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  1. swiss2015

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Over Los Angeles: Zürich: Dubai:
  2. swiss2015

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    T7 departure @ ZRH: A320 arrival @ ZRH, ILS28: Austrian @ EDDL: T7 departure @ Heathrow:
  3. swiss2015

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Vienna: Berlin EDDT: Zurich LSZH: (btw: are only aerosoft related pics allowed in this corner, or also PMDG and ifly?)
  4. swiss2015

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Swiss A320, EGLL, ILS27R: Avianca A320 @ Bogota: Swiss A320 into Barcelona, BCN, LEBL:
  5. swiss2015

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Avianca @ Bogota Swiss @ Geneva Swiss @ Madrid, ILS 18L Eurowings @ Dusseldorf Swiss @ Hamburg ILS23
  6. Swiss A320 on the DEGES2W with some heavies on the midfield terminal and some regional aircrafts on I-stands (mostly Avroliners)