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  2. Ok, thats What I thought. Thanks. Too bad. It is so handy flying in mountains.
  3. Got this yesterday when opening the flightaware link. Spinning wheel and ctd.
  4. The A330 does not have a VSD IRL.
  5. DOes the A330 even have an VSD like the PMDG does? IF so, where is it? I cant find how to access it?
  6. I posted about this a while back. The flight data recorder isnt working on any of the busses. I imagine this is low priority but its fun to see my flights in google earth.
  7. Wow ok, the fact that I'm not the only one reporting this issue would lead me to think that it's the aircraft. Either that or there are alot of people with Windows issues. I highly highly doubt its Windows causing this issue. If this is the support we are going to get for an issue ill send it back.
  8. Hi Capt. PERO, Wilco -:) sorry for the delay, just returned from Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt... Following: I have taken following steps: -Start Simstarter NG, enabled autoupdate -After autoupdate completed restarted Simstarter NG in P3Dv3 mode -After program start I checked whether debug logging is enabled. It is by default. -However, after clicking on the ok-button for closing the dialogwindow, I receive message: Critical error: no aircrafts found! Simstarter NG terminates. -Following attempts to start Simstarter NG in P3Dv3 mode have the same outcome. --Luckily all my aircrafts are still in the simobjects folder of P3Dv3 -:) -Next, started Simstarter Ng in P3Dv4 mode and created Debugpackage Then there is a log file also... I am not a programmer, hope this helps Johan SIMstarter NG.log
  9. Well step one to be to update, not sure why you're running on an old version.
  10. Hallo, leider wird mir bei den Parkpositionen das GAT3 Parkpositionen G10-14 bzw G20 - G27 nich angezeigt. Kann es mit dem Update auf v 1.0.6 zu tun haben oder war es vorher auch schon nicht möglich? Fliege jetzt erst nach dem Update von Köln , daher kann ich nicht sagen, ob das GAT3 vorher vorhanden war... oder gibt es dass gar nicht mehr? Danke für Eure Antworten.
  11. Adrian, with using EzDok you first have to disable the Airbus View System: If you don't want the checklist View Focus feature, which brings every item of the checklist in to view, you can disable that as well:
  12. No worries my friend. We're all flight sim users here, and I've done it myself (and I get hammered when i do it to... LOL!) Sending you a PM, looking forward to hearing back!
  13. Hello, I use EzDok v2 in P3Dv4 and with the 330, I had a big problem: Any time the copilot carries out any action, the views change wildly and zoom in on some part of the panel. The normal view keys assigned to Ezdok don't work unless you change to outside view and then choose an internal view again. There is no such behaviour with the 320 Pro so I hope this can be solved. Best regards Adrian
  14. Ah, that actually makes sense! I would have actually jumped on the .net fixer if I'd known that you couldn't load the A330 from a default aircraft, that makes it practically a slam dunk if the aircraft works fine on other systems (all things being equal of course). kernelbase.dll errors can be really tough ones to crack, but you bet they can certainly be .net errors and I myself have had them - even recently. It's usually an installer than has the .net installer embedded that does it. Best wishes for happy flights my friend!
