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  2. "Ziel speichern unter" oder "verknüpften Inhalt speichern unter" je nach Browser . Da braucht man sich nicht registrieren. Der Patch kommt dann in das patchverzeichnis unter der jeweiligen Kachel. In dem Falle der 3 patche also nach Ortho4XP\Patches\ +45+006\ (gilt nur für Ortho4XP 1.20 !!!) Danach die kachel erstellen lassen.
  3. Same here!! Altough I'll be having a packed schedule on monday. Then that means tuesday is my maiden A330 flight!
  4. Well took the risk and it works on all the airports I have tried except the Aerosoft EDDF. So happy with that.
  5. i wish you would have released it this week Vacation days are over by sunday, monday means back to work lol... and no free days at all over christmas and new year
  6. Here are a few from my last test flight And here is one from the return flight departure
  7. @Mathijs: Does the EFF METAR page use true time or the simulation time? Like, when you recreat a flight that took place several days ago, you need the METAR that was valid at that specific time...
  8. Mathijs Kok

    MCDU 2 to dark

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Maybe not many but here is a full service carrier with more than 300 pax their A330 =>
  10. I know of no plans for that.
  11. Hello I am beginning to master the control of the pmdg 737ngx, but I can not land in manual mode. I cut the A / T at about 10 nm from the runway and go down to V / S = 1000ft / min then I disable the AP and maintain the reference speed for the landing but the plane becomes quite unstable and I do not can keep track of the axis of the runway. I would like some advice for a successful manual landing. Thank you.
  12. This evening I will try the default commands for the cowl flaps: Volets de capot (ouvrir progressivement) CTRL+MAJ+Y Volets de capot (fermer progressivement) CTRL+MAJ+C
  13. Today
  14. Can I have a free copy? I haven't done anything amazing to earn one. I'm just being a cheeky lad.
  15. Moin, ich versuche einmal die Entwickler hier her zu bekommen.... Es geht um SAM v2.0.1 ? oder auch um das Addon SAM WorldJetways? Genaue Linux Version? Vielleicht poste mal Deine Log.txt Datei (X-Plane 11 Hauptverzeichnis) hier als Dateianhang. Möglicherweise steht da mehr drin... Gruß heinz
  16. alright i m repaints Hainan Airlines A330 Hai! Man chester B-8287 is ready, so waht time A330 release 🙂
  17. Hallo HDornfeld ! So ein Problem hatte ich auch schonmal....allerdings stellte sich das Bugrad in die richtige Stellung, sobald die Maschine von der Steuerung bewegt wurde. Zudem war ein ein Softwarefehler des " Saitek " - Programms......dieses solltest du nach der Installation aktualisieren, da nicht immer die neuste Software ( " Logitech Gaming Software " ) dem Produkt beiliegt. Für die Pedale zur Rudersteuerung findest du die neuste Software dem Falll aus 2018 : Für die 64 - Bit - Version dann auf ---> alle Downloads " klicken und da findest du die passende Version. Fliegende Grüße, Frank
  18. YES! you earned yourself a free A330. Contact me on mathijs.kok@aerosoft when we have released.
  19. Hi, I'm unable to install 2.0.1 on Linux. It results in a crash during initial start-up. The equally installed version on my Windows system works fine. What is wrong?
  20. Or simply never though about it. I have a profile with eye-candy for the very few times I do VFR, and another I use most of the time for Airliners. But I never though about using a profile for accelerated flights, but I will have one now 🙂
  21. @Mathijs Kok is this link any good? This link updates..
  22. Hallo, die 50fps brauchst Du schon, da X-Plane bei schletem Wetter und enstrechenden Wolkendarstellungen extrem die Framerate reduziert. Egal ob Du noch Active sky benutzt oder nicht. Da kommen schon mal 20fps raus. Deswegen ist ein Abstand von dem Minimum auf 25 fps wichtig, sonst geht die Simrate in den Keller und Du hängst Online teileise in der Luft oder fliegt für die Andren so langsam wie eine Cessna. Natürlich nur wenn Du, so wie ich, fast nur online fliegst.
  23. Yes, but that is a static image of yesterday. What I need is a single url with an image that is updated and available at the same link.
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