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  2. I've looked high and low for documentation for the p3d v4 version of this lovely bird. I can't find anything. IN my doucuments/aerosoft folder is just the updater. I'm looking for a list of custom key commands - specifically the turn knob on the AP panel. Since the 2.1 version is not showing the trim knob and indicator working - I've gone back. I'd like to be able to assign left and right to key commands. Can someone tell me what they are? Thanks! Colin Ware Denver
  3. Just used the updater software to update the plane to 2.1. Love the 2d autopilot panel, but the update has broken the visuals on the trim handle, the indicator and the pitch up/down on the a/p panel. In short, trim still works, but the handle and indicator don't work unless you are in autopilot mode. Further, the pitch up/down rotating knob rotates when you use the trim. I've gone back to 2.0 until this is fixed. This is the p3d v4 version of the plane. Thanks! Colin Ware
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  5. Mal ganz dämlich gefragt: Warum nutzt ihr nicht einfach den hauseigenen WED?
  6. Dave -- you are responsible for the Unidentified Flying Object over southern Indiana yesterday? It said "Aerosoft" next to it, and "A330". Your response should be, "I can neither confirm nor deny..."
  7. I have Aerosoft Antarctica X installed in FSX and also in P3Dv4.5 with AIRAC 1912. Loaded and the FMC from 737-800 aircraft says NZIR "Not In Database". Does any Pilot here what data to enter in AIRAC? I don't mind to enter data again for the next AIRAC.
  8. Thanks! I'm just kind of confused like I want to do the step by step flight but I'd rather start in turnaround mode because that's what i will do but it says you should do it in cold and dark. I see in 5.3 of the step by step there is a thing where the things you should doing starting in turnaround are marked in blue? So you should just start there but also load the fuel like in the previous step? Sorry if I'm not making sense it's just a lot to get your head around!
  9. Welcome to the forums my friend! Very cool! Congratulations, and welcome to the team!!! You can, but only if you're not using the built in Checklist and Copilot. If you're not using the features, just load in the Turn Around State and move ahead in the Paper/PDF Checklist to where you are in the procedure. That said, Cold and Dark in the Airbus is only a few things compared to the Turn Around State. If you load any of our states, you can rest assured that the switches are in the correct position so you really and truly don't have to check those in the Cockpit Preparation part of the Cold and Dark state.
  10. Hello Jeremy, 1. Which Airbus is this (A318, A319, A320, A321) are you experiencing this issue with? 2. Which revision (update) of the Airbus are you running? You can find this information in the ASUpdater program. 3. What are you using for weather / wind data (a PMDG file or Flight Plan loaded into ActiveSky)? 4. Please open the file you're using (identified in Step 3 above) and ensure the same waypoints and that they are in the same order (it's probably not this, but always best to check). 5. Which source do you have selected for Weather in MCDU#3? 6. Also, please ensure that your weather engine (example: Active Sky) and P3D are both being run "As Admin". It's important to double check this because every once in a while a Windows 10 Update will change program permissions. 7. What is the type of CTD error and which faulty module is called out in the Event Viewer? If the above doesn't resolve things for you then we'll have to dig in a little deeper. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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  12. Same here. Order messed up and no charts visible. Please fix Aerosoft!
  13. Hi Jörg, Backup Programme dienen dazu, den Rechner soweit abzusichern, auf das man im Extremfall den PC, bspw. nach einen Festplattencrash, komplett (oder Teile davon) wiederherstellen kann. Dazu braucht man idealer Weise eine (oder mehrere) (externe) Festplatten mit mindestens der gleiche Kapazität (besser größere) als die zu sichernde Festplatte(n). Es gibt die Möglichkeit auch über die Cloud zu sichern, aber ich habe über 3TB zu sichern, welches die Cloud-Miete doch etwas heftig ansteigen lassen würde. Cloud hätte den Vorteil der externen Archivierung als Schutz gegen Brand/Einbruch/Vandalismus/etc in der eigenen Wohnung, aber es hat auch sicherlich Nachteile (man weiß ja nie, was mit den Daten dort beim Provider passiert) Ich benutze Acronis True Image. Falls Informationsinteresse: https://www.acronis.com/de-de/ Von O&O gibt es solche Software https://www.oo-software.com/de/ und noch mehr im free- bzw. payware Bereich Ahoj -Uwe
  14. Same issue here, no charts both on pc and Ios app.
  15. Hi so I recently got the Airbus and I was wondering is there a way to do the tutorial step by step flight from turnaround mode? It's just because I want to start each flight in turnaround mode as the Cold and dark mode takes a lot longer to do!
