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  2. Othello

    VRAM immer voll

    Hallo Marko, schraube die "Qualität der Texturen" eine Stufe zurück, das ändert nur, dass die Daten komprimiert werden, optisch wirst du keinen Unterschied erkennen, aber der Speicherbedarf sinkt. Gruß Othello
  3. Alors que j'ai besoin de télécharger à nouveau des produits sur mon historique de commande sur simware.shop, je suis confronté à un message d'erreur qui empeche l'accès au produit: <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>setup_xxxxxxxxxx.zip</Key> <RequestId>F340ED0661B5xxxx</RequestId> <HostId> i9L69Hn7jAkot2ZKOmw7wr9AlbGwNKBCHBLIjwC1QJjpwpMMu5j0X2UUS3waiKu2wcJBxxxxx </HostId> </Error> Quelle est la solution pour régler ce problème ? Cordialement ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need to redownload my products on my simware.shop account. Howerver I'm facing and error so that I can't access them: <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>setup_xxxxxxxxxx.zip</Key> <RequestId>F340ED0661B5xxxx</RequestId> <HostId> i9L69Hn7jAkot2ZKOmw7wr9AlbGwNKBCHBLIjwC1QJjpwpMMu5j0X2UUS3waiKu2wcJBxxxxx </HostId> </Error> Is there any way to sort that problem out ? Kind regards
  4. Hi, Do you know how far away the fix is? Thanks.
  5. Today
  6. hi! Are you able to recreate the issue? I can't, and the logs didn't help as the FMGS.log is missing in your archive. It would be created if you have the "Logging=1" in the "FMGS.ini". For now I only could find some problem in my code that could have a relation but not fully sure.
  7. Hallo Marko, ich habe hier noch eine sehr gute Anleitung zum Finden der besten Grafikeinstellungen, die mir auch sehr geholfen hat. Interessant wird es im 2 Beitrag von Andreas Schwarz, vielleicht hilft es dir ja. https://board.vacc-sag.org/42/61516/ Gruß Horst
  8. rr503

    Install issues

    That did it, thanks!
  9. In my video above this was the route I was flying: KDCA/19 SOOKI4 SWANN BROSS J42 RBV J222 JFK ROBUC3 KBOS/22L
  10. Yesterday
  11. JACN

    Stores drag

    Hi, Would it be possible to include stores drag effect (wave drag included) in a future product update?. I think only stores weight is currently implemented. Cheers
  12. JACN

    F14 PBR model

    Will we see a PBR model update for the F14?. Obviously, it should not necessarily be a free update. I'm pretty sure a good amount of current users would pay a reasonable charge for such update. Cheers
  13. Thanks for sending the DebugPack. Your Scenery.Cfg is messed up (not by SIMstarter NG): [General] Title=Prepar3D Scenery Description=Prepar3D Scenery Areas Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=TRUE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Package] Active=FALSE [Area.027] Title=Default Terrain Local=Scenery\World Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=27 The Sections [Package] are not allowed in scenery.cfg. Too bad that SIMstarter NG is crashing but that is the root cause. Please clean up your file.
  14. hola buen dia alguien me podria ayudar en el aerosoft updater me aparece el siguiente texto

    me podrian por favor explicar a que se refiere exactamente, verifique las paginas donde adquiri a318/319 a320/321 y no encontre nada saludos y gracias

    1. Walter Almaraz

      Walter Almaraz

      Por favor se le ruega hacer uso de los foros en el siguiente link https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/584-aeronaves/ , no se brinda o brindará soporte por este método.



