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  2. Hello Gary, So that is likely the problem we're aware of with the Airbus Professional. As things are at the moment, Ground Speed Mini is not yet implemented so you'll need to perform a "Speed Additive" to solve a slightly lower computed VApp (this is a small bug that we are in the process of correcting). Basically, just add 5 or 6 knots of speed to what the computed VApp is and that will solve this issue for you - if it doesn't, then there maybe something procedural causing the issue but I don't think that is the case. You can add the Speed Additive one of two ways: 1. After you have entered all the landing data in the MCDU, look at the computed VApp Speed in the MCDU, add 5 or 6 knots to it and place the new value into VApp in the MCDU, or 2. After you have entered all the landing data in the MCDU, look at the computed VApp Speed in the MCDU, on the FCU place speed control into the Selected Mode and add 5 or 6 knots to the computed VApp speed and dial the adjusted (higher) speed into the Speed section on the FCU. By the way, there is a terrific webpage that I'd like to recommend you take some time to go through. It explains Airbus Operations extremely well. It's an accident investigation report from the FAA, but it explains Airbus Operations and the information provided is relevant to what we're talking about int his thread (and then some!). LINK: There is a series of Articles by Airbus titled "Control your Speed... During Descent, Approach and Landing " which I highly recommend you take a look at: Initial Article Second Article Article Conclusion Also, there is an Airbus Professional Update coming out soon, and after that Connected Flight Deck will be working extremely well. I'd like to recommend you come and fly with one of our Connected Flight Deck Captains as there is simply no better way to learn this stuff than to fly and ask questions of those who are experienced with the Airbus, and our proprietary and very popular Server Based Connected Flight Deck (CFD) makes this possible. You just can't beat the experience! We have three active CFD Captains in your time zone, as well as CFD Captains in different times zones in North America and even Singapore. To meet up with one of our CFD Captains, simply log into our Discord Server (Aerosoft Discord Server Link: They are all wonderful guys, and all you have to do to get started is log into our Discord Server, go into the Main Meeting Room (or whatever room they are in) and say Hello! They'll take it from there! I'm pretty sure the Speed Additive solution will resolve the issue you are experiencing, but please follow up with us in this thread to let us know how you made out. Best wishes my friend!
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  4. I downloaded and reinstalled. I have an SSD drive . I took off from Lukla, returned and turned around and it got stuck and crashed again. The trees I'm referring to are on the approach runway. I Turned down the autogen trees to medium as well. Mathjis. I got no appcrash in event viewer.
  5. Hi I've been getting this on the speed for quite some time on the A320s. Basically, sometimes, when I'm coming in to land, I get a message shouting SPEED SPEED SPEED, despite me following the speed on the approach to the runway as I normally would. Usually, the speed then goes right up, as though I've set it to TOGA. I don't know why because I haven't touched the joystick, and I'm following the speed on approach as I normally would, and putting the flaps down as I normally would. It's like its shouting at me , yet I haven't changed the way I normally would. Usually, on approach, I slow the aircraft down, keeping the flaps 'in sync' and its perfect. Any help would be good. Gary
  6. Der Bahnhof ist ca. 20 Meter hoch, ist das verkehrt? Habe den so in Erinnerung. Vielleicht erscheint er dir so platt, weil er relativ groß ist: Das gestreckte Gebäude... Keine Ahnung, da bräuchte ich mal die Koordinaten dass ich in OSM nachsehen kann. Könnte natürlich auch ein Fehler in OSM sein, dass da jemand eine falsche Gebäudehöhe eingab. Hab's rausgefunden: Das Gebäude soll also 96 Etagen haben, so so. Ich habe es nicht nachgezählt, doch von der Höhe könnte es passen, ist also richtig erzeugt worden! Denke da hat jemand die Hausnummer 96 auch als Etagenanzahl eingetragen, hab das nun auf 2 wie das Nachbargebäude gesetzt. Bis dahin wird es im layer 1 ausgeblendet, schon drin, kommt dann mit 3.0.4. Wenn dann jemand noch die wirkliche Etagenanzahl eintragen könnte? Doch jeden Fehler möchte ich nun nicht korrigieren, nicht dass nun zig Mails oder Beiträge auf mich einprasseln, das war jetzt eine Ausnahme!
  7. Also von der X-Europe kommen die Bäume nicht, bei mir sieht das so aus: Und der einzelne Baum kommt aus OSM: Davor und dahinter sind noch Baumreihen in OSM, entlang der Flughafenallee, im Bild rot markiert - und genauso wird es bei mir angezeigt, ist also alles richtig erzeugt worden.
