Sorry to get back to you guys, but the same problem occurs, that I have already reported in the following thread: This time I can definately rule out any windows update or installation in between my last flight and today.   Here's what happend: I did some flights on Thursday, over 3 hours of flying with the A319 in version after somehow fixing my problem, see thread above. Then today I did the update to the newest version, and now I get the same problem with the crashing of the Kernelbase.dll. At the moment whenever I load the airbus in whatever livery I get a crash to desktop after about 10 seconds.   Again it is the same problem, but without any updates or other changes this time. I can definately rule out any changes to the system, EXCEPT for updating the aerosoft airbus.   Any ideas or help that you can give me this time? Windows event viewer and appcrashview is showing me the Kernelbase.dll problem, see below:     What I found in the task manager: At the moment that the airbus and p3d crashes, there is a peek to 100% GPU usage and video encoding.. Is that maybe related somehow? Is it maybe the graphics card the is crashing because of something? I mean, I didn't change the driver or anything since Thursday.. But it seems that something is messing up something..   Is there anything unusual in there? Can you help me this time maybe?!   Thanks!