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  2. Fantastic! Looks good. The 2D will really make life easier in high-workload climbs and descents. Thanks for this addition.
  3. So you bough the wrong version which is 32bit and for P3Dv3 only as the systemrequirements clearly state: But you can now buy for 30 Euro an upgrade to the Airbus A320/321 Professional, which is 64bit and for P3Dv4 only.
  4. Kann jeder haben, da man bei Eurocontrol dazu einen kostenlosen Account aufmachen kann und somit Zugriff auf aktuelle und offizielle Charts für Europa hat
  5. Sorry, I thought Jo Erlend was norwegian. No it should be nothing else than some ORBX files probably in conjunction with FTX Norway. Coming back with screen shots. Henning
  6. https://www.aerosoft.com/es/simulacion-de-vuelo/flight-simulator-x-steam/aviones/1054/airbus-a320/a321 this one it says that it's for p3d
  7. What exact version of the Airbus did you buy (link to the product please)?
  8. Please post in english only.
  9. Nei det skal ikke være noe annet enn noen ORBX filer antagelig i forbindelse med FTX Norway. Kommer til bake med screen shots Henning
  10. Good man, thanks. DP Charts. Got it. Any chance this info could make its way into PFPX?
  11. Hey Joe, Your English is terrific my friend and its a lot better than if I was trying to communicate in a different language! There are too shader folders in P3D, and the one you reinstslled should be left alone (but reinstalling should not have hurt you installation). The Shaders folder that I was referencing is located in your AppData/Local/prepar3d'/Shaders folder. If you delete this Shaders folder you'll find that it is automatically rebuilt for you with default shaders the next time P3D is started. To accomplish this, you can follow the procedures in the following thread: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/479630-where-to-find-my-shaders-folder-prepar3d-v2-v3-v4/
  12. Stephen, you still aren't telling me where I can access those charts. Navigraph subscription or another hopefully free source?
  13. So 3 days ago I bought the a320/a321 airplane for p3d and it isn't working thrust levers, mcdu and apu aren't working I need help plz i'm using P3D v4.5 that I bought yesterday plz help me
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  15. The exit points are denoted on the charts eg ORLANDO4 and CITRUS1, I have merely added those to the airport departure procedures using the editor. HILEY7 is available, BLUFI4 automatically selected as it has the MLB transition.
  16. Hallo Uwe, auch dir ein herzliches Dankeschön für den Beitrag. LG Claus
  17. Thanks Stephen. Two questions. Where do you get that airport info from? And why is the HILEY7 option not available in PFPX. Otherwise that's a much better routing, thanks.
  18. Hello sorry for late reply. I've reinstalled everything again and it ok now But I have another problem with A350 in XPLANE I'not able to Load flight plan generated by simbrief also to update FMC airach from navigraph, I have tried example on You Tube it doesn't work see the attached., can anyone help me out. Thanks
  19. Many of the departure SID's are via vectors and therefor not included in the AIRAC data. From the charts, CITRUS 1 for example, add the depicted departure points using the airport editor: Route found then: MLB BLUFI4 From flightaware MLB HILEY7 flown as direct FAA preferred route MCO MLB HILEY7 MIA ( likely ORLANDO 4 dep )
  20. Good news Carl! I also spent this week wiping, re-installing and configuring the whole lot onto 4.5. A few test flights in and everything seems OK... I'll do a couple of full flights over the weekend and see which add-ons play nice with each other! Dave.
  21. Hi All, Had a late one last night upgrading to 4.5 and the bus to 1.2.4. As i did scenery update too it was a late one I was interested in quickly testing GSX2 integration as I recently added GSX2 to my sim. Never used it until recently when I bought GSX2 + expansion. I would like to comment that from a short preparation that I did, I feel you have got this right and my reason for this is i feel in control i.e. I can begin boarding when I want and of course I still have the the menus ready to load quickly. Same comments apply to fuel loading. Looking forward to the weekend as rain is forecast where I live in the UK.... so taking a TCX 321 to a holiday destination looks likely I also took the opportunity to re-read the manual and forgot that the printer does more than just print data relating to my bodged landing attempts - I will make more use of the printer. Thanks for reading and for buses! - Carl
  22. I have been using PFPX for many years and overall it does a good job of selecting a good route for flights. But this one has me stumped. I don't blame PFPX. The problem appears to be a lack of SIDs to the south out of Orlando. Surely in the real world there must be flights with a more sensible routing than this. If I'm interpreting this correctly I take off to the north and fly for almost 80nm before a u-turn and head south before turning left for a sensible routing. 160nm without going anywhere! Really? JAG6 MATEO J53 WORMS V267 KIZER V437 OVIDO J45 TRV ANNEY4
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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