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  2. Moin, i have tried both. Always the same problem Best Chris
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  4. Congratulations to AA777-200ER on winning March's screenshot contest. I am assuming that this is KIAH (Houston), shows some character - foggy atmosphere although there is some movement a few gates are still open which could indicate delayed flights inbound as a result of the fog. Email to follow shortly
  5. Evening. This is is s shot in the dark. I’m looking for a profile for the HS 748. I’m not really sure what I can use as a substitute if nothing exists. Cheers, colin
  6. Hola Miguel, El producto al que te refieres fue desarrollado por Feelthere (acorde a la página en Steam) y no por Aerosoft. En el siguiente link probablemente puedan ayudarte con el problema: https://www.feelthere.com/ Saludos, Walter
  7. Hola, Esta parte del foro es para solicitar soporte de productos Aerosoft, esta clase de solicitudes no está permitido.
  8. alguien puede arreglar el flymex para p3dv4 puedo pagar avisen mi correo es Por seguridad su correo fue eliminado / For security reasons, his email had been deleted.
  9. My bad. Just saw my server subscription down since yesterday. Haha. you can close topic.
  10. Thank you for the reply. In my post I wasn't comparing the A321 to the rest of the family. I was comparing the A321 with IAE engines to the A321 with CFM engines. I just found it odd that changing engine manufacturers would dramatically change a lift scalar (by more than 70%). And this seems to be a change introduced some time in the 1.2.3.X run. But if you tell me that's how it works, I'll accept that. I know nothing about how the flight model is parameterized in P3D.
  11. Hello, I get an issue while updating Weather and Tracks online. Looks like not working. I checked my internet box and the problem is not in my side. Anybody has same problem ?
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  13. Morning all. I very much appreciate the British Airways livery for the CRJ700 that has been beautifully done by ‘China Leaf’. I’d be extremely pleased if there were a skilful artist out there who would consider doing a BA CRJ900? Love this aircraft! Mike.
  14. Did you reboot after installing? I'm asking because we've answered this several times over here in the forums and it's always been the solution. If that doesn't solve things, did you disable your computer security and run the installer as Admin? Also, did you uninstall and manually remove any remaining Airbus folders and then reboot before installing the new version? All of these things can help resolve this issues you've experienced. Let us know how you make out?
  15. So there is a bit of a learning curve we need to go through here. Given the complexities of each aircraft and how they are programmed, one should really never compare any two airliners to one another. but with the Aerosoft Airbus/Airbus Pro this is even more true as we are one of the very few developers who used the P3Dv4 compilers. In fact, to my knowledge PMDG doesn't even do this and there are only one or two other GA aircraft comiled for P3Dv4. But more than that, the Aerosoft Airbus/Airbus Pro have the aircraft tied directly to the frame rate, so if your frames dip below about 16fps, even momentarily, you're going to experience what you described. So you're frames can be steady up to flying within 18nm of a payware airport and that that point the graphics for that airport are going to load (there is nothing a user can do about this) and that is going to affect your frames and thus the Airbus. Additionally, you're using an AMD processor, and we've seen for years that these processors are not nearly as good as Intel processors (don't ask me why as I haven't studied this). But that you're running an operating system AND an operating system shell the affect is going to be even worse (as you've already experienced). I'd recommend you turn you're P3D graphics settings down and maybe check your P3D graphics engine settings (example: the type of AA you're using, etc.) in order to optimize how P3D runs on your system. My friend Rob Ainscough wrote a great P3D setup guide and the Prepar3d forums can also be a great help in optimizing you're settings. My very best wishes.
  16. i also notice all of my autopilot selection area is blank too.
  17. Hey guys, i just updated to the new version of the a320 professional, and now when i load in, the third mcdu is just blank. I am unable to navigate to make it cold and dark, add fuel etc. Any idea whats wrong? If i have to reinstall, how do i 100% make sure it is uninstalled before reinstalling? Sorry for noob question im coming from xplane 11.
  18. Have you checked your control settings that you have only one input source for the ailerons?
  19. Hi Air Serbia, wenn du mit der Zibo noch nicht so sehr vertraut bist, empfehle ich dir diese PDF, die habe ich anfangs auch benutzt: FlyUK CL Alternativ gibt es übrigens noch den "Zibo Copilot", macht aber dann kaum noch Spass wenn alles von alleine passiert.
  20. Danke euch beiden Soll wie gesagt nur ein grober Überblick sein und ist immer ein wenig anders je nach Controller / Land aber im großen und ganzen kann man ungefähr abschätzen was auf einen zukommt.
  21. My frames are OK, can't give an exact number, my PC specs; i7, AMD R9 370X, however, it is bootcamped (installed Windows on Mac) so it runs a bit worse. Still, performance is good with all other aircraft, around 30FPS or so... (even when at airports with scenery). With Aerosoft, I can say that the frames go down slightly, but not as much. It is still fliable (except for the aileron issue). I was testing recently and saw that this only really happens right after I move my joystick and I tried during P/S and saw on the ECAM that the ailerons move left-right only after I move my joystick. This does also occur on default airports and I do not see a big difference in performance between default and paid scenery.
  22. Actually, it looks complicated! I'll spend more time on it:
  23. I pre-ordered both on the Aerosoft Store. Im so excited for them! Last estimate was March 2019 but I guess there were some delays. Hopefully not too long now.
  24. I tried this but actually prefer how it looks by default. I think the darker footwells look more realistic as they are under a shadow. It looks like the time of day is set to noon so the sun is directly above the plane and the cockpit is in its shadow. So unless the dome lights are on then it shouldn't be as illuminated as it is in the "fixed" image. This all depends on lighting and light sources of course, but I'll be keeping mine how it is. Just a matter of taste I guess.
  25. Hello. Did you succeed ? If so, how did you do it ? I would be interested in that procedure...
  26. Our customer (and now my very good friend, he's a great guy!) just needed a little information on flight planning, navigation aides and the like. There has been a confirmed bug (though I've never experienced it) for SOME waypoint designators that are the same in different parts of the world that caused a problem and our programmers (aka guys who don't know what a shovel is, drink far too much caffeine, and talk to computer screens all day every day as if expecting an answer back... lol) are looking at this. Should you experience the same thing, just remove the offending waypoint from the flight plan and carry on. I don't believe this was the same issue our DrShadow was having, though it might have impacted it indirectly. I'm going to close this thread, but if you have a similar issue which isn't resolved by removing the offending waypoint, which has happened in real life as well, then please open another thread with the flight plan and what the issue is. My very best wishes!
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