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  2. How to get Pax, Cargo and Fuel Load Values into the Airbus Professional Aircraft (A318/A319/A320/A321/A330) Most of your guys will know this, but I created this post to help those who are new to the Aerosoft Airbus Professional. First, I recommend using either Simbrief or PFPX to calculate the fuel for your flight. We have provided both a Simbrief and PFPX A330 Profile (first post in this thread) should you wish to use them. You are of course welcome to forgo using Simbrief or PFPX and just use the Aerosoft Fuel Planner to calculate these values, however fuel calculations are not quite as accurate as Simbrief or PFPX, but it will get the job done! NOTE: If you run P3Dv4 "As Administrator" then please run the Fuel Planner (and all other Airbus Professional applications) "As Administrator". After you have determined your Pax and Cargo load, and calculated your Fuel Load, there are two ways to get the Pax, Cargo and Fuel Load into your aircraft. Method 1 (the one I recommend) You can use the Aerosoft Fuel planner and simply enter the Pax, Cargo and Fuel loads and then go to the bottom right of the Fuel planner and enter the Block Fuel calculated in Simbrief or PFPX. Then adjust your Center of Gravity (which will adjust your Takeoff Trim) and select Generate Loadsheet. When you load the Aircraft, go the MCDU3 (on the Pedestal) select the Fuel and Load Section and then select "INIT Loadsheet". You can then load the Pax, Cargo and Fuel one at a time by clicking on the respective buttons or use Load Instant. You can generate a new loadsheet via the Fuel Planner at anytime, even with the aircraft already loaded. Method 2 Load the aircraft and using MCDU 3 (on the Pedestal) select the Fuel section and load the values manually. Note however that at present (at release) you are not able to manually enter the Trim Value here which isn't that big of a deal as you enter the Trim value in the INIT page of MCDU1 or MCDU2 anyway. This is why I recommend using Method 1 (above).
  3. Sobald ich versuche nach v2.29 zu upgraden (jetzt v2.27 wie alle heutige Ubuntu/Deb Systeme) bekomme ich eine klare Warnung. Ja, vielleicht kan die Entwickler helfen. Gruß< Tom
  4. Yep okay I send it' too day, give me some time, so did't you have it soon
  5. Hallo, ich habe SAM World Jetways gekauft, dort steht, dass alle Standard-Flughäfen von SAM2 unterstützen werden. Alle Flughäfen, die vorher SAM unterstützt haben, gehen wie gewohnt (Gekaufte Flughäfen EDDF, LSZH usw.), aber Standard-Flughäfen wie LFMN oder LEIB nicht. SAM World Jetways ist aktiviert und im "lib" Ordner sind alle Ordner "Library, Seasons, WorldJetways" vorhanden. Habe ich was falsch gemacht. Wofür habe ich jetzt 19,95 Euro bezahlt? Liebe Grüße Michael 😉 Log.txt
  6. Maybe buying that one month access to NavDataPro charts might be worth it then.
  7. UTL had a gift for me today, a private air show.... Or maybe it's Santa Klaus working hard to deliver all the gifts around ...