  8. I used PFPX to plan a flight within the continental United States, where METARs give the altimeter settings in inches of mercury (inHg). When the OFP was generated, however, the field conditions at both the origin and destination airports are given on the OFP in hectopascals (hPa). I can't find a setting in PFPX to change the OFP units from hPa to inHg. Does this exist? If so, where? Thanks!
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. noch ein Versuch mit FL120 diesmal ohne neue Routenlinien, Flugzeug fliegt obwohl alles perfekt aussah im Automode unbeeinflußt gerade weiter, zum Verzweifeln...(sorry wg der Nachtbilder) ach ja, hatte zuletzt den 1500er Wegpunkt (hatte oben die Routen-Schleifenbildung gezeigt) diesmal bewußt raus gelöscht, Routenschleife deshalb weg?
  11. Hi I'm creating a high altitude flight plan using Little NavMap, but when I manually add some waypoints my High altitude gets changed to a low altitude plan. What is making that change? Gaz
  12. Hello, please be sure, that the X-Plane.exe file is located in your installed X-Plane 11 folder. Otherwise it will not work. And an idea is to make an update of X-Plane 11 with this installer: One Installer, all of X-Plane (for all operation systems). If this will not work, then please upload your Log file (Log.txt) here as a file attachement. You find it in the installed X-Plane 11 folder. Close X-Plane 11 before (if possible). Greets Heinz PS: Don't post a question on several places. This is not a good idea. It makes our forum difficult to read.... You also have posted here: See also our forum rules: Greets Heinz
  13. Version 1.13 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link: I urge to you to watch the video released with version 1.11 (available via the help-menu) as it tells you how you can manage your flightplans. A video explaining most of the changes in version 1.13 have also been uploaded to YouTube and link for this video is also available via the help-menu. Here is a list of the changes in version 1.13: Flightplans can now be exported in AIFP/TrafficTool-format (the same format that FV is able to import). It means if you have made any changes to a flightplan (e.g. redirected some airports) the flightplan can be exported from FV, and imported into AIFP (AI Flight Planner, by Don Grovestine) where it can be compiled into an AI-traffic bgl-file (traffic "scenery"). A new setting called "Adjust flight-time on airport-redirect" have been added. This setting defaults to "false" (un-checked), however if changed to "true" (checked) the flight-time will be changed if/when departure/destination-airports are changed due to airport-redirections (both automatic and manually). The flight-time is the result of the difference between departure-/destination-time, hence if the flight-time is changed either- or both departure-/destination-time will change as well. The original flight-time is scaled based on the original- and the redirected distance between the departure/destination-airports. When importing/editing flightplans you can now select one or multiple aircraft and delete them. When deleting an aircraft all schedules attached to that aircraft will be deleted as well. One use of this feature could be to remove aircraft you don't have a AI aircraft, prior to exporting the flightplan in AIFP/TT-format, and loading it into AIFP. When importing/editing flightplans a "Similar" button will appear next to the flightplan name if a similar named flightplan exists (e.g. "same name", but different season), or other flighplans exists for the same airline (ICAO). Hoovering the mouse over this button will show the names of these flightplans as a tool-tip, and if you click the button the list will be shown in a window (with some additional information), from where it can be copied to the clipboard if you need to. On the Edit/Import-flightplan form, the Aircraft- and Airport tab-sheets have been swapped, and a new tab-sheet was added to list all routes of the flightplan. For each route the distance is listed along will all aircraft types of the flightplan servicing that route. The "Aircraft" tabsheet of the form to import/edit flightplans now contains a button called: "Fleet report". Pressing this button will generate a report showing the fleet of an airline (based on the flightplan), that is sorted by Aircraft type and registration. For each aircraft it will show a list of all the airports served by that particular aircraft. A "Word-wrap" check-box have been added to the Result-viewer to toggle word-wrap on/off (word-wrap defaults to "on"). In previous versions any changes made in the settings form resulted in all flightplans having to reload (while showing the splash-screen). Changing the path for MakeRunway-files still results in an automatic "reboot" of the program. The combo-box for choosing default direction (outbound/inbound/both) for the leg-search (on reset) have been removed from settings, and it now defaults to "Outbound or Inbound". However in the search legs form you can now save your own preferred "Reset" criteria. When you press the reset-button, it will load this Reset-file (with your preferred reset criteria). If you hold SHIFT while pressing the reset-button (or you have not saved a personal reset-file), it will reset to the default factory-criteria. In the traffic tabsheet of the airport info form there is a combo-box letting you switch between "Selected flightplan" or last-search on main-form" and "All flights to/from this airport". In previous versions it did not perform the search of flights to-/from- the