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  1. To confirm information about the error described, follow the attachment. At
  2. Yes, Although i have not given so much importance, i confirm the problem. I use the AS16 with PFPX and i note this difference
  3. I just updated the airac and realized that it is missing a lot of data airports, airways, waypoints... Anyone else having trouble with PFPX and AIRAC 1711? Yes, i believe it is problem with the AIRAC, but i just want to confirm.
  4. AndreNix

    PMDG 777 300 ER UPDATE

    The manager no longer allows this type of update. Today the updates occur in two ways: Logging on the PMDG website (if you bought directly with them), or waiting for the version to the resellers (Aerosoft).
  5. AndreNix

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.4

    I'm trying to add a new aircraft based from the template and this problem occurs Is someone having the same problem?
  6. Hello Unfortunately the link is pointing to an outdated version. In the installer and in the PMDG operation center it is saying that it is version 1.10.8386 Regards
  7. AndreNix

    PMDG 777-200/300 V4 Updates is available

    Gentlemen, thank you.
  8. AndreNix

    PMDG 777-200/300 V4 Updates is available

    Hello I'm sorry if it seems repetitive and can even be wrong but wonder if these updates are intended only to P3D or also for FSX? I've 777-200 and 300 for FSX Regards
  9. AndreNix

    PMDG 777-200

    Hello Any estimates of when the PMDG 777 200 LR/F update (1.10.8378) for FSX:SE will be available? Thanks
  10. PFPX is independent, is not an addon. But yes, it is compatible
  11. AndreNix


    What about the airports that are above 8400ft? Example: SLLP - Elevation AMSL 13,323 ft 4,061 m ZUDC - Elevation AMSL 14,472 ft 4,411 m
  12. A few days ago I made a flight SBGR - FAOR. I was following the route that I was flying and to my surprise I thought my friend had slept in VATSIM. But no, he called me on the TS wondering if I was doing some flying and said yes and he watch on his flight because he was away from his route. He called me crazy and said he recently had landed. In Vattastic his flight was on the ground, but still PFPX flying to infinity and beyond. You can check the error? My version 1.28.4 Sorry, the images got very bad.
  13. AndreNix

    Creating an EFB

    I understood what you said. I had the same problem, but is now working with UAC enabled Try to do this: Double click the path to see if exports If you do not export, edit the path to the add-on. Check permission folder, or try in administrator mode.
  14. AndreNix

    Creating an EFB

    This is not the correct way : You can select paths for different applications, see example: Individually you must click on the path and to edit it choosing the the destination folder