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  1. Export issues into PMDG aircraft

    Have you tried exporting them into the PMDG RTE folder? That's what I do right now and it works perfect for the 747! (BTW sorry to piggyback on this thread but do you know how to export to AS4? Thks!)
  2. Has anyone tried doing VHHH - EGLL ? PFPX routes it really weirdly, taking you over and past Beijing and then into RU airspace. However, the real life ones take you through the west of China without going all the way east. Are there any fixes to that? Thanks!
  3. Throttle not at idle

    but there is still a difference between eng 1 and 2 even though my throttles are the same right?
  4. Throttle not at idle

    Update: After mapping eng 2 to right throttle, it appears to work normal going to all the clicks in the vc. I tried to change and reapply the mapping for eng 1 but it still does not go to idle
  5. Throttle not at idle

    Here, my throttles are at idle. I do know that eng 2 is at idle since it is not mapped in the sim as i deliberately did that. eng 1 as you can see is slightly forwards but reacts to throttle movement.
  6. Throttle not at idle

    throttles in the VC are at 20% which affects the N1. This is while my throttles are at idle edit: After switching the throttle from using the throttle axis in the settings to controlling engine 1 and 2 seperately, eng 1 seems to work fine. eng 2 however seems to have a lower 'sensitivity'? it doesn't go fully to toga or idle
  7. Hello community, I know this problem has been solved before but I have had no luck finding it again. My throttles in the sim are at about 20% while my real life throttles (Saitek X55) are at idle. Can someone please provide an answer or a link to the topic Thanks!
  8. MCDU ("glitches"?) when trying to input data

    FSX SP2 and a320/321 hotfix F I believe
  9. MCDU ("glitches"?) when trying to input data

    No it wasn't does that affect it? FSX was preinstalled and i used MS tool to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10
  10. Hello community, My left mcdu appears to not take any data that is inputed eg. putting in the flight number. I can input the data in the bottom of the screen but when I try to put it into the field with the left buttons along the screen, it just doesn't respond. There is also no way to click away from the INIT page after doing this and the screen stays stuck. Has anyone encountered this problem? I'm running FSX and Windows 10 so do tell me if that is a problem. Thanks, Snoopy