viewed airport until you selected the 2nd item from the combo-box. Now this search is performed in the background as soon as the form is opened, hence choosing the 2nd item in the combo-box is now instantaneous. The "Nearby Airports" tab-sheet in the "Airport Info" form, now have a column listing direction (from the airport to the nearby airports). When listing number of runways and gates (e.g. in the form showing nearby airports, or in the redirection-report), the radius of the largest gate is now included, as there is no need to redirect any 747 traffic to an airport where the largest gate is 23m (a 747 requires a gate with a radius of at least 36m). The frequency-count was removed from the before mentioned listing of runways and gates, to make more room for listing the aircraft serving each airport. The search for airport browse now have a new optional column listing comments (e.g. length of longest rwy and largest gate). The "show" combo-box lets you choose to show comments in stead of "Size/Rank/Traffic" or "Hint-text". Opening the search airport browser from the import/edit flightplan form, will automatically choose to show the comments column, as information regarding rwy length/gate radius can be relevant when redirecting airports. Form "Nearby Airports" now show the GPS-position in the caption of the form. Added runway/gate summary to caption-bar of airport info form, so you no longer need to look at both the runway- and gate- tab-sheet in order to see: number of runways, longest runway, number of gates and largest rate (radius). New check-box added to settings allowing you to include the before mentioned runway/gate info in the airport marker tool-tip on the main map. Region/sub-region added to "Airport Info" form (top/left corner). A new setting (default to disabled) lets you add region/sub-region to the airport marker-hint on the map as well. Added a button to the "airport info" to show the airport at flightradar24 (opens the default browser), and the button on the leg info form to show route the route at flightaware (also using the browser) have been replicated on the route info form. The METAR-/TAF-buttons on the leg info form now shows the raw METAR/TAF-message - as a tool tip - when you hoover the mouse over the buttons. As before, when you press these buttons it will open a window showing the decoded messages. Various minor changes to the leg info form: added info regarding longest runway and largest gate for each airport, and re-positioned some of the fields. Likewise the info copied to the clipboard when you click the appropriate button have been re-ordered as well. Changed flightplan format to accommodate additional information, but the format remains backward compatible. Button added to about-box allowing the user to copy version-info to the clipboard. Managed to "shave off" approx ½ a second during start-up (on my pc). Not a lot but still an improvement 🙂 Fixed: In the form for importing/editing flightplans the leg-page showed the original distance even if the airports were redirected. Fixed: On leg info form "Dest.Country" and "Dest.Apt" column-order were swapped. Fixed: Tweaked aircraft type detecting to better detect 740-400 and 767-200/300 freighters. In previous versions a few aircrafts were wrongly detected as pax, when they should have been detected as freighter. Data: Airbus 330-800/900 Neo, Boeing 747-400LCF (Dreamlifter), and Embraer 175/190/195-E2 have been added as supported aircraft, and a few additional airlines and airports were added as well. Flightplans: Installer comes with +70 new pre-imported (Summer 2019) flightplans of which some are replacements of obsolete flightplans (from previous installers), and 2 of the "old" flightplans have been marked as defunct, as "Adria Airways" and "Aigle Azur" have filed for bankruptcy and ceased their operations. Flightplans: Among the added flightplans you will find the first flightplan I have made myself, a flightplan for Airbus Transport International covering their 5 Beluga's an 2 Beluga XL's (the latter 2 are stil performing test-flights and have yet to be implemented into their "normal schedule").
  14. Madid Barajas Airport in a B747-400 that consumes many resources, the movement is fluid in my case, without jerking, the frames as seen in this capture matches 46 and I oscillate between 45 and 55...once in flight it goes up almost double.
  15. Hallo Micha, die Karte wird über das Tablett der Zibo B737-800 eingeblendet, wenn du das Plugin Avitab installiert hast. Auf der ersten Seite des Tabletts (MAIN MENU) muss dann die Option Avitab aufgerufen werden, und dort die Option Map. Weitere Infos über Avitab findest im Link zur Zibo B737-800X. Viele Grüße Horst
  16. And again: We also need more information on the actual settings used. Particularly millions of autogen trees will have a heavy toll on performance if not set carefully. See settings chapter in the manual. Bests, Sascha
  17. And as far as the rest of the configuration...... in case you're interested...
  18. Just use any airport with low scenery settings. Far more reliable than trying different scenery. With minimal scenery settings you should see around 140 fps in the Airbug.
  19. It will but you will need to be very cautious with graphical settings. Very. This add-ons has 50% more details compared to the PMDG 737, more lights etc.
  20. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  21. And as I asked, any item in the windows error log?
  22. No promises but I will make sure the devs see this comment.
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