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  2. Buenos días. He intentado cambiar la compatibilidad del instalador pero tampoco ha funcionado. He utilizado el modo seguro de W10, nada. He creado otra cuenta de usuario en W10, nada. Ayer actualicé el Active Sky para Prepar3D v4 (version 7044) y lo ha instalado sin problema. No existe la posibilidad de poder mandar a mi cuenta unos nuevos instaladores? Muchas gracias y un saludo.
  3. Use el Aerosoft updater. Es la aplicación adecuada. Saludos
  4. I thought of that...i'll do that when I get back from work and report back.
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  6. Danke Google muss ich mal ausprobieren Was für ein Kürzel hat Google, g2xpl_1, g2xpl_8, oder GO2 ?
  7. Hm, have you tried to uninstall chaseplane? Sometimes this camera tools have strange effects. Just an idea to identify the problem.
  8. Bueno a veces ocurren situaciones muy inusuales con los instaladores (no solo los de Aerosoft), una posible solución es cambiar el modo de compatibilidad del instalador, puede intentar cambiando a Windows 8 o 7. Por favor avísenos cómo le va, si aún no funciona le pediría que abra un ticket en el siguiente link: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/home Saludos!
  9. Since updating to v1.8.7 (rev.1) I get this error message. Details are listed in the text file. SIMStarter.txt Ignore the attachment below
  10. Please provide your computer specs and whether or not you're using any Orbx scenery in the area as an initial step in troubleshooting.
  11. And all of a sudden - just like that - everything is back to normal ...... then after a restart of the sim, im back to the same issue...
  12. hey guys... so I am having similar issues with the latest update from the website. See Image attached when I load the a/c, and open the third MCDU, only some LSK's are avail. So I, too, cannot set my a/c to the turn around state or open/close doors.. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled using the preferred methods and still have this issue. Regards,
  13. In the aircraft.cfg this entry seems to have changed for the A321 IAE: [FLAPS.0] lift_scalar = 0.73 For the A321 CFM: lift_scalar 0.428 All of the A319-20 aircraft have this entry: lift_scalar = 0.385 //0.86=>cfg 3 Just curious about the change - it seems odd that the A321 IAE would have a value so different from the rest. Thanks!
  14. I used the route LOWI-LFMN in "Volume 6 Step By Step Tutorial Rolf Fritze Version 06-01-09" for Airbus version 1.31(32 bits).
  15. For now it should work with 4.4 still. But we are always looking for ways to improve the product using the latest tools and therefore can only ensure the long term compatibility with the latest Prepar3D version.
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  17. Moin, ich versuche das mal abzuklären. Wird aber wohl erst Dienstag etwas ... Gruß heinz
  18. Buenas! Ya he hecho esa gestión. No han recibido ningún tipo de incidencia cómo esta, en otros foros? Un saludo.
  19. Today I purchased and installed EGLL Mega airport and since doing so, my simulator is completely unstable. Using P3D V4.4, I am getting continuous CTDs and lockups. I deactivated EGLL and my sim is back to normal. Would you suggest a possible cause and solution for this, as it seems completely useless on my PC! Thanks.
  20. After 1240 The A320 has engines working OK. A318 is loading with engines off,A319 with no avionics and a newspaper and coffee appearing and disappearing repeatably. Thanks, david
  21. looks like the AFCAD is the culprit - not really shure what it could be (strange behaviour). If it's possible you could send me tha AFCAD file as I personal message - I'd try to have a look at it
  22. Thanks for the report bhorv67, I'll have a look into the issues you have mentioned and will forward my findings to devs.
  23. Does anyone know where I can get a Divi Divi livery for my twin otter?
  24. Disabled, as in the attached image, all traffic returns. Enable EHAM, Amsterdam Schiphol, Priority 1, as in the attached image above, traffic disappears. I don't have any options to try.
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