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  2. Hi guys, Since the last update I have this issue with the mais fuselage texture. It appears on all liveries, stock and downloaded... Pelgrims Jean-Francois
  3. Hi Despite selecting max passengers in the GSX setup, it continually only loads 44 passengers and 2 containers. Only happens with the A343 Regards Craig
  4. Hello. so myself and a friend have tried shared cockpit on the 330 over the last few days. We have come up with some issues to log. 1. myself and friend not syncing properly. This is the biggest issue we are having. For example if one of us is on the taxiway the other one will be either to the left or to the right. as the flight goes on this gets suddenly worse. By the end of the long haul flight when on finals the below will happen, the pilot flying will be on centre line for the runway, the pilot monitoring will be way off as show below, we are both using same version of p3d,same scenery etc etc 2. When we put the internal light on it causes issues, keeps pausing the sim and makes the cursor go crazy ( we found a workaround for this you have to turn on the light before connecting) 3. The apu, fuel pumps, and batteries are not synced we both have to put them on ourselves if we could sort out the first issue I think its a "lag" type of issue then it would be fantastic, alas in its current state is unusable. Id be more than happy to see if someone wants to connect up to mine to see if they are having the same issues.
  5. Hello, please note that TOPCAT has limited aircraft types, so for A330 there are no performance data available, sorry. if you still have problems with other types, please check if you are running the program with admin rights. Sometimes it is helpful to do a reinstallation of TOPCAT. Best Regards Judith
  6. Anyone know if a American Airlines version is in works?
  7. Both sources are from an A330-200. Do you also have any A330-300 info? But you can actually save your time searching for it because the AS model is correct in this aspect. As a pilot, which I am, you have to lean over to the side to see the last bit of the wing in an -300.
  8. Please only enter only one issue per post. That way, each can be worked in the correct area of the forum. By doing so, you'll also be able to see if anyone else has a similar issue, so all can benefit from the corrective action Because you have four different ones here, your support request can't be effectively responded to. Please repost with each issue separate and in in the correct area of the support forum instead of the General area, where it's stated "Please do NOT use this forum for any support questions, use the dedicated support sections for that." Thank you for helping us help you.
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  10. Version 2.0.0


    Smooth as silk.
  11. Instructions would really make installation of this livery possible.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    1st A330 paint. Delta Airlines A300-300 with fictional RR engines. See the README-Install Instructions.txt file in the install folder for directions to manually install.
  13. There is a problem with the flight plan as you have listed it. After RZS, it should be J88 SNS (Salinas), then SHOEY ZEBED MINCK
  14. One way round this is turn the gsx estimate pax number off and just tell it each time how many to load.
  15. Hi Mathijs, In your response to my post wing tips from the VC ( a330) you suggested that "In the real aircraft you have to really lean into the window to see it. I think our model shows that perfectly." I think you should be able to see the wings without leaning much into the windows and you should see more of the wings than you actually see in the VC of the AS 330. I'm including here a link to a justplanes youtube vid and a snap of an airbus doc I found out there. Thanks P.s link to justplanes wing view from the cockpit
  16. matty260191

    A330 EFOB

    Hi dave while this doesn't relate to my post I can say the same is happening to me. For example when I fly the A320 series from you guys I fill in all the MCDU pages then once flight plan is in I import the winds into it. This gives the accurate EFOB at destination and it doesn't change more that 200KG during flight as the MCDU takes the winds into account. And predicts the time of arrival accurate even while taxing. But doing the exact same in the A330 is seems its not seeing or possible just calculating the EFOB wrong even with winds all in the MCDU. The time is also mis calculating. Seems like its possible that the MCDU is ignoring the wind input. With the A330 it tends to say I'm going to land with negative EFOB. This then creeps up to a more accurate figure. This is not the same behaviour I experience in the A320 series. It really seems like its behaving like the 320 did before we had wind input available to us. Meaning the time and EFOB were not accurate and could change alit over a long flight. I believe this guys issue is actually a bug. I have seen similar reported by others also. Look the products great and we all knew we would be reporting thing for fixing. Kind Regards.
  17. In addition to missing Range rings I noticed that route is bleeding outside of the borders for the map display. Anyway to solve this? Kinda of annoying to the eye.
  18. Thanks for the information. I have this very issue and I know I turned the APU on during refueling, so it's good to know how to workaround this.
  19. Totally missed it the clip then. I am not saying Activesky did anything except close. I has a 100+kts tail wind so when it closed that went causing me to jump to 600kts and please watch it again it was at 20000KG+fuel then the OS happened then it was at 10000KG look at the lower ecam in the vid. come on im not new to this please dont patronise me by telling me about how to check my fuel. Watch the video again you will see about 10 seconds in Is when my activesky crashed(removing the 100+kts tail wind) meaning a major jump in IAS and the fuel goes from 20000Kg+ to around 10000KG maybe it wasnt 17000KG but it was atleast 10000KG. I wonder if its to do with the engines over speeding while the Overspeed was happening. I restarted Actuvesky within about 10 seconds thats when the speed returned to normal as my GS didn't change just the winds which do change the IAS. If at that point you still don't understand me then I give up. You need to watch on a screen you can see the lower ecam fuel. You will see what happens about 10 seconds in. 1. Activesky does send wind data which does effect indicated airspeed. 2 watch the video again loom at 10 seconds in activesky closed as explained above and causes overspeed and a drop of at-least 10000KG fuel. 3. Like I said i did try and add fuel on the fuel and payload screen if the sim but it didn't add any. 4.Im fully aware of how and what to monitor while flying thats not my issue in this case. Sorry If this all sounds rather snappy its early in the morning and I thought I had described it well enough.
  20. Hello sir, I did try that with no luck, it isn't a huge deal. I wonder if anyone else has reported this as well? The airplane is stunning and I enjoy with or without cabin lights. Scott
  21. Hello, I found that the MED mode and MAX mode of the aircraft AUTO / BRK do not work, only the LO mode works normally, how can I solve it?
  22. Hi, trying before compute the flight plan to calculate Take off and Landing Performances BUT SAYS THAT NEEDS tOPCAT performance. Try to Edit but there is no A330 Any Help please Thank you, Georgios
  23. I was flying into Montreal using active sky in light to moderate winds. I was on a stable ILS approach with flaps 2 and gear down and I could not slow beyond 180 kts. Even when I deployed my speed breaks it would not slow down. I was hitting wind gusts and getting into redline. I also noticed that the engines were not in idle even though I was well above approach speed. Even when I pulled throttles to idle it wouldn’t slow down.
  24. Hi, Flight Plan LGAV/LIEO from PFPX send to the specified location but while trying to initialize (FMC) says NOT FOUND IN DATABASE Any advise pleaseee Georgios
  25. The "Briefing" page in Active Sky will give you an average winds up at the top - I would use that. Alternately, SimBrief will also provide an average winds.
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