Hi all, I know there was already a thread regarding this issue: But somehow, the solution provided in the other thread did not solve my double jetway issue (unless I did something wrong, which is likely enough...). I also have this double jetway issue and to me, both the readme.txt coming along with the SODE update from Simwings as well as the explanation given in the above linked thread are too cryptical. First, the readme.txt talks about a Folder which does simply not exist in my installation:   Copy the subdirectory "SODE" below the "Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\La Palma" directory of the scenery add-on   There is no "Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\La Palma" Directory, my LEPA scenery is installed in the Ecosystem subfolder called something else ("Aerosoft Mallorca Professional" or something like that). Then, the term "copy below" is not very precise to me, what is meant with "below"? To me, "below" means it will show below the La Palma folder inside Windows explorer. Might be a language barrier, but to me, only the final Explanation of Oliver in above thread is clear:   "same level as Scenery,Texture and Effects subfolders".   But this is then contradictory to the readme.txt, as in Windows explorer, this would mean INSIDE the La Palma directory. Anyway, I did this, but the jetways are still doubled. What can I do? I even re-executed the .bat file after moving the folder to the location oliver suggested, but no success, still double jetways. Do I have to adjust some SODE files after moving it? Thanks for any help,   Regards Chris