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  2. Laut deiner Log.txt im anderen Thread hast du noch die alte Version 2.0 installiert, falls das noch so ist würde ich erstmal die aktuelle Version laden. Dann muss das Mesh grundsätzlich und immer unter die Global Airports und jeden anderen Flughafen damit die Flughäfen in der Region korrekt funktionieren. Die Bäume am Flugplatz müssen per Exclusion in LSXS entfernt werden, wenn das Mesh unter den Global Airports einsortiert wird funktioniert das auch.
  3. So, nun kann ich etwas Aufklärung in diese mystische Datei namens 738wing_NML.png bringen. 😉 Scheinbar handelt es sich um einen grafischen Fehler der v3_43_FULL, die mit dieser Datei korrigiert werden kann. Wie schon geschrieben, wird sie in den Ordner objects der B737-800X kopiert. Bei der Sicht von oben werden die Tragflächen grau ohne 738wing_NML.png dargestellt, mit ist wieder alles gut. Anbei zwei Beispielbilder. Grüße Horst
  4. Die Bäume musst du dann in LSXS mit Exclusion Zones entfernen, grundsätzlich gehört das Mesh auch immer unter die Global Airports und alle anderen Flughäfen und so funktionieren dann auch die Exlusions.
  5. Inside Sim-wings Pro Munich V5 is a scripts folder.
  6. So, habe weiter geforscht. Deaktiviere ich 04-Aerosoft-LSZH-Zurich-Mesh passt die Sache wieder und LSXS wird wieder richtig dargestellt. Bitte um Berichtigung des Fehlers. Gruß Dirk
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  8. Do you know where to find these scripts?
  9. What Microsoft strategy was? That assumes there was one and I think there was none. It was a defunct project, failed miserably with MS Flight, the hobby version with Dovetails failed as they basically just messed it up (I think because they just did not have the money). At that time Aerosoft was competing (with partners) with Dovetails for the license and we lost. We did have the plans but were not willing to pay what was asked because our plans were expensive as hell. Flight Simulator 'the brand' was not owned by developers or project managers but by the marketing and sales department. But at the same time there still was a group of people inside MS that wanted to revive the sim. It used to be massively important for them, for the whole industry. New hardware was benchmarked with FS. And after a decades that group in Microsoft gathered enough momentum to get things moving. Project Lead Jorg Neumann needs to get a load of credit, this is his baby. For many people this was far more than work. So many people wanted this to succeed. I never seen that before. It is work in progress, but it is work in progress that a lot of people care about and that makes all the difference.
  10. @Heinz Flichtbeil Ich hab jetzt das Ganze noch einmal runter geladen und neu installiert. Was ich jetzt gemacht habe, ist den Hotfix_1 nicht installiert. Jetzt schein alles da zu sein, keine Fehlermeldung! Ob jetzt noch Fehler vorhanden sind, schwer zu sagen... Ich flieg mal die Strecke wieder ab.
  11. hmm strange... maybe there's a plan you have installed that causes this? Do you have the P5D SDK installed for the imagetool (or whatever you can set in AIG for it to use)? I'm currently running on the HF1 SDK, if you want I can export what plans I've installed so you could double-check with my settings. Just DM me in that case.
  12. Capt. PERO


    No. I am sorry. Let's see what kind of functions would be benefitial to MSFS users. If you have ideas - let me know... 😉
  13. Very strange. Please send me an Supportpack. Let's see if I find an issue in your settings.
  14. Hallo Ernst, danke für Deine Fragen, die ich gerne beantworte: 1) Genau so ist es. Alle Aktionen werden dann als Administrator ausgeführt und auch der Sim als Admin gestartet. Deswegen steht das auch so im Handbuch 2) Wenn ich Dich richtig verstanden habe, willst Du eine Ansicht haben, in der Du nur alle add-on.xml Titel sehen willst, ohne die einzelnen "Scenery" Categorien. Das geht im "Add-On.Xml Konfigurationsmanager" > "Erster Tab" > Checkbox "Zeige nur Scenery Groups" 3) Ich habe mit dem letzten Update von "SIMstarter NG" extra einen Hinweis eingebaut. Tut mir leid, dass Dich die Info nicht erreicht hat. Hoffe, Du bist mit SIMstarter NG P3D zufrieden.
