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      We love reviews and awards and any we can find will be posted here. If you see one that we missed please report at support@aerosoft.com.

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    6. On Air: Airline Manager (career mode for your sim!)

      A totally new way to enjoy your flight simulator, On Air is a whole new world where all everybody competes to build the most successful airline.

    7. Aerosoft ONE Support (English)

      A support forum for Aerosoft ONE.

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      Hier können alle Fragen zu Aerosoft ONE gestellt werden.

    9. Aerosoft Updater and Livery Installer

      A support forum for our super simple updater for all Aerosoft flight simulator products and for the just as simple livery manager.

    10. Flightplan Visualizer

      Flightplan Visualizer is a tool that helps you find suitable flights. Select the aircraft type, airline, and airport and you see exactly what routes real airlines fly.  No longer do you have to spend a lot of time deciding where to fly next, just follow the real aircraft!

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  5. Around the World in Eighty Days (Dec 23-March 24)

    1. Welcome! The rules and discussions

      Here you will find the rules, the route and have a chance to discuss the event.

    2. Eighty Days Around the World time sheet

      In this section you will find the 'combined' log file that each pilot is obliged to update after completing a leg of the route.

    3. Diaries / Flight logs

      The pilots will keep their travel log updated in this section

    4. Group flights

      If you want to organize some flight together, this is the place.

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    • Hallo Günther, vielen Dank für deinen umfangreichen Beitrag. Deine Begeisterung zu dem Flieger kenne ich und sie spiegelt sich in deinen Zeilen wieder. Seit geraumer Zeit läßt du mich an deinen Erfahrungen und Wissen teilhaben, und ich bin stets Nutznießer deiner Programmierung.   All die von dir genannten Änderungen sind vom Start weg sichtbar und spürbar.   Die Steigrate, oder die Simulation der ICE Vanes... alles fantastisch simuliert und über den " Uhrenladen " verfolgbar.   Die KA Gemeinde in diesem Forum ist leider zu gering., um die Begeisterung zu teilen.   Manch einem ist dieser hervoragende Flieger zu verspielt.   Sei es drum, ich bin Fan von der B350 und lerne bei jedem Flug dazu, weil nicht jeder Flug gleich ist.   Danke für deine Unterstützung, und diejenigen, die dein Wissen schätzen und umsetzen, wissen, was ich meine.   Gruß Micha    
    • Hello ! Where to find information how to configure HUD for CRJ ? I have searched all user manuals provided with CRJ for FS2020, but couldn't find anything.
    • And here the fishing ships:   keep in mind that every single  location is correct to 10 meters. A fishing vessel was at that location at the moment we took our snapshot.
    • Nice to see the shipping lanes so clear visible! These dots ONLY show the cargo ships that are not at anchor.
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • Hi! I think your issue is a little bit different to mine. I'm stuck using the default profile and it won't change to which ever profile I have active. I hadn't even tried to get any downloaded profile to work as I couldn't even get one I made working... I did download a profile off the internet to see and tried to import it into xplane to see if I had the same issue as you and sure enough! (I couldn't open the file as it was greyed out). that being said, I can't find the honeycomb configurator in the list of applications that have access to my folders and files. I have no idea what the issue is and how to get it fix. best of luck ill keep you posted if I find anything
    • No worries  Thought I would check to make sure. Thanks guys.
    • Hi Emmanuel,   Thanks for the reply. The freeware scenery I spoke about was Castle Lakes airstrip aka CD32 in Colorado ( https://flightsim.to/file/12066/castle-lakes-airstrip-colorado-usa-cd32 ) I PM’d the developer (“Photosbykev”) and asked how he resolved the issue, which also had been triggered by a Sim update some months ago. Here was his reply:   “The issue with CD32 was a level change between sim updates and water appearing where water shouldn't so I raised the runway level a touch and used a polygon to exclude the water. If there is water on the runway it will show as a water runway but a simple fix tbh.” - Kev   To be sure I can see how this could have easily happened at Castle Lakes because the CD32 airstrip has lakes tightly packed on either side if it, which KTNP apparently does not. It’s pretty dry out there.   Nonetheless, based on Photosbykev’s reply I tried adding a water exclusion around the entirety of KTNP (and placing it alphabetically both BEFORE and AFTER the KTNP scenery) but it still showed as a water airport. I didn’t spend a lot of time refining my experimentations though. Perhaps SU10 Beta introduced a small unnoticed (or completely invisible?) “pond” somewhere close to one of the runways?   There’s a brief post about this and several other airports that have the same issue on MSFS forum at https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/burning-bleu-designs-kmvy-aerosoft-ktnp-aerosoft-ldza-show-as-seaports/530961 but so far no solution. Perhaps there’s a common thread, which if fixed at one of these other “water airfields”, will illuminate the core issue at the others? I’ve been watching for threads that may contain an answer and will share anything I find right here.   Most curious to me is why, when just zooming in on the global map, it doesn’t show any airport there at all unless you do a specific ICAO search for “KTNP”? Perhaps that holds a clue to the "water runway" issue?    Whatever the case, I sincerely hope an answer can be found. Because I really LOVE what you’ve done with airport. It’s a great location to practice touch-and-goes, test a new aircraft, or just enjoy a thunderstorm as it sails across the Mohave Desert. I look forward to many flights in and out of this location.   P.S. Oh, and I just remembered... when CD32 was showing as a water runway before Kev fixed it, it too also didn't show on the map at all unless a "CD32" ICAO search was made. Then it appeared, but as a "water runway". Seems to be consistent with this issue. Would Kev's "fix" then be too? Hmm. Just a thought.
    • Ich wusste bisher nicht dass es keine Gebäude für Asien gibt. Und jetzt wo X-Plane 12 fast da ist bringt es wohl auch nichts mehr da noch rumzubasteln.
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