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  2. That is not a forum post but the file download. That can't be moved from the download area of the page into some forum topic. You can of course always post a link to your download into the repaint request topic.
  3. i'm having a Medium of FPS arround 40 (3 points up/down) but every approach i do, the fps goes down to 26~32 and the plane gets a bit bad on control... comparing to the A320(21,19,18) the FPS stays about 9~13 fps lower in A330. My Specs is: Intel i7 6th gen Nvidea GTX 1070 16GB RAM with a SSD 240gb running at full hd medium to low config of the sim! i guess if you guys put an option to turn off the EFB could give us a few fps. As well as the outside texture, the reflexion could be opitional, this way, we can get a few more frames
  4. Hier kommt der Link für das Update V3.06. 😉
  5. Hi, sorry, didn't quite understand the concept, please can you explain via video and send it to Much appreciated, thanks!
  6. Small request to mods to move this post to the Aerosoft A330 Professional Repaints section please: Thanks a lot!
  7. I have no idea what source Aerosoft has used for its performance calculations. FlySmart is Airbus’s own performance tool. It’s not available to the public - if it were, it would cost many, many thousands of £/€/$. It is the basis on which all of our aircraft get airborne every day. As a current A330/340 pilot, I use it on every