  15. Hallo, hier mein erster Threat zu diesem Thema, da ich erst X-Europe in verdacht hatte.äume-in-schindellegi/ Das gilt für LXSX aus den Global Airports, sowie auch für eine von installierte. Wenn ich einen Heli dort abstelle scheint er dort im Gelände zu versinken. Anscheinen wird das Mesh verändert. Gruß Dirk
  16. I'm still impressed how different the customer bases are from what I thought it would be. Years ago, P3d was concidered THE sim of the future, because it would finally (and gradually) improve the old codes (lighting/shadows, 32bit limit, Direct X compatibility, stability in general, multi-core use, GPU use,...) of the old Microsoft sims. Some years ago, people (including me) asked in various forums what platform it's worth to invest in for future: Prepar3d? X-Plane? Aerofly? FSX SE? DTG? ...and the opinion was quite clear that it would be Prepar3d. And with v4, I got the impression that this decision was absolutely right - even if X-Plane has become surprisingly popular since that time. Even more amazing that there've been so few customers for it, as it was exactly the perfect sim like it was foreseen years ago - at least for me: Stable as never before, independance (no lousy advertisement by Steam or DTG needed), lots of graphic improvements, 64bit, now even PBR, and a (obviously) very open and helpful attitude by LM towards addon developers (?) - and thus LOOOOOOOTS of really good addons - feels like there's never been a time in the FS world with so many good addons for a single sim. And nearly all the developers have praised LM for the improvements in contrast to the old FSX, FS9,... that hardly got any improvements after release. Absolutely!! I've always seen that part of the EULA as a dumb obligation caused by the contract with Microsoft when they bought the "professional" rights of FSX. And that's even more obvious because we know that DTG bought the entertainment licence at the same time as part of Microsoft's trial to obviously get every cent out of the sale of a partly underdeveloped FS platform (FSX). Why else should a company write such things into their EULAs if they don't have to? least not to chase away potential customers or to minimize sales I'm just speculating, but tell me any other reason why LM should give a damn if a sole, lonly customer at his home desk PC calls his flying actions "trainig", "entertainment" or anything in between - this "assessment" doesn't even leave the customers' head in most cases^^ Now, what is even more puzzeling to me is what was Microsoft's strategy? - Creating a complete and usable FS platform until 2006 with quite some room for improvement - Firing the development team and sell the software licence twice - Not understanding the importance of independant 3rd party addon developers at all and bringing out a ridiculous, poor trial of an all-Microsoft-controlled simulator ("Microsoft Flight") - Making way for Lockheed Martin, Laminar Research, Aerofly and DTG (at least temporary) to finally fill the FS market gap - 14 years later: creating an all new platform with a huge new team, now suddenly with all the lessons learnt by the past developments and fails... OK, at least to me that seems brave and unexpected. But as a customer, I have no idea what else was going on in the background there. It just still seems very strange to me and I would rather have seen the new Berlin airport finished before I saw Microsoft seriously come back to flight simulation. Now, in the end (of Prepar3d), it's a bit like with the real A340: At the beginning, a very promising aircraft to replace all the DC-10s and tristars, but later, it was outstripped by the 777, and the A330 out of Airbusses own house even before its potential lifetime was over. If someone wants a good longhaul plane NOW, he would of course buy the A350 or the 787, but if someone already HAS a good A340 that has long been paid for and that has just passed its D check, he might stick with it and enjoy that it's simply working for some more time. Same here with the sim: If I had to make a decision NOW, I would of course go for MFS. But now that P3d v4 is paid for and works perfectly, I will switch significally later. I don't feel like a "hardcore" simmer, but obviously I am as Mathijs described above