  16. I fear this subject has been well canvassed and if so would someone please point me to the discussion. I see that F1 include the Otter as listed for reception (?) on their list however I can get a Garmin into the plane but not into the existing panel use area. It will only reside on what I think might be one of the numbered pages e.g. F11? Anyway, I've only been able to load a copy into an A2A panel but that might have been luck as I can't get through all the verbiage and determine how it should be done. Many thanks for any any advice. Ken
  17. Hallo, Danke für deinen support SafeGate läuft jetzt. Gruß Airsteiner
  18. moin, ich klinke mich mal mit ein. Ich hoffe es passt etwas zum Thema. Seit dem Update und der bek. Fehlermeldung im OE bekomme ich auch keine eigenen Sceneryen mehr angezeigt, sowie mit dem OE neu erstellte Sceneryen. Hängt das jetzt alles miteinander zusammen? Gruß Christian
  19. Yep, same problem. I hope Aerosoft will fix this soon!
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. A new problem just started to happen. When I load the WIND DATA in the FMGS it crashes the sim. This just started to happen after the last update. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no fix. Please help with any other ideas. Jeremy
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. @mopperleDanke für die Antworten. Hatte gerade dass das System angeht, auf etwas positivere Nachrichten gehofft. So werde ich mich tatsächlich vortasten müssen. Installation von Addons: Bei mir liegt der Prepar3d v4 Add- on Ordner nicht auf der Systemplatte C:. Das hatte ich mal angepasst, um auf C einzig meine Systemplatte zu haben. Der Rest ist auf einer anderen Platte. Für die Aerosoft Add-ons und einen Großteil der anderen Szenerien ist das mit der .xml Methode also geklärt. Am ehesten sehe ich das wsl. wenn Ich das entsprechende Addon installiere? Wie ist das dann mit Addons die das nicht anbieten? Bleiben die im P3D Verzeichnis, oder können die woanders abgelegt werden? Und die Flugzeuge? @Hoffie3000 ORBX habe ich nIcht. Steht auch z.Zt. nicht auf der Liste. Im FSX nutze ich im Moment FS Global. Backup Programm? Kannst du das kurz erläutern? Gruß Jörg
  24. hi, I am also experiencing the same issue. None of the airports that I have selected have any charts listed in the windows application. however, the web version has all of the charts available just fine edit: the web version seems to be listing the charts in a random-ish order. not sure if that is normal for the web version because I never use it, but I thought it was of note
  25. It's something that we may look at doing down the road, but for now it doesn't. That said, so long as you set up an aircraft template for the Airbus (see my referenced post above) what you can do is then enter the PAX, Cargo and Fuel data from Simbrief into the Airbus Fuel Planner and select Generate Loadsheet. Once you're in the aircraft, you can easily load those values into the aircraft with one click of the mouse. I understand you've been simming for a while, but unless I miss my guess you're either very new to the Airbus and/or IFR flight planning for airliners and possibly airliner type operations. Regardless, Connected Flight Deck / Shared Cockpit compresses learning curves by a factor of 20 to 50 times and you just can't beat it for bringing someone up to speed on aircraft, operations, flight/fuel planning, and just about everything related to these matters. A few months ago I took a group of 8 very experienced flight simmers (they truly were) and worked with them to qualify them as Aerosoft Connected Flight Deck Captains. Despite them being very experienced flight simmers, we practically doubled their Flight Sim (non-Airbus) level of knowledge for many of them in only two weeks. My point is that one rarely knows what they don't know! More than learning, I promise you that you'll never have a more enjoyable flight sim experience than flying Connected Flight Deck (CFD). I have over 8000 hours in CFD in the Airbus and Shared Cockpit in the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Professional, Leonardo MD-80 Maddog Professional, and another Airliner, it's the BOMB! By the way, if you're not already familiar with it, SunSkyJet has KDTW in Open Beta, but you can still obtain the scenery from them by making a small donation - it's worth it! I've been doing closed Beta For SunSkyJet for many years and the scenery is really something! In fact, my VATSIM flight last night was a Beta Test for the Aerosoft A330 Professional and I flew from KDTW to KMEM during some pretty bad weather. Real world I always worked to avoid bad weather, but us Flight Simmers love nothing better than seeking out the worst possible weather to fly in... we're crazy that way! Anyway, loved the flight! Best wishes!
  26. Sehe ich das Richtig, dass du mit laufenden Triebwerken am Gate stehst? Dieses Flackern tritt unter anderem kurzzeitig auf, wenn die Stromversorgung von Groundpower auf APU Generator umgeschaltet wird. Könnte also sein, dass du Probleme bei der Stromversorgung hast. Du könntest aber auch noch bei "Ausfälle bearbeiten" oder im EFB nachsehen. ob Fehler gemeldet werden. Gruß Hermann
  27. Anybody else got no airport charts?
  28. hello, nearly one year i have the CRJ now and still not understand how the CRJ MANAGER works i use simbrief has the flightplan, it says 4392 lbs block fuel, ...i put this in the crj manager fuel on board, clic calculate crj manager says 2756 lbs fuel on board and 2751 lbs block fuel, there is something i dont understand here how come its not the same i put the exact amount in DAVE so crj manager not the same as dave and not the same as simbrief. even if i put the same amount in the fuel and payload fsx its not the same. i am really mixed up with this again and again. witch one is good, dave, crj manager, simbrief, or fsx fuel and payload. its all mix up here. I want to fly CYUL to CYHU how can i know witch fuel and payload is the good one. i follow everything by the book and still not working as it should thank you again lucien paquette
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