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  2. Not working for me in EHAM... Other airports like LEMD or LEBL yes... but EHAM not working on ZIBO and FF A320 neither :/
  3. Hello, I have re-install P3D V4 and after re-install CRJ and A330 (Because I had also an issue with the A330 the plane was not following his route after push A/P ) and everything works now thank you
  4. ohne log.txt kann man da wohl kaum was zu sagen.
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  6. aja..siehe Bilder...interessant..ich weiss nicht was diese Meldung solll. nach 12 Minuten warten flog XP11 mit 50 fps weiter..
  7. so, eine neue Erkenntnis..am RAM lags definitiv nicht..mit 32GB schmiert XP11 an der genau selben Stelle ab wie die letzten Male..dann schliess ich mal draus, dass es ein Bug von XP11 ist.
  8. Da musst du nur im BIOS irgendwo das XMP-Profil aktivieren (wirklich nur eine Option umstellen). Wenn alle Module dieselben sind wird dann der höhere Takt eingestellt anstelle der 2133 MHz.
  9. Das wird die Freunde des JD A330 sicherlich interessieren, JARDesign hat ein kompatibles Update für den XP 11.50 auf die v3.4r1 angekündigt. Deshalb öfters mal auf der Homepage nachschauen, ob es was neues gibt. http://jardesign.org/forum/viewforum.php?id=19
  10. That will work! Sorry I didn't get back to sooner Ray, I'm not going to be around much in the next few weeks. Thanks, and best wishes!
    There is an issue with the textures, on the left-hand side of the aircraft and on the wings
  11. ok So in conclusion the problem is not the the Aerosoft software but my simulator installation. I accept that, and will reinstall when the next p3d release comes out. Since my sim is working good in all respects except this none vital facility on just a small number of only Aerosoft airports, I do not feel the need at this time. Thank you for your time.
  12. Not a clue if this is what you want, but tried to send you something Data.7z
  13. I had a look at the registry and can only find entries( as in the example) that point to D:\Lockheed Martin. Many thanks but I am no expert at that level, are you saying I need to reinstall my Sim?
  14. Dave, gonna need some more guidance, I have no idea how to upload here. Need some additional instructions. TY Ray
  15. Hi again, Thanks for the tip. I thought about that but like I said, I still use both the NGX and NGXu. Anyway, thanks for clarifying, Rgds Tiago
  16. I'm guessing he's talking about the Black Box A340. I can answer that for you: It sucks! The Aerosoft Airbus can't be compared to the Black Box Airbus, it's a totally different league. Black Box lacks all the realism that Aerosoft has. It's extremely buggy, not worth buying. In the old days (FS2004) Black Box was known as Phoenix Simulation. That's when they were still a bit good, but even then they weren't as good as Aerosoft. Ever since then, Black Box has only gone downhill. If you want a big jet, there are quite a few options that are better than Black Box. You already mentioned PMDG, they're top notch products but what might be confusing is that they're Boeings. If you're used to the Aerosoft Airbusses, you basically got to learn to fly all over again. Boeing and Airbus are totally different to fly, if you can fly one it says nothing about the other. When it comes to that the Aerosoft A330 might be a better choice. Not an A340, but a long hauler for sure. And other than that it's bigger, it flies just like the A320-series. Of course there are plenty more developers out there who got quite nice products, but I leave that for you to figure out.
  17. Hallo, vielen Dank für die zahlreichen Tipps. Ich werde das einmal "sacken" lassen und ausprobieren. Ich berichte dann, ob es geklappt hat. Gerhard
  18. Based on your screenshots, the P3D Simulator is installed on D:\Lockhead Martin. In the Registry the Setup Path for the Sim points to C:\ProgramData..., so there is something wrong with the P3D installation itself.
  19. es sind alles die selben module..muss noch googeln wie ich die taktrate im bios einstellen muss/kann.
  20. Hauer

    Loss of power

    Okay, so in the meantime I have sorted out the power loss / non-starting engine 2 issue... Observations from my side in respect of the current virtual pilot / copilot checklist procedures: Cockpit Prepation Checklist - copilot Fd is not activated (perhaps a beep for actioning should indicate manual input); Before Start Checklist - APU Generator not activated (immediate cockpit powerloss after APU has been activated; Engine 2 will not start if / when appropriate switches in the AIR module section have not been activated. In short, the programming actions of the virtual pilot / copilot are not complete. Please note the above is not to criticise the product but simply food-for-thought as for someone totally new to aviation could get unnecessarily frustrated. Happy flying! Herman
  21. Hi Dave, I renamed the FSUIPC.cfg and assigned the throttle axis in P3D but the issue is the same. FMA shows MAN TOGA GS LOC. But I think I found the cause of this. Calibrating the CH-THR-Qudrant with the CH-Utility then the FMA changes to SRS and NAV regardless of the axis assigned in P3D or FSUIPC. And I don't have any other issues with FSUIPC and the throttle setup. But then with the CH-Quadrant-Throttles in idle detent the engines are in REV-Thrust on the ground. This is also true for the PMDG 37 and 47 and the QW 787. I have to advance the throttles a considerable way out of the idle detent for forward idle thrust. There is no way out but using the CH-Delete-Utility to delete the throttle calibration. But why does the 330 not change to the TOGA-mode despite the throttles in the VC move all the way to the forward stop or TOGA detent and the FMA shows MAN TOGA? Hope you have a solution for this. Thanks
  22. I've found that the speedbarkes don't deploy on touchdown. I've had several flights where this happens, each time the 'brakes are armed as part of the approach procedures but refuse to deploy unless select the / key to override the setting. They used to work correctly in earlier versions. any ideas? Geoff
  23. Hallo Uwe, Super , ich Danke dir für die Zeit - die du dir genommen hast - um das so ausführlich zu erklären. Ich werde deine Geschwindigkeitswerte mit der DR401 im X-Plane einmal nach fliegen. Gruß Frank
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