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  2. I am also unable to recreate this. Could it be you are not in the right mode?
  3. This is the same on all our aircraft btw.
  4. david-wi, so you have EXACTLY the same issue as bhorv67 (oh how I hate these stupid names)?
  5. Hello Bernd, left mouse click is simulating push while right mouse click is simulating pull. On the EFIS for QNH you can either push or pull the knob. However on the standby instrument for QNH you can only push the button. Hence on Standby ISIS you can only use left mouse click.
  6. Hello Gary, Happy to answer your question my friend. Please take a look at the video below, and let me know if you have any questions. 2019-04-24 13-09-03.mp4
  7. I would do a clean install as clearly the files are not where the add-on expects them to be.
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Hello titan2002, I am personally unable to recreate this issue. Would it be possible for you to take video of it and send it here. Nvidia shadowplay should work well if you have nvidia graphics card.
  10. Hello Mark, Thanks for the report! We discovered this issue some days ago and are looking into it.
  11. Unfortunately I am unable to give you any estimates at this moment. We are looking into it.
  12. Seltsames Verhalten der Rolls-Royce-Triebwerke bei der FF Boeing 757-200 und 757-300. Während es mit den Pratt & Whitney- Triebwerken keine Probleme gibt, erlebe ich beim Einsatz der Rolls-Royce-Triebwerke jedes mal, dass N2 nur bis max. 16, bestenfalls 18% hoch läuft. Glücklicherweise lassen sich die Triebwerke dann schon zünden, sodass sie letztlich in Betrieb genommen werden können. Aber spätestens beim Sinkflug werden massenhafte Fehlermeldungen auf dem Display ausgegeben, dass die Leistung der Druckluft zu gering wäre. Mache ich da etwas falsch? Die zusätzlichen Knöpfe, ELEC ENG CONT und ENG LIMITER, scheinen keinerlei Wirkung zu zeigen. Wer weiß eine Erklärung oder gar eine Lösung?
  13. @Emanuel Hagen and @Mathijs Kok Ha ha I agree with both of you Anyway, this non stop 64 day event actually happened. The plane is now in museum in airport as seen on this link: https://news3lv.com/features/video-vault/video-vault-plane-in-record-breaking-flight-remains-at-mccarran-as-a-piece-of-history Here is another information on this flight: https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2008/march/01/endurance-test-circa-1958
  14. Today
  15. Hi Dave Sorry about asking you again over this, but simple question ; how do I select the ILS Approach - in other words, how do I tell MCDU what runway we're landing at? It's simple in a normal flight, because I would go to the flight plan page and select the destination - if I choose one with an ILS, I don't need to tune it in (as you say), but in the MCDU I have no plan, so no destination with an ILS I can modify. Hope you're well, mate. Gaz
  16. P.S. I did this. (Turns out you don't need to be all that clever )
  17. Hi, Pleas, at some point, could SODE Jetways be an option to use on Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional. Or any Mega Airport for that matter. Thanks, TrainNutter
  18. Hallo, ich habe mir Ortho4XP 1.3 herunter geladen. Wenn ich die Exe ausführe, kommt kurz ein schwarzes Fenster, was sich leider gleich wieder schließt. Habt ihr eine Idee, was da falsch läuft?
  19. Route was KMCI-KSTL (doesn't matter as so far on 10+ flights the same issue manifests) A319 (also, doesn't matter same issue on all four aircraft) Simbrief Flight Plan (same issue when entering everything by hand) AIRAC cycle 1904, the same one I was using before the update LAKES3 COU KAYLA KAYLA3 This was the full route (happens Offending waypoints FLUDD and TRYSH. After entering the DEP and ARR info, I was presented with a DISCO after FLUDD----MANUAL. Before the 1.2.4 update I could clear the DISCO by selectink the LEFT lsk next to FLUDD and entrying TRYSH into the NEXT waypoint field. The flight plan would stay whole and simply remove MANUAL and the DISCO. Now however the FP is deleted. See pics
  20. I apologize for not answering your second question my friend... I initially answered via my phone and I missed it! I also sympathize for switching sims! Normally our uninstaller will completely remove the Airbus Pro, but that can be affected by a customer's Windows settings and even computer security software. One of the terrific benefits of P3Dv4 is that our product (and many more) install to the Documents folder instead of many different Windows and P3D folders. To ensure the Airbus is fully uninstalled, simply uninstall and then check the Documents\Aerosoft folder to ensure that the sub-folder for the Airbus Professional has been removed.
  21. I still getting this issue with the new update to the A3XX pro series. Here's my log file...for some reason it is looking in addon for the xml files in documents rather than the one located in ...F:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional. ASC.log.txt
  22. Check your 2D panel transparency setting, turn it down.
  23. If the Boss doesn't mind, I'd like to jump in here to try and help. magna91 1. would you please post your complete system specs for us? 2. Would you please tell us where this happened? Example: At the gate, during taxi, during takeoff, within 18nm of a payware airport, at cruise level, etc. 3. If this occurred at the airport, was it a default airport or payware airport? If payware airport can you please tell us which one it was? Many thanks!
  24. Hello, since the last 2 patches, i cant use the speed bug. If I klick or rotate the bug, nothing happend. All others work fine. I deinstalled and reinstalled them allready, but no changes.
  25. Ich glaube ich werde P3D nochmal neu aufsetzen, weil ich den Airbus schon zwei mal neu installiert habe. Und
  26. Please make the following test: - First check in the Scenery Library, if the lowest entry at the end of the List is the "Default Terrain", that it is check (active) and points to the "Scenery\World" Folder of the FSX - The unzip the attached File (AFX_EGLL_ALT.BGL) into the Scenery\World\Scenery Subfolder which is below your FSX Maindirectory Then check if the "wrong" Runway is still visable. When the default AFCAD Entry of EGLL in your installation is maybe modify, it is possible that the ARP of the airport is different then needed to exclude the visual part of the scenery Afcad. The attached file is only a Dummy to set the correct ARP and must be the first file loaded, what is done, when the Default Terrain Entry is active and this file is in there. Test unzip in Scenery-World-Scenery.zip
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