I'm using the A318/A319, but unfortunately I noticed that with versions and there was a significant step backwards when flying STARS and Transitions.   Example Route:
LOWW29 --> EDDF07R
LUGE1C LUGEM DCT LNZ DCT SUBEN T161 ASPAT ASPA4E   //DF644 I've flown this route four times in the last few days to verify this behavior.
  With version, the A319 was able to fly the ASPA4/STAR profile without any problems. 
Everything as it should be.   But with the update to version a strange behavior started.
With pass from waypoint ASPAT the A319 sinks at first, but not to reach the given FL with the required sink rate at the next waypoint. 
With pass from waypoint the A319 notices that it is too high and the Magenta Dot falls completely down, followed by a quasi nosedive up to >8000ft/min.   When the Magenta Dot is captured, the bus almost stops descending, although it does not reach the next FL at the next waypoint.
With pass the waypoints the same game happens as before - Magenta Dot drops drastically - sink rate extreme etc.
This is how it works at every waypoint.    The A319 does not glide in a constant descent from waypoint to waypoint, the descent profile looks more like a staircase. 
Completely inharmonic and the extreme sink rates can only be handled with the speedbrakes.
To avoid installation errors, I deleted the current version, checked for file remains, restarted the PC and reinstalled version
With this version the descent behaviour is as normal as it should be.    With update to version the strange descent behaviour came back.
This not only affects the ASPAT/STAR, but also the descent behaviour of other STARS is affected.   I attach some screenshots, but it only shows the observed behaviour in a limited way.   Regards, Wolfgang