  15. Thank you, Mathijs. Apologies, Dave. Won't happen again.
  16. Welche Steuerung benutzt Du? Welche Flugzeuggewichte nimmst Du? Die experimentellen Updates sind installiert? Bei meinem Joystick funftioniert es sehr gut. MIt ZFW ca. 160-172t und 13-18t Fuel rollt der A333 langsam los und kommt auf gerader Taxistrecke auf 17-20kts - ohne weiteres Bremsen. Vor Kurven bremsen ist üblich. Mit 172t ZFW und 18t Fuel musste ich sogar etwas Gas geben, damit er die Anfangsträgheit überwindet. Wolfgang
  17. Interesting! Thanks for your information! Always safe landings Torsten
  18. Friends, The Aerosoft Airbus Pro are the only airliners that are compiled using P3Dv4.5 compilers. With that, one simply can't compare the Airbus to aircraft of other developers. Yes, the Airbus professional is directly tied to frame rates, it's been that way since the very first Aerosoft Airbus for FSX. I can't explain WHY we do that, only that we do. This means that if your system is not capable of a steady 18fps while running the Airbus the aircraft is going to get wonky on you when spikes low on frame rates (turbulence or loading new weather textures can do this). One way to help with this is to disable turbo mode and lock each of your cores to a constant clock speed in your BIOS. Of course I have to say "Do this at your own risk!". I've done this on my i7-4770K (a very old Haswell processor by modern standards) for years. The I7-4770K has a core speed of 3.6GHz and I have mine overclocked to 4.5GHz with each core locked at that speed. This means that my cores always run that speed instead of cycling up and down which believe it or not can induce spikes to lower frame rates. Having a water cooler helps keep the cores nice a cool even with them locked at that speed. I agree with Tom, one needs to groom their PC and P3D settings to get the best performance. There are other things you can do... like your P3D settings. Now I always run at 4K graphics settings, but all the time we see people increasing other sliders for their P3D graphics settings and turning on most eveything they can until they computer rebels on them! There is a point of diminishing return (benefit) when doing this. It's fine for GA flying, but causes lots of problems when you're flying complex airliners, especially in and out of large payware airports. Now, don't even get me started about the negative effects of P3D tweaks and third party shaders... which can make your CPU and GPU work harder which of course means less frames. I get between 40 and 60fps flying the A330, and I run a 55 inch 4K and three 23 inch 1080p monitors off a single vanilla GTX1080 with a rather incredible amount of flight sim and stream software every time I fly (I still don't have enough room on all my monitors to display all the software, even in smaller windows). Here are my P3D settings, in case you'd like to see them. I don't recommend going higher than these settings in an airliner: I hope this is little helpful to you guys.
  19. the q options doesn't solve the problem, the sounds that were there in the beginning aren't there. So like you just mention about restarting p3d is the only option i have so far. But if there's a fix to the problem please let me know. Thanks!
  20. I must have misunderstood the post above.. I thought he said it was working.
  21. Hi! I've noticed a little strange behaviour of the A330 wile lifting off and touching down: The aircraft "jumps" several times, especially on touchdown, as if there were problems with the elevation of the airport - but there aren't (no problems with other planes). I've read about some issues by P3D that affecet the landing gear, but this shouldn't be a part of it. It looks as if the sim is resetting the elevation of the plane by a few feet several times within seconds. I'm sure it was neither a hard landing nor a tail strike. On the videos I've seen from the Aerosoft A330, I've never seen this behaviour which I experience almost all the times. Doesn't kill the flight, but seems very odd while taking off or landing. I didn't touch any values on the aircraft.cfg other than adding liveries. version Regards, Dominik
  22. I believe that once you loose an audio output that's it until you reboot P3D. You can always try pressing the "Q" key twice.
  23. Wenn Du Experimentierfreudig bist, kannst Du die entsprechenden Werte direkt in den Sichten der aircraft.cfg ändern. Nachteil ist, dass Du nach Updates, die die alten Werte wieder herstellen, Deine neuen Werte wieder in die aircraft.cfg rückkopieren musst. Wolfgang
  24. Nein, die Textur wird bei SAM für ein Decal verwendet, hat mit den Details also nichts zu tun. Im Decal File ist dann festgelegt welche Färbung mit welchem Alpha Kanal durch die Textur "ersetzt" wird. Eine blanke weiße Fläche hätte nur den Nachteil das der "Schnee" nicht "3dimensional" wirkt. Ansonsten hast du natürlich recht, die Textur muss einen ordentlichen Blauanteil (ziemlich hellblau) haben um dann als weiß zu wirken.
  25. All our Airbuses have this requirement. You can't have a highly complex add-on and expect it to function properly in an overloaded simulator. 18 FPS are not really a high threshhold you have to get above. As I said, with calibrating your simulator accordingly this shouldn't be a problem at all (taken your system is within the required hardware specs).
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