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  2. Hi, if I try to load more than 255 passengers there is no possibility. Tried to load 260 PAX and got 4, 300 PAX is only 44 regards, Harald
  3. Great to hear that Dave. I am always abit wary about updating stuff that works :). (at least they work fine for me)
  4. Good deal my friend. Absolutely. We also have another important update coming out for them in a week or two. One should also check the Updater before loading P3D! Best wishes.
  5. I have it for 777/737 and Majestic but have hold off on Airbus due to the very competent co-pilot.
  6. I noticed that the 320/321 also had updates, are they safe to use or considered unstable?
  7. That was it Dave, first time I used it. Upgrade done
  8. Most welcome! Hey Antonio.. could you do us a favor? The way that you're quoting and posting in the forum makes it look like the person you are quoting is posting your text. If you don't mind, would you just use the Quote function at the bottom of each post and then post below the quote? This way others can see who actually wrote what. Thanks my friend! Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  9. Following as All my Airbus Pro's including the new A330 don't seem to be updating. I run the updater for all 3 aircraft and it downloads extracts then closes the updater. Re-open and all 3 aircraft still show red and installed version is the same as previous to attempting to update. I run the updater as admin with no luck. Any help appreciated, Jason
  10. The A330 is somewhat different than the A320 Series, so the EZDoc developer may have to make adjustments to their software. I'm sure you understand that we can't ensure that our software is compatible with other addons, it's up to the other developer to do that, however we appreciate the report and it will surely be valuable to other EZDoc users and the EZDoc developer. I can tell you the A330 works perfectly with Chaseplane. Thanks again for the report. Best wishes!
  11. Issue: Whenever the airplanes moves i.e. taxiing, when i edit the view mode in EZdok camera, the airplanes jumps forward and the speed jumps as well by 1-3 knots. It is super annoying. When the airplane is stationary it is fine. Only when it moves. I have the latest Ezdok version 3 included all hotfixes and updates, same as P3d. Latest Hotfix 2. This issue only happens with Aerosoft 330. I tried other airplanes and it is fine. I attached two video files. One file i zoomed into KIAS and the speed jumps when i exit edit mode in EZdok. (NUM 2 key) The other video is when i exit the edit camera mode the view jerks forward and the aircraft with it. I do no thing it is EZdok problem since its fine with other payware airplanes. You can hear beeping in the background. P.S. You can hear beeping in the background. That is when I am in Edit mode Please help Thank you VID_20191210_182039.mp4 VID_20191210_182157.mp4
  12. Yep, worked for me too What settings and where
  13. Are you running the AS Updater as Administrator?
  14. I may be getting it confused with the Beta, but I was pretty sure we adjusted the flight controls. Yeah, I just looked, I confused the two. The change is in for testing, I thought it had made it into the Update... I was at the doctors most all day today with family and I'm still catching up.
  15. Not sure why it's not working for you, we have numerous people using the same controller as you are without issues. Are you using P3D for the control bindings? If so, would you please take a screen shot of your Axis calibration? If you are using FSUIPC... we don't recommend it, but many people use it with the A330 successfully. However the Axis have to be set up differently than other aircraft... I'm not expert with FSUIPC, when when you assign an Axis you have to select the opposite of other aircrft for the Send Axis to FS (something like that... I'm in a detailed test and can't look at it right now to get the exact wording).
  16. The update concerns EFB issue only... Richard
  17. Hi, On my 3rd flight and I have noticed many times now that the roll rates on small deviation turns is significant. I attach an example in the picture below. This was a very easy, shallow turn, and the aircraft over-shooted and banked 20 degrees. In the other example, the angle was nearly 30 degrees. The banking is also happening very fast from 0 to 30 degrees in around 1 second. The angle and roll rate would terrify passengers in real life. Can you please fix this?
  18. Tom, mine doesn't show the I have experimental checked
  19. A few things I can think of. 1. Did you reboot after installing the A330? This is necessary. 2. Are you running P3Dv4.5 with Hot Fix 2? This is also necessary. 3. Did you disable your computer security and then run the installer as Administrator?
  20. Hello everyone I bought the A330 and installed it with all the recommendations made by the Aerosoft team. At first glance it seems to me that everything works fine without any major problems, but oddly enough I don't have flight controls except the rudder and spoilers, the ailerons don't work, Any idea? Thank you
  21. After testing, no it does not. Starting with simstarter breaks the throttle and reloading states seems not to be able to fix it
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