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  2. Well, this means that the updater can't overwrite the checklist.xml file. Either P3D is still running or the file is open somewhere else (text editor for example) so it can't be overwritten.
  3. would that be the issues that was causing p3d to crash or is that something else
  4. Hallo, Bei der Szenerie funktioniert die Ground-Frequenz vom ATC nicht. Ich erhalte vom ATC keine Anweisungen. Installiert ist mittlerweile Danke für Abhilfe.
  5. If possible I'd love to see a video of this. That would help us nail this down. Off the top of my head, I'm wondering if this is trim related.
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  7. Hi Don: The original 330 release contained the livery manager for the 318/19. Aerosoft stated that this was done as the 330's is not finished, and the 318/19 was included as a type of placeholder until it was ready. So, manual installation of liveries until it is ready. I noticed the dates on my files were all identical for all three versions even after the updater crashed on the 320/21 installation, so the updater did seem to work. - Roger
  8. A333 cfg attached. aircraft.cfg This is what happens when I try to update. First time I've ever had this issue since I owned the busses. CRASH.txt
  9. Hallo, ich habe die DVD Version von Approaching Innsbruck, habe mir die aktuelle Version hier bei Aerosoft mit dem Key runtergeladen. Installiert aber ich sehe es nicht in FSX:SE es ist nicht im Addon Ordner sondern im Aerosoft Ordner. Wie installiere ich das richtig? Danke Olli
  10. it turns out my settings were corrupt which now has been fixed the version of windows that is installed is version 1909
  11. If you cant open Settings, then you have a bigger problem.
  12. Hi there! It was a rainy day in LZKZ Kosice. But it still had to be flown. It went towards home: Dortmund ... It was still sunny here, and a little later it started to rain Still without a flight plan and without preparation: Aerosoft Airbus A320 Wizzair on the apron in LZKZ After taxing to runway 01, the somewhat steep departure. At cruising altitude with Mach .799 At last! After a flight of around 1 hour and 38 minutes, the arrival in Dortmund followed by landing on runway 24 Punctual and successful landing, happy passengers, happy crew :-))
  13. i cant seem to get on settings as my computer wont open it but i have recently updated it
  14. Sorry it seems to be downloading this file as a RAR, I've perhaps made a mistake somewhere I can't seem to fix, and it will open it using notepad. I tried to change it by pressing "open with", but not solution there. I couldn't extract or do anything with it as it opens in notepad. I would love to find a solution to fly this plane. Thanks.
  15. Hello Hans ! This is the screenshot with the error message from the Aerosoft Updater when trying to update A330. Kind regards gwdoc
  16. Ich hab es selbst versucht. Das selbe Problem Autopilot Fliegt den Aktuellen Kurs. Aber Der Verlust von Hyd B ist kein Notlandungs Grund da G und Y alle Funktionen übernehmen und B eigentlich das Notfall System ist. Könnte ein Bug sein. Da ich nichts dazu finde. Nicht einmal im QRH ( original Quick Reference Hand Book ) Und Ecam sagt nichts über AP Fehler.
  17. Hi Hanse Yeah done that, no matter what i do I just could not get the checklist to start again for another approach once cleaned up, sadly i have no way of making a video but maybe at some point next week i can do a Twitch stream just of the go Around so maybe you can see something I missed if that's OK . Rich
  18. Best would be to show some screenshots of the situation where we can see the PFD, ND and FCU. Which exact version of P3Dv4 are you using? Please check the prepar3d.exe for the versionnumber.
  19. Hello Roger, I am unable to reproduce this myself. Could you give some more information or screenshots what exactly is wrong?
  20. If there was never a livery manager for the A330, then the install has it all messed up. When I run the livery manager from my system's menu under the A330, the A318/319 comes up with no paint jobs at all. There has been a total mess up on the install from the Aerosoft updater. Not sure how to fix this one. In my case the A318/319 went to ver the A330 went to but the A320 refuses to run and crashes the updater. Others have the issue with the A330 crashing the updater. Do need help to fix.
  21. What Windows version are you using? The error points to a DirectX problem: file corrupt, outdated etc.
  22. Thanks Beatsì578, do you have a link? I have see in Facebbok, but with out any result
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. Hello Miquel, The unresponsiveness on takeoff is probably related to a trim issue that we are currently working with the airbus where the CG value on fuel planner and MCDU3 does not match with the CG value the aircraft is loaded with. If you could post a screenshot of the MCDU3 Load & Fuel page and lower ECAM on F/CTL page I can probably confirm this. However, since this is most probably a different issue I recommend you to open a new topic for this.
  25. Pro version As stated in first post it is the small buses, in specific 320 I guess you missed the "problem" that I pointerd out. The problem is not if it is on or off. The problem is that the checklist (on second flight) does not pass that item. It keeps repeating itself. "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" "cock pit voice recorder" In first flight it ask it once and then it is rectified by pushing the button. The second flight I have to cycle it manually. The FO does not do it like in the first flight. (Hence the post in thios part of the forum: Aerosoft Bus Professional (64 bit, P3D V4)
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