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  2. When i look at your picture than i think the jetways are typical GSX jetways with Raiffeisen banners. You must look which Afcad GSX is reading. Look at GSX menu: Customize this parking position and look at the top which Afcad is used. It must be the Aerosoft Afcad, when it's another one than you must disable it. Ad
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  5. Ja, EDDH Prof wird über die XML-Methode eingebunden, der entsprechende File( add-on.xml) befindet sich im EDDH-Ordner. Schau mal in der add-ons.cfg (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) nach, dort sollte der EDDH-Eintrag für die Bibliothek zu finden sein. Der dort eingetragene Pfad sollte zu Deinem Installationsort führen. Wolfgang
  6. Hey Devnicoll; I am having a very similar challenge and I just posted about it before seeing your post. I hope Support addresses either of our concerns soon. Let me know if you find an answer and I will do the same. Cheers, Mustafa
  7. They are dimmable and this is done with the P3D code itself now. No more Reallight. I will post some screenshots later today.
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. I already asked in the corresponding forum, but do you know if V1.2.4.0 of the Airbus Pro is working with P3D V4.5? Otherwise updating could bring some issues for me.
  9. Looks great! Are the spotlights dimmable as before like in RealLight? Is this the new one instead of RealLight? Can we get any night photos with them on please?
  10. A good surrounding is the base of a good scenery.
  11. With the installed XML ZIP file from Mathijs: no change. When I check the config tool both the Static Airplanes and SODE Airways options do not accept a tick.......?? After saving the tool, says saved, but when reopenend no ticks! Peter Hougardy
  12. Hello, Mauritius FIMP (Developer: FSDG) is available with our Shop. Productpage
  13. Hallo, Mauritius FIMP von FSDG ist im Shop verfügbar. Produktseite
  14. I have a question regarding the taxi lights: In the "old" CRJ, the taxi lights are rather shining "away" from the aircraft, that means, they mainly light up the areas left and right of the aircraft, similar to the turn-off lights in the Airbus. But every time I fly in a real-life CRJ (as a passenger) at night time, I detect no light cones on the ground at the side of the plane. And when I see other CRJs taxiing by, I detect that their taxi lights are rather directed towards the front of the plane, i.e. the taxiway centreline. This video of an IBEX CRJ-700 also shows a taxi light directed towards the front of the aircraft. Is that correct and if so, do you address this in the new version of the CRJ?
  15. Hello, maybe the problem is the P3D version you are using. In version 4.3 there were some bugs that were fixed in version 4.4. We recommend to update P3D to the newest version 4.5. best regards.
  16. The PM has his own ND display, finally! Or am I wrong?
  17. Hi there; I use SIMstarter NG (latest version) extensively and I often have problems with the right scenery being loaded correctly. All my scenery are based on Addon.xml files, not the typical scenery areas, and depending on the route I am flying I would like few addons to be loaded into P3D, not just disabled. this tremendously helps load time and avoids potential P3D package load conflicts. Currently, SIMstarter allows you to only disable the addons from the Addons Configuration Manager, but they will still load into P3D as apparent in the AddOns window; and I am constantly running into issues with addon priorities and default or ORBX scenery appearing over the 3rd party addons I want loaded. In short: 1- Is there a way to prevent addons from even loading into P3D? 2- Is there a way to prioritize addons? I tried the Move Scenery option in the Scenery Configuration Manager but since its for scenery.cfg not addon.xmls, priorities are unpredictable at best. I even tried the Lorby tool but Layer changes are overwritten by SIMstarter when running a profile. thanks, Mustafa
  18. Hi Gérard, you can use both syntaxes...if the ">" is missing for "Variable" it will be added internally, now.
  19. Hallo Wolfgang. Ich beschäftige mich ja nun schon längere Zeit mit der Zibo, und hatte als Beginner auch so meine Erlebnisse mit dem Flieger. Aus eigener Erfahrung und Berichten in den entsprechenden Foren muss ich feststellen, dass die allermeisten Probleme durch fehlerhaften Download oder fehlerhafte Installation entstehen. Das kannst du auch hier im Forum erkennen! Ich würde an deiner Stelle die Zibo löschen. Da du ja auch mit der Default 737 das selbe Problem hast, würde ich auch diese aus X-Plane entfernen. Du kannst diese ja irgendwo "Zwischenlagern". Dann den XPlane Installer aktivieren, dann bekommst du auch eine frische Default 737. Teste jetzt, ob die neue Default 737 immer noch das Problem mit den flackernden Lichtern hat. Wenn nein, was ich für dich hoffe, würde ich jetzt die aktuelle Zibo neu downloaden und im XPlane Flugzeugordner in einem neuen von dir erstellten Ordner (z.B: meine Flugzeuge) installieren. Das wäre mein Vorschlag. Ich habe gestern Abend lange Zeit im WWW gesucht, aber das von dir beschriebene Problem hatte bis jetzt keiner, oder zumindest nicht veröffentlicht. Gruß Hermann
  20. Any ideas when shipment will start? Another question: I live in Germany and have selected the "Zahlung per Rechnung". That means I will first receive the product and then the necessary details to perform the payment, correct? Thanks
  21. I just wanted to know if V1.2.4.0 of the Airbus Pro is working with the latest version of P3D (V4.5.X) since I´d like to update P3D (in preparation for the A330) and have no issues with this version of the Airbus. Thanks in advance!
  22. I have the exact same issue. Same OS, P3D Version 4.3.29 However after uninstalling the scenery P3D isn´t working anymore and closes by itsself after "Loading complete"
  23. Just want to add that you can also use left and right mouse clicks as well as your mouse wheel for the turn knob.
  24. Hi Colin. No one else has reported this and 2.1 has been out for a long time. I've been using the aircraft a lot to test the upcoming auto flight engineer and haven't found anything amiss with the VS wheel, trim indicator or trim handles, both in VC or on the 2D AP panel. Maybe there was something wrong with your aircraft install or your XMLTools install got corrupted. XMLTools is needed for elevator trim. I would suggest installing 2.1 again from scratch without using the updater. Let us know if you still have problems.
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