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  2. no. 28.700 kg boarded. during flight the EFOB raise. Actually (I'm fly on Ivao) is 2.1 at 522 Nm from UBBB
  3. Good Day Dears , just fired up the sim & loaded the plane, I got a message to update the plane to v1. I tried to do it via the x-updater but no luck. any chance to upload it in my account soon? thanks in advance.
  4. I agree elevator needs a bit more work
  5. Chris...thank you very much!

    After months of unbearable anger about stutters (up to 4 sec.) within CHPROX I found accidentally your suggestions re BGLs...and Halleluja...it worked out perfect. No stutters anymore!

    Thanks again!

    Best Regards


  6. Most probably the fuel Planet saved settings file is broken. If you delete it, it will be rebuilt at next fuelplaner start.
  7. Do you use FSUIPC? If yes, it would be worth to delete the profile to rule out any issue with it.
  8. As stated. The reversers still operate on a C/D aircraft. This is not the case on the real thing.
  9. thanks guys, huge improvement from before, elevator still a bit unstable like was mentioned, but flyable at least. Maybe tweak elevator a bit more.
  10. We do think that will be possible soon. It is fully webstandards after all, we just did not have time to look into it.
  11. Thank you for your reply and for looking into it.
  12. No problem. I can wait and use the charts on ipad as I usually do. Btw, can you connect your Ipad to the EFB instead of the MCDU as previously?
  13. Rolf just inserted a fix to the file system that we will share later today, that we will remove the need for the work around.
  14. This was better. Still find it a bit unstable on the elevator axis, but overall a big improvement!
  15. Schau mal unter dem Glareshield nach. Auf meinem Bild ist es der rechte Kreis. Wolfgang
  16. Had the same this morning. Kind Regards Patrick
  17. Thank you sir! I look forward to it. It appears to be an excellent aircraft.
  18. Please add/change the two adjustments in the manual of the A333. Weather Radar: Change brightness. Manual still shows the picture of A318-A321. On the A333 the rotary switch is elsewhere. VIEW FOCUS: Missing entry If activated, the views are automatically changed with every step in the checklist. Wolfgang
  19. Okay I discussed it with Hans who made the tool and he has no idea, perhaps the files will give him some direction.
  20. I think I will try MCO - ZRH in the Edelweiss variant. Used to live near SFB years ago and remember them operating from there. Though I flew the 320 in real life I thought I'd refer to the step-by-step guide in Vol. 6 of the documentation. Only there isn't one... Is this document forthcoming?
  21. Could you please take a screeshot with all displays (PFD ND) and the FCU showing up and we'll take a quick look.
  22. This is the correct section. You mean the sim does not pause?
  23. Thanks Mathijs, if that is “normal” then no issue, there is nothing for me to hunt down and solve.
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