  8. At this moment we are waiting for Navigraph but I expect we will be able to move fast when they assist us.
  9. I've created this forum for discussion of the Aerosfot A330 Professional performance data for flight planning (basiscally Simbrief and PFPX data). Attached below is a link to the Simbrief profile I created for the Aerosoft A330-343, and attached to this post is a PFPX profile I created for the A330-343. I'm sure that in time some talented people will improve upon what I'm provided, but you should find my performance information fairly accurate. Best wishes my friends! SIMBRIEF Aerosoft A330-343 Professional Aircraft Profile To use this profile you must first have a Simbrief Account and be logged into it. CLICK HERE PFPX Aerosoft A330-343 Professional Aircraft Template At the bottom of this post is the template file you can click on to download. Place the template file in the following folder and you'll be ready to use it to create other A330-343 profiles: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTemplates Aerosoft A330-343.txt
  10. Hello everyone I was practicing on holding patterns today and I came up with a surprising experience. I only practiced on COMPUTED holdings. From what I experienced, the Bus is always using DIRECT entry in the holding pattern. As an example, I was flying HDG 055 to TABIL where I set a holding 280R. I was expecting a parallel entry but the Bus decided to go direct and turned left at TABIL (see pictures). Is that possible to have offset/parallel entries ? Thanks, have a good day
  11. Airbus started to give me false "altitude setting" warnings since yesterday. This haven't been issue before, so I think every setting in MCDU and FCU are correct. Descending through FL124 to FL90 and altimeter set to Std how it should be at this altitude... Destination data correct, so TRANS FL is 5000... Automatically correct so no need for manual input... Still I'm getting constantly audio warning "ALTITUDE SETTING" and looks like it starts below FL180 so maybe there is somewhere P3D default U.S. information affecting to this..? What is different since last time when all was working correctly: - Airbus updated to version - Navigraph AIRAC cycle updated to current 1913 - P3D navaids updated to cycle 1913 (https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html) Everything else are exactly the same as before, when it was working correctly. So which part of these three is the affecting one to Airbus's callouts? And maybe if it's some file easy to edit manually (e.g. correcting some transition level numeric value to the right one), what can this file be and where to find it? I think it might be of course the individual value for every airport, but at least I could modify these to the airports where I mostly fly, if there is not some other fix for this yet...
  12. I was having the same issue. By using a program like Chaseplane, I have made custom views so I don’t have to click on gages like the PFD or MFD. Not the ideal fix, but it works. After about 30 minutes of flight, I won’t touch anything that requires a new window to pop up. In full disclosure, I haven’t flown the CRJ since the update. Just too busy this week. So I do t know if the update addressed the issue or not. One thing I know I was doing was selecting the CRJ from the scenario screen instead of loading a flight with a default aircraft and then selecting the CRJ. Reading the forum posts, I know now that’s not what I’m supposed to do. Next flight I do with the CRJ, I’ll load it correctly to see if that fixes the issue. Cheers, colin
  13. Great. I have learned the hard way to not buy anywhere else but SM and Aerosoft itself. Depends on the offer of course :). The 320/321 profiles have worked really well for me at least so hopefully these will too. I hope they manage to fix the Navigraph integration too.
  14. Today
  15. Uninstall the addon which changed the default lights and hope that this program mad a backup of the original files. If it doesnt work, you have to do a fresh install of the simulator.
  16. Could you once send the logfile.txt from the OMSI installation directory to support@aerosoft.zohodesk.com ? Please also include the following information: - If this is only/mainly happening with the Berlin X10 map or also others? - Which preset options you are using now
  17. That does not appear to be the case however I cannot check an older version until later today. From your PFPX configuration/general tab what version is indicated ? I have tested all the AirlinerPerformance via fresh download today in v2.03 of PFPX and they are all functional.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. The answer is simple: Nothing 🙂 The 2x click behaviour is reported due the Beta Tests too but it seems Hans has difficulties to reproduce this at his PC. But nevertheless the CRJ works with this behaviour well and set the choosen weights correct into the FMC. Has you controlled the weights there? You must keep an eye on the green dot. It should be between Max Landing and Max Take-Off. Wolfgang You see I was about 1900kg below max Take-Off weight and the CRJ700 climbed perfect.
  20. its very frustating ( for me) but install the update but stil ctd . uninstall remove all crj maps that where left . removed p3d4 config and shaders . restart instal crj and patch but still ctd. firewall off. it is not that I`m without charts I have them running on a tablet but morethe frustation that I
  21. Hallo, bin froh, dass ich dieses Dickblech nun zu meiner Flotte zählen darf. Es gibt im Netz sehr gute Tutorials, besonders die von Mörderkaninchen haben mir sehr geholfen. Bei mir zeigt der Daumen auf jeden Fall Richtung Himmel! Viele Grüße Vollgas
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