  17. I will do that when I have time next and report back for you, I have done a update check and It's done that and installed, I've checked the windows version and that is fine, hopefully a reinstall is the last step! No worries about the version, I wouldn't have known anything about that, I'm sorry when I come across sharp, it's just small things that frustrates me but I get over it in seconds
  18. Es gab im Forum eine Anfrage den Heliport LSXS betreffend, deshalb habe ich kurz nachgeschaut. Wenn ich diese Bilder sehe, dazu das herausragende Flugmodell von X-Plane bedenke, mir fehlt der übertriebene Augenzucker von "ihr wisst schon von wem" kein bischen. Jeder, der dies anders sieht, bleibt trotzdem mein Freund 🙂 Hier die Bilder
  19. Well, first allow me to apologize. I should have checked your version of Windows and it's good that you have been (hopefully) properly upgraded to Windows 2004 - don't forget about subsequent updates! Now that you are hopefully up to date with Windows, I would uninstall and reinstall the aircraft per the procedure I've linked to below.
  20. Spent 20 minutes on the phone to a very helpful Indian chap, went through a lot and found my Windows version needed to be at version 2004, so he set the installer for me and told me this fixes the error. So I spent 40 minutes having the new version of Windows installed, updates ran through as well, and still getting this error! To be honest is there a way of taking out the EFB or having the screen off? I can still get by with having Navigraph running in the background it's just the two red bar ERROR lines over the checklist get a bit annoying in the corner of my eye. I have a printed checklist anyway. Thanks for the suggestion though, as I say above I can still navigate about even though the EFB was handy
  21. Ich habe die Ursache gefunden. Es ist Aerosoft LSZH. Wenn ich diesen ausschalte, sind die Bäume weg. Jetzt habe ich LSXS in der scenerie-pack.ini in der Reihenfolge vor LSZH gesetzt, jetzt sind zwar die Gebäude wieder da, aber leider stehen weiterhin die Bäume, wenn auch weniger, rum.
  22. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  23. I do like the idea of seeing more handcrafted iconic buildings in cities, but I have the weird hope that freeware developers could add the ones in their own city. Many of these folks would never dream of making a complete city but they might like making the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum or the Central Station. If any hobby modelers want to discuss this, drop me a mail at, we might be able to help with distribution, installing etc.
  24. As we are still experimenting (and testing and assisting with the SDK) it is hard to give a complete answer. There are however some things that are clear: As the complete development process has moved from a outdated 1990 system to a modern system used by every games developer these days, trained and skilled developers will be able to be far more productive. The tools are costly but for professional development that is not really and issue. What is great is that we always depended totally on people with a few decades of experience because no matter how many years you studied games development, the FSX system was.... uhhh shall we say, special? Now I hired a trained 3D modeler and the new SDK is enough for her to be productive. Without 6 months of internal training. And that's a good thing because a lot of the people we worked with are of an age where they probably want to spend time with their grandchildren. Because the offers more options and sets the bar higher, there is just more work to do, more files to make. If you compare our A330 that has a total size of 1,8 Gb (without nav databases etc as these will now be part of the sim, yeah!!). We believe this will grow to 2.7 Gb. That's close to another Gb of material that has to be made. More details in the cockpit, higher resolution sounds etc. At this moment we think it takes about 50% more time to create a full featured (not ported!) MFS DLC aircraft. That is more a financial issue than a time issue as we are hiring more people so more people will work on projects. Or to combine all of that and answer your question... I do not know.
  25. Nur, woran liegt es bei mir. Du hast auch ortho-photos und wenn mit ortho4xp erstellt auch das vorgegebene Mesh und ich gehe davon aus, dass es auch das du X-Europe installiert hast.
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