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  2. Hi Yoda1976! As I told you before: Some of your "cosmetic" addons REX, ENVTEX you told about causes this. And you did tell too, that you installed the sim, the aircraft and those addons anew. This of course then restores the old faulty state again too. Some of those addons change stuff, they should keep the fingers away from: default content installed by the sim´s installer which is used widely by other addons too. The same folder for the A320 package I have to make first. The FX files generating the final effect on display consist of a texture base for the visual stuff (f.ex. fx_2.bmp) and a *.fx configuration-file that contains parameters on how to use this map and how it should act as active light. Both have to be changed and that for several effects. But its now on the to do list here, parallely to the planned update for the A330.
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  4. i un-installed all of my airbus products and re-installed them again. I followed the Aerosoft guide and initially everything seemed fine. However I attempted to load up a flight in the A330 from Seattle and as soon as I loaded it up my keystrokes on my HOTAS Warthog stick and throttle were reset again. This is extremely annoying because every time I fly this plane I have to go and reset all of my buttons and axis', which takes forever! Please if you are having these issues or know the cause let me know.
  5. The error cited with with DirectX. That isn't made by Aerosoft, so in this case we're unable to assist you with your disappointment my friend, but you could contact Microsoft.
  6. Interesting. Can I ask why this plane has speed issues with asn and others dont? Im looking for a fix for the same issue with increased speeds on approach and then it slows down again on final. Im curious if this fix will also fix the issue we are having. Curious to know why asn causes this. Also what affect does making these changes in asn have with other addons such as rex sky force etc etc that work with asn.
  7. I've experienced nothing but the same issue with the A330.. quite disappointing. I have no other issues with any addons
  8. I have only experienced this crash with the Aerosoft Airbus A330X
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  10. The update is available at this address: https://inibuilds.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/dynamic-lighting/Europe/Italy/iniB LIMJ DL.zip Make sure to reload the effects library and have copy replaced
  11. I also was thinking there was a problem with the NavData.ini file, here it is: useNavDataPro=0 x86PathNavDataPro=Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\NavdataPro\ x86PathNavigraph=Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph\ x64PathNavDataPro=A3XX NavData\ x64PathNavigraph=A3XX Navigraph\ Is there anything that needs to change?
  12. Thanks again I will try the file and redo the flight . I did read the manual that was a long time ago, so i will read it again as a refresher Pierre
  13. I understand, but just to clarify, D:\ is a hardrive. If the problem is onedrive regardless, please reply and I will disable it. Thank you.
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. Right, but you should be able to download the driver from the Internet. Best wishes!
  16. ok the other surprise, or may not be seen that you must have the extension ... The placement of VDGS SODE
  17. You should never have this folder located there. Do you have One Drive active? If so, that's the problem, shut it down your software is being installed to the cloud and you're computer can't access it via P3D/Addons.
  18. Du solltest die FS2Crew RAAS deinstallieren. Dann würde ich diese Datei in einem Ordner außerhalb vom FSX entpacken. zb. C:\MyFSRAAS Dort findest Du eine ReadMe.txt mit der Installationsanleitung. In Kurzform, FSUIPC 4.9x muss installiert sein. Ich denke die Freeware Version reicht aus. Vor dem Start vom FSX muss aus dem C:\MyFSRAAS Ordner die FsRaas20.exe zuerst gestartet und danach den FSX Falls noch nicht installiert, hier der Link zu FSUIPC http://www.fsuipc.com/ die _FSX Version_! aussuchen. Im ZIP befindet sich ein Installer und "als Administrator" ausführen lassen. Registrationsnummer, falls nicht vorhanden, überspringen -> FreewareVersion Übrigens, unter Windows 10 den FSX immer "als Administrator" ausführen lassen und am besten nicht unter C:\Programme (x86)\… installieren! Besser unter C:\FSX C:\Programme ist ein geschützter Windows Bereich. mit dem der FSX zumeist nicht so richtig klar kommt. Auch UAC würde ich, falls es Deinem Sicherheitsempfinden nicht stört, abschalten und dem Virusscanner Ausnahmen für den FSX vereinbaren. Falls Du im obigen Absatz was korrigieren musstest, dann würde ich dem FS2Crew nochmals eine Chance geben. Mehr kann ich Dir im Moment nicht sagen, ich habe weder den FSX noch den FreeRAAS Ahoj -Uwe PS. Du weißt wie man "als Administrator ausführen" auswählt und dauerhaft vereinbart ? PPS. eventuell kann man den FsRaas20 auch über das exe.xml im FSX registrieren, so das es automatisch immer mit aufstartet. Mit SimStarter NG geht dieses auf alle Fälle.
  19. Yes, that's where you put it, and then enable it inside of ActiveSky Options and then the User Presets tab. That may be because you never set up the values. Our file will do that for you. I also suggest spending some time reading the ActiveSky User Manual... it's helpful to understand the software you are using and relying on. Best wishes!
  20. The installation path in my root P3D is: D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 These are where the Aerosoft and Airbus files are. I installed the Navdata to 3 locations and none of them worked: D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph C:\Users\*user name*\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData C:\Users\*user name*\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph
  21. What is the full installation path of your Airbus files? And what is the full path on the Navigraph FMS Data manager to install the navdata to?
  22. Die Werte, die der Schubhebel bringen muss 0 = Vollgas (bei Dir ok) 16383 = Leerlauf (bei Dir 255 ist falsch) gehe nochmals unter Windows Kalibrierung mit Raw Data anzeigen. Diese obigen Werte muss der Joystick für die Z Achse bringen. Eventuell auch ein Reset (auf Standard zurücksetzen) auslösen. Der Status vom Joystick muss auch auf OK stehen. Ahoj -Uwe
  23. Thanks, for you and every pilot in VR and RL a Happy New Year as well 🙂 I hope to see you in 2020 beginning with photoreal sceneries. You will enjoy it very much as I suppose 🙂
  24. I just installed the Navigraph nav data for the Airbus A320 in P3D v4.3, and the data hasn't loaded. Please help, I've tried multiple methods and have installed the data in the A3XX Navdata, A3XX Navigraph and the Airbus Fallback folder in P3D Root. I've edited the NavData.ini file, and set up the A3XX Configurator to accept Navigraph data but nothing's working.
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