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  2. Hey.Can u show me ur addon.xml file and write location where ur airbus is installed?Whole path?
  3. For anyone else with this symptom, be sure to comply with Important Note 3 (expand the link to see it) from the "Before you buy" section:
  4. Hi Tizo, as this is most likely the only P3D aircraft up to this point that is fully built with PBR textures, HDR needs to be on in order to get the full range of visual accuracy and fidelity. But as PBR has only been introduced into P3D at all, there are still some issues and quirks which can only be resolved by Lockheed Martin. Thus, we all have to make compromises as to what is possible under which circumstances and settings. And we feel that the look of the aircraft is just splendid with everything in PBR and that semi-modern hardware is capable of running with HDR on. At least my one year old laptop does also handle it nicely. So, we are confident about this compromise regarding the HDR requirement. Having said this, what might happen depending on your overall graphical settings, shaders etc. is, that the aircraft simply might look too dark without HDR turned on and would thus most probably not meet your visual demands.
  5. Hi, The external model is very nicely done, however there are areas that need to be at higher resolution. In my opinion its a pity the textures are not higher resolution cause the modeling is very nice. Two areas that really need an upgrade in textures resolution in my opinion is the nosecone and the passenger windows. In the screen above you can see that actually the rivets in the wing are in a good resolution while the windows are done at a lower resolution. Could that be improved? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Also requesting KLM new http://airplanes.itsabouttravelling.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ph-akb-klm-royal-dutch-airlines-airbus-a330-300-02.jpg and old https://www.flickr.com/photos/11121980/6803040680/ please Thanks Robbie
  7. Hi, I tried the A-Floor protection. I raised the nose 20 degrees and put the throttles to idle. The A-Floor protection kicked in but it was not fast enough. The airplane was then stayed in the V-max red tape and started climbing. However it was climbing while the speed was well inside the red tape, around 10 Knots less than V-max. This was sustained. The screen below is not a moment the speed dived. It stayed at that speed and kept climbing. My question is, isn't the V-max supposed to be just above the stall speed? I mean at that speed, it should have been stalling I suppose and not climbing.
  8. After the flight plan has been copied to the secondary flight plan page and requested a winds update on te first flight plan page, all the links for the update of the winds on first flight plan link to the secondary plan instead (on the leg page of the first flight plan or on the data menu) on the left MCDU. On the right MCDU it keeps working fine though. It is only the first flight so it needs to be replicated to confirmed if there is an issue there.
  9. Budbud

    Cabin Pressure

    Confirming the issue also on my side.
  10. Here is what you can do about wingviews yourself, if you don't like their positions and want them different right in this moment to genuinely being able to enjoy flying our bird...but keep in mind that altering the files manually is NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED and thus won't get you any official help from Aerosoft in case of trouble. I am just providing this for your personal convenience: Locate the Airbus' aircraft.cfg, in my specific case the folder is "D:\Simulation\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional". BACKUP aircraft.cfg to a save place in case something goes horribly wrong and you have to revert to the original file without doing a complete reinstall. Open aircraft.cfg and use the search function for "CameraDefinition.023", which should be the "LEFT ENGINE VIEW". In the CameraDefinition for this view you find "InitialXyz=" followed by three values seperated by commata being the Xyz coordinates for this camera. Alter the second value to your liking, higher values move the camera upwards, lower values downwards. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for "CameraDefinition.029", which should be the "RIGHT ENGINE VIEW". Save aircraft.cfg, fire up the sim, load the plane and have fun. Below you have a screenshot from the "RIGHT ENGINE VIEW" resulting from the following altered line, which I will also keep for myself: "InitialXyz = 3.38, 2.0, 14.05".
  11. requesting Iraqi Airways YI-AQY please this is our only one in the fleet of iraqi airways https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8003846#modal-large-photo
  12. Just chiming in to state that I am also getting this error. online release
  13. Looking at the flap speeds, it is an A320 model.
  14. I also want to underline this bug as currently its the most annoying. This is not something that happens sometimes, rather rare. It happens all the time, the wings never stop flapping while stationary at the gate..It needs to get addressed as priority.
  15. Same here. AS suggested same as Herman. I have tried any of the AS suggestions, NO LUCK. This is on the newly released A330. Maybe the AS should try our codes/serials before replying with such suggestions. I have a ticket opened # 34438. Hopefully will get a resolution soon.
  16. Please this is the only airline i fly for ! Thanks Robbie
  17. Per the following topic: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/148161-a330-release-notes/
  18. Today
  19. Verify that the bar is enabled in the "Views" submenu in the Center MCDU
  20. It seems to be a more general problem. I've seen the same with the SFO STICK SID. Also, the missed approach for SLC ILS 34L.
  21. Geroma

    Cabin Pressure

    There is also a serious error here, in cruising . Cabin Pressure Cab ALT - Wrong , therefore the differential pressure is too high. ( All doors closed, all systems normal.)
  22. After takeoff when putting the throttles into the CL detent at the acceleration altitude instead of going into CLB mode the vertical mode on the AP remains blank. If the autopilot is inadvertently engaged (if you somehow did not notice the CLB mode is not active) the plane will climb uncontrollably into a stall. This is corrected by pressing the ALT knob to engage the climb mode. The post takeoff AP logic is incorrect but the situation can be rectified.
  23. Hi, I have the same issue. Right now, just passed a waypoint with 20.6T indicated on the first line of the leg page (last waypoint) while the real quantity on board was 28.1T. For info, the value FF+FQ on the fuel pred page is off by only 0.1T from the quantity indicated on the fuel page of the lower ECAM.
  24. Hi, I noticed an odd behaviour when deploying the spoilers manually (see video) the spoilers on the left side are deploying much faster and earlier than on the right side, also the final position is different in terms of how extended they are if that makes sense. I first noticed this while being on descend on another flight but there it was the right side on which the spoilers deployed first. I don´t know if i´m doing something wrong here but there was no issue with flying the airplane (no roll movement so probably an issue with the animation?). A330 spoilers.mp4
  25. I solved this problem.In the Configurator you need to uncheck Navigraph and check NavDataPro.After that everything works
  26. Thank you Aerosoft, A330 is a great plane, worth the wait. Bob
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