  15. Ah, I completely misunderstood! Thanks for setting me straight my friend. I'm completely tied up until tomorrow afternoon, but I'll take a look at that and speak to our dev team and let you know what I find. Thanks for everything my friend!
  16. Thanks Shane! I'm completely tied up until late tomorrow afternoon (CST time/GMT-5), but I'll do some testing and report back here and let you know what I find (I never start with a saved flight as I fly all over North America and Europe, so it's been a while for me). On another note, thank you SO VERY MUCH for all your time and the information! Best wishes my friend.
  17. Yeah, this looks like settings and/or shader issues to me. Below is my screen shot from Aerosoft Healthrow Professional, I think it's very close to the same location as you're screen shot. Best wishes!
  18. Sorry do not agree with this statement . I have stated before and do so again that repaints made for other versions are still valid for this version . The reason is simple , the only changes made to the paint kit since the Airbus X from 2010 are the VC textures and the addition of the sharklet models I was able to install ALL of my paints from the previous version ( installed in P3D V3 ) . Simply made backups using the Livery Manager ( for P3D V3 ) and installed them using the Livery Manager for P3D V4 ( this changes the texture.cfg automatically ) . Yes , there is some WORK involved by the end user regarding the line model= in the aircraft.cfg , the lack of a registration / selcal in the VC and for some the satdome ( this was not included in the previous paint kit ) . Any textures not used in the professional version are simply ignored and can be left or if the end user is confident enough , be removed ( to save space ) .
  19. I may well be wrong, but that looks like an Anti-Aliasing issue to me. What are your AA settings in the sim? Also, are you using any third party shaders?
  20. Have Dave, I neglected to mention that P3Dv4.5 does have a serious issue that reduces frame rates when someone is using elevated settings. Many of us who have done tech support for FSX and P3D over many years have routinely cautioned those in the community not to increase their settings unless they are really sure what their systems can handle, and what LM and the community found out after P3Dv4.5 was released is that LM injected some FPS issues for those with elevated settings. LM is looking to correct this with a patch, but no time frame as far as I know for this. The interim solution is to reduce P3D graphics settings, especially Autogen settings (which I recommend never adjusting if you're flying airliners in/out of payware airports. I hope this information is helpful to you my friend! Please do keep us updated on your progress.... we really do care brother, and we want you to have a wonderful experience with our products. Best wishes!
  21. Hallo liebe Community, ich bin nun vor ein paar Wochen vom FSX in P3D gewechselt. Im FSX bin ich lange zeit den Aerosoft A320 geflogen und dies klappte bis vor kurzen in P3D auch noch ziemlich gut, allerdings habe ich gestern das Update Geländen und habe nun Probleme beim Start. Ich bereite meine Maschine wie gewohnt für den Flug vor (momentane versuchte von Nürnberg nach Wien), dies klappt auch ganz normal. Wenn ich nun aber für den Start auf die Startbahn rolle und den Take off Thrust setze sagt er mir „MAN Toga SRS and Runway“, auch wie gewöhnlich, kommt dann allerdings nicht aus den Pushen und ist am Ende der Startbahn erst bei 100Knts. Ich weiß nicht was ich falsch mache, ich habe es auch schon an anderen Flughäfen und mit anderen A320 Familien Mitgliedern probiert, es kommt immer aufs gleiche raus. Ich würde mich sehr über Tipps, Anregungen und Unterstützungen freuen. Vielen Dank im Voraus. Euer Luca
  22. Thanks for the report guys. Could you please post full routing with departure runway, arrival runway, SID, STAR & cruise FL. I'll have a look if I can recreate this issue.
  23. Hello Fragged, This is indeed same issue as reported earlier on this thread. It's known and we are working on it.
  24. Could you please post your ASC.log.txt file. It should be located in Documents\Aerosoft\ folder. If it isn't, try searching windows for it to see where it might be located.
  25. Thanks for the reply. As suggested, and as I've done before, I uninstalled and reinstalled both the 319 and 321 versions. Everything was fine - for a time. While I don't fly the Airbus all that often, today I opened the A321 CFM (Delta livery) in P3Dv4.4 (awaiting a fix to v4.5 before installing that version) and the error message appeared. This is strange because I know of no settings that have been changed. I'm using the Navigraph database but the current version is still current since the last install. Something is causing this error. While it's fixable through a reinstall something just isn't right?????
  26. Seems like there are some issues with loading the plane. 1) Load plane in C&D 2) MCDU3 init loadsheet 3) Load with GSX 4) Everything looks good, numbers check out 5 ) After push back and starting engines -> GW shows 47.9 tons -> The plane is suddenly empty. Is this a bug or is there some fancy way we are now supposed to load up the aircraft? It would be nice if the instant button on the load & fuel page actually forced the desired values if GSX/whatever flakes out.
  27. Hi, I have updated the A320 to version but now the semiautomatic checklist dosent work...when I get to the pushback it tells me that GSX will go off the external power unit. But it doesn't do that. GSX asks me to unplug the external power unit and the checklist freezes without ever moving forward. After I turn on the APU to disconnect the external power unit, the MCD4 checklistg jump in autiomatic to START but without making any voice calls from the first officer.
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