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  2. That is probably due to you using how I setup the radio panel in my v1 panel :)... the v2 is a little better in how it works but yes still needs to setup an event.. The Simulator does not track this or keep data.... Instead you could look to bind it to another switch and thus in SpadNext just define that switch as the setting for it and thus the position of the switch will maintain it after each flight.. Might also be a good request for persistent global variables in spad...
  3. So the Audio Panel you "Pull Up" the Knobs to Listen and then turn them for volume.... Well this is the result that you get when you are able to hear audio on that device...
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  5. The default aircraft use a different programming language than the CRJ, which is coded in WASM. Making three-way switches work with up/down arrow prompts is not easily done at this time in a WASM project. Speaking strictly for myself, I much prefer using the mouse wheel for moving switches even in aircraft that support other ways of doing it. It is my preferred method even in P3D and X-Plane, and has been for years. I find it much faster and more intuitive. Having to hover near a switch with the mouse pointer and wait for a directional arrow to appear seems awkward, and can be diffic
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  7. The advisory VNAV does need simecmore refinement. It will probably not be in the upcoming update, since that update concentrates on more serious bugs like the glideslope tracking and throttle control, but it is on the list to be looked at.
  8. Agreed! I'm coming from the FBW A320 as well and find the CRJ convention cool but not intuitive because the left click still moves the switch in one direction. Otherwise, nice plane.
  9. Hi, Cool, I thought I was losing my mind as long as it’s on the to-do list I’m sure it’ll get addressed eventually. Not exactly the most pressing issue I’m sure. Back to the good ol days using rule of 3 it is! Thanks,
  10. Thanks Ed, I too am not crazy about the Seneca, especially since Carenado's aircraft can be a mixed bag of emotions at times, but I unfortunately am a steam gauge and prophead nut so I figured it was worth a try
  11. Talking about how long projects take... for example say you guys wake up tomorrow and think "lets make a Boeing 717" how much of the 100,000 man hours from the CRJ project would be transferable?
  12. That linked post sounds a bit strange to me. Default aircraft and mods like fbw a320 use a left button mouse click with arrows showing the direction of the button movement depending on where I place the pointer. CRJ is the only aircraft where I must use a mouse wheel on three state buttons as the left click works only on two state buttons and no direction arrows show up. So if that mouse wheel method is the primary method then why is that? Doesn't SDK allow the same button operations as in default aircraft?
  13. If you hover the mouse over the switch it will not zoom.
  14. Understood and appreciate the help---works! So, folks unbind the wheel from the cockpit camera zoom function? Otherwise, when you use the wheel to move the switch, the cockpit zooms in / out.
  15. yeah this is about the liveries aerosoft provided with the aircraft I wish to delete them.
  16. Hi @LesOReilly. @Firestorm108 Is absolutely correct on both accounts. I've never noticed this simply because I never use the audio control panel at all. I only ever use VHF1 and I use a 3rd party app to change frequencies so I haven't seen this behaviour. If what firestorm said is correct then yes, the plane is programmed incorrectly.
  17. The snowflake is not currently programmed correctly. It works in most situations but improvement is still needed in some areas. In your case since there's a level segment, and you're currently at the correct altitude, the snowflake should indeed be centred. I'm not sure if the advisory VNAV really knows how to handle level segments yet.
  18. Ok, so we are saying that even though the VNAV profile for all these legs is met as I’m at 12000’ and the altitudes in the CDU reflect this, it’s intentional for the snowflake to be indicating that I’m above the desired VNAV profile at this point because of a future restriction that even the descent profile knows isn’t for long enough away that I don’t need to be descending here? That seems….. odd. But I don’t have any real world CRJ time to speak on it. I will say that further along on the STAR when it actually becomes time to descend the snowflake pops back into the middle of the range and
  19. One quick question if I may? Will the tutorial done for MSFS CRJ 700/900 Pro also work for P3D version? Thanks. Tom Valley
  20. Ok, I checked your file. That's not the correct one. This is the correct one: MCDU2c.xml
  21. I think you need to be more specific as to which ones @Zolton you are referring too. @Mathijs Kok That product uses Spad.Next to communicate with the Sim. I am going to guess that Zolton refers to some of the items like the Nav Radios where the CRJ does not use the Sims NAV Standby and thus one is not able to actually change the NAV frequency... since when the Swap is pressed it will trigger the swap of the CRJ RTU Nav Standby which we don't have access too....
  22. I would like to see this too, as a persistent option that's saved in the EFB. I use Spad.next but I have to hold the button down to switch both radios to 25khz every time I start a new flight because it always defaults to 8.33khz. It would be nice if there was a way to save it so it always starts in the mode you've set.
  23. If you use external command software (AAO/FSUIPC/SpadNext) you can actually control this functionality and bind it to controls. I do this with my Saitek Radio Panel for this reason..
  24. if this is the case I would have thought the other CRJ Pilots here would have posted this... @Chaxterium not to pull you into an online argument.. But can you add insight to this thread?
  25. probably has Mixture Assigned to a lever ... if you do you need to move the mixture to full... Or unassigned mixture from any axis..
  26. Indeed bad luck. Due to the misleading productpage I suggest that you send an email to support@aerosoft.com. Maybe they find a solution.
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