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  2. I don't think so, I've found that once the sequence gets bugged for any reason you can't recover. I flew a flight last night where the checklist sequences worked properly through after takeoff. After that I never heard another checklist and manually had to do all after that.
  3. Mhh...the funny thing is, that the CRJ and the Maddog aren't that dark inside for me. So that's quite unique (at least on my end) for the A330. For the Lufthansa, I can guarantee you, that they were white on the sunny side. So yeah, in the shade they might be too dark, due to Tomato, but on the other side it's pretty much normal. ^^
  4. Yes, pitch stability is important. Imagine pitch being unstable on turbulent approaches. It requires a lot of input to counter the wandering and leads to passengers becoming sick. This is one of the issues you face during air refueling where new pilots get into PIO. When I flew KC10s, it would get a little pitch sensitive when the CG was aft of 25%. Many would ask the engineer to bring the CG forward of 25 before refueling. To me, you are fast and the DC10 is nimble and sensitive anyway. I taught guys to fly with their finger tips and wrist during refueling instead of their hands. Kept you from entering PIO behind the tanker and things were smoother. It's ok if a plane has a little bit of lag in the pitch axis, but it should be stable enough to allow you to counter axis divergence during bumpy approaches. You may find yourself putting in a lot of input to counter the axis moments, but the trajectory stays the same. This is also coming from a guy without fly by wire experience lol.
  5. True, we will fix the unicode thing (we know what it is) but we are unable to use OneDrive.
  6. I have moved this topic to the correct forum section for you.
  7. Will not change much on the A330. Sorry. To make this aircraft look the way we intend it to look we need to be able to depend on known files. With every texture PBR (keep in mind there are as far as we know only three aircraft that have that, MadDog, CRJ pro and A330 pro), these things become far more critical then with the less complex textures before. Check the first image you posted, look at how the Lufthansa aircraft look. They are supposed to be white and on your system they are a dark grey. Even though the side we see is in the shade (your image shows a scene with sun after all) they are far too dark.
  8. No worries, I totally understand that Would it be an option for a future update, to give the pilot the option to change the windshield to a brighter one, like in the CRJ? Because especially Tomatoshade is quite popular out there.
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. I am closing this topic. The wings are visible from the VC, you just have to do what a real pilot must do, lean towards the window and look back.
  11. I meant what is shown on page 40. Also note that if you use non standard shaders you will need to tweak a lot more as you sim will then display colors we cannot predict.
  12. Trying to adjust to this new checklist. First the messages that appeared at the top are gone for pushback procedures. select 1 or 2 When I get to the cabin sign callout, both switches are on, but the copilot continues to call out cabin signs, repeated toggle of the switch doesn't fix it and I have to endup skipping that item. Pushback starts and ground calls to disengage parking brake, I do that and start engines, plane pushes back and then Ground comes on and says engage parking brake, but the parking brake lever will not move. In the meantime I have to engage manual braking as the plane begins to move forward. I have to stop engines and restart to be able to set parking brake. I'm not getting a pilot callout to start engine 2, I get a callout that engine 2 is stabilized but then no callout to start engine 1. Why is the plane able to move forward with throttles all the way retarded?
  13. Hello All In all the A330s that I've flown from different manufacturing dates, when setting the Flex Temperature, the value needs to be preceded with an F. ex. F54. I see that on the Aerosofts Rendition, all it takes is to insert the value without the F letter, I don't know if it was intentional or if the aircraft that served as a base was like this, but would you be so kind to consider it for your next update ? Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  14. And is there an error shown? Is there an error in the Windows Events log? Is there anything that you actually do at that moment? Perhaps use the EFB? Are you 100% sure you are using of the A330? What is the version number of you P3D? It needs to be version 4.5 with hotfix2
  15. We did lower the volume of many things because we felt they were a bit too loud in the A320 series.
  16. Sorry, if you use a tweak that changes the colors of the textures all results become impossible for us to predict. Your shader clearly flatten a lot of the darker colors.
  17. Hi, unfortunately I haven’t enjoy so far even one flight with the new A330 because of,EVERY TIME SOMETHING COMES UP AND GET FROzen P3D or crash to desktop. Have no idea why, but it’s happening. Tried FSLabs all variants, PMDG 727NGX plus NGXu, QW787, no problems at all. Please advise or help me because is so sad. Thank you, Georgios
  18. It does not work at all with a username containings unicode chars, and no OneDrive used. I think this is two different problems...
  19. Mmmmm.... I confirm that. most certainly a bug. Inserted it in the bug tracker. Thanks for reporting it!
  20. Many thanks for the files above - It does feel bit better as compared to original release however the elevator still needs some work as still way too responsive.
  21. When clicking on overhead panel: FLT CTL (PRIM 2, SEC 2 and PRIM 3) nothing happens on these buttons (they are clickable). But on the button "AC ESS FEED" (ELEC panel) the cover is moving. See 2 pics.
  22. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  23. Please use the correct support forums....
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