr.