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  1. stephanek

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Just checkin in after more than 2 years without news; so A330 still not ready in any version, (virtual cockpit F100 anyone ?) FSX version more and more uncertain. This is becoming ridiculous. I'm not a spoiled teen, been waiting for years, been caught in this 32bits vs 64bits drama and now think I will never see any half descent A330 for FSX. What a shame. Before coming here for news I quickly checked PMDG and saw their latest B747-8i addon available for FSX. Well thank you PMDG and I'm sure this is also making sense business wise. Alas AS took another srategic business decisions...
  2. All what has been shown so far is quite spectacular and prove you have some talented people at work here. My only wish : (apart from engine variants I will not repeat here) Pls invest time in the air file for realistic flight model. I would hate to have a nice candy A330 with FMS in colors with botched flight model. If only you could create that "floating ground effect" at touchdown like you can see in a lot of A330 vids out there... Just kidding I think even the best real simulators do not render landing/flare/touchdown accurately. May I ask a question ? How is flight model worked out ? Aircraft performance figures ? Stephane