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  2. Ah thanks for the advise. I didn't know that option. I tried to change it to "OPEN MAX" and the flightplan now went to FL320. But when computing it, i get 8 errors again and no validation passed...
  3. Das glaube ich nicht. Windows lässt den Arbeitsspeicher niemals ganz voll laufen. Denn dann würde unter Umständen der ganze Rechner abstürzen. Wenn sich der RAM Verbrauch auf über 75% steigert, beginnt schon das Betriebssystem damit, den RAM zu komprimieren und auszulagern. Eventuell hast du schon 3-4 GB von X-Plane genutzten RAM ausgelagert, wenn dir nur 6,4 GB angezeigt werden... Ich habe 64 GB RAM und je nach Situation über 35 von X-Plane belegt...
  4. And the version of A320 Prof is I hope this help your effort. Thanks. Josemari LEPP
  5. Have you also changed the ' Initial Altitude/FL and Step Climb ' and shown ? If so post a snapshot of your planning screen
  6. By your description, it does sound like a failed installation. You were correct of course to unpack the zip file and install from that. What did you use to unpack it? If you used the built-in Windows unzip app, it's best to use a more reliable one, as the built-in on has historically had issues. I recommend 7-zip, available here. It's ultra reliable, so don't let the free price put you off. I also recommend re-downloading the shop file, as sometimes things get corrupted. Then unpack using 7-zip and install as Administrator with your anti-virus off as last time. Another troubleshooting step is where your FSX folder is. You didn't say, and if you accepted the default one, you'll constantly have issues with Windows User Account Control. A web search for "UAC" (no quotes) will explain why the default folder is a bad idea. If you installed into a dedicated FSX folder directly off the drive root, you're fine. Still a little unclear on your FSX version, as "Professional" isn't one of the recognized titles. If you have Acceleration or the Steam addition, all service packs are included. For any other version, please reply with whether or not you have both Service Packs installed. You should be able to look in the Windows Control Panel/Programs and Features applet to see what version you have.
  7. Operating System: Windows 10 64 Simulator version: P3DV4.5 Airbus version: A320 Professional Add-ons in use: Aerosoft Barcelona Pro, Aerosoft Mega Madrid Barajas 2008, Simzaleak Noain-Pamplona P3D System specs: i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, RAM 16GB, MSI Z170A Gaming M, Nvidia GForce GTX 1070 8GB Description of the issue: I do not know if my interpretation of the FMGS log file is correct, but I think it says that at minute 45:42, the indicated speed drops from 298 to 131 knt in the minute 48:06. This is coincident with what happened on the flight. It was possible to control the aircraft manually and take it in selected mode to a stable FL 270 with indicated 280 knt. The descent and approach have been in "selected" mode, landing at LEPP without problem. Attached in zip the three log files. route: LEMD PINAR R10 PPN LEPP meteo FS, TOW 59.985 Kg/CoG 27.1% Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.): Sorry, the log files here
  8. Nachdem ich mir den Flughafen gekauft und angeguckt habe, habe ich mir auch die Umgebung angeguckt. Das Problem ist das ich davor Ortho4xp hatte und es nicht mehr weggeht,obwohl ich es im Costum Scenery Ordner gelöscht habe. Das bedeutet das ich nur Ortho4xp sehe und nicht die 1000km2 die angegeben wurden. Es wäre sehr sehr nett wenn mir jemand helfen würde. Vielen Dank.
  9. Thats what i made (i entered FL 335 for max Alt/FL) but it still either limits it to FL200 and/or it cannot validate it....
  10. Hi, maybe it’s a good idea post one or more screenshots of the problem. Next, what AIRAC is your database and what is your flight planing tool? IRL airways and waypoints sometimes change over time.
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  12. I made short film: Aerosoft Airbus Professional.mp4
  13. Thank you for your answer. I just don't understand how you came up with this alternative flight plan? The route you got doesn't work for me... it also tells me 'not allowed' when I try to insert the 'BARKO' waypoint into the aircraft's flight plan. What could be wrong?
  14. I started with the engines running (as I just installed), I allowed the systems to stabilze, then changed to C&D. But it really shoudn't matter as the State file resets everything.
  15. Change the Initial Altitude/FL and Step Climb settings to those shown:
  16. Thank you for your answer! I downloaded the file from the aerosoft shop, where I purchased it, than I unpacked the zip file and did the installation normally (I klicked on the installation file-not as an Administrator). Path: E:\fsx I had no antivirus activated. I entered the product key and there were not rejected. The fsx version i am using is the "Professional Edition". The strange thing is that the aircraft is fully functional but exists only in parts of texture. Greetings, Manni
  17. Yes but it doesnt change the fact that when computing this flight, PFPX limits it to FL180/FL195. So i cannot know how much fuel i need if i perform it at FL280 or FL320. And the second problem is that when computing this (before validated) flight, it generates a lot of errors and the flight isn't valide anymore.
  18. Yes. The specs are from the new computer and yes, after installed airbus i restart computer. I'm using P3Dv4.5 with the Hotfix.
  19. Zunächst musst du den Flughafen an sich runterladen. Das wäre AS_EDDK-COLOGN-BONN_XPLANE11.ZIP. Die anderen beiden Downloads sind wie es in deinem Kundenkonto auch steht "OPTIONAL". Sofern du das Plugin SAM noch nicht installiert hast, solltest du die Datei AS_AIRPORT-SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER.ZIP ebenfalls runterladen und korrekt installieren. AS_EDDK-COLOGN-BONN-SEASON_XPLANE11.ZIP enthält Dateien, die die Jahreszeit verändern, mit der der Flughafen dargestellt wird. Für alles Weitere empfehle einen Blick in das pdf Handbuch, welches bei jedem Download beiliegt. Gruß
  20. A few more bits of information will help us help you. What's the full path to your FSX installation? Did you disable your antivirus during installation? Did you install as Administrator? Is your FSX version Acceleration, Gold, SP2 or Steam edition Also, while this is unlikely since at least parts of the add-on were installed, review the following: If a product key was required for installation, did you copy and paste the key from the confirmation email you received or the download page in the shop? If so, were you careful to not include any spaces before or after the serial key?
  21. Override the FL195 capping (pale digits) in the ROUTE section
  22. Hi, Ich habe mir heute, hier auf Aerosoft den Flughafen EDDK Gekauft. Bei meinem Konto habe ich aber mehrere möglichkeiten was zu downloaden: AS_EDDK-COLOGN-BONN_XPLANE11.ZIP AS_EDDK-COLOGN-BONN-SEASON_XPLANE11.ZIP AS_AIRPORT-SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER.ZIP Welche soll/muss ich downloaden damit es funktioniert und es so aussieht wie auf den Bildern und im Video. Vielen Dank schonmal im Vorraus. LG Urknallex
  23. And what exactly do i enter into PFPX? Because this route is not validated by PFPX and still limit the altitude to FL180.
  24. Here you go: (FPL-DAERA-IS -B738/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -LSZH1845 -N0398F320 VEBIT T51 LASUN UN176 MOROK UL856 GIVRI UM982 TINIL -LFPG0050 LFPB -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/190519 REG/DAERA EET/LSAC0007 LFFF0012 RVR/75 OPR/// PER/C -E/0145)
  25. The route is Level Capped by EuroControl at FL195 via RLP and is applied by PFPX REF: LF4232
  26. In der Menü Leiste von xOrganizer AUTO SAFE OFF aktivieren dann bleibt die scenery_packs.ini unverändert. Gruß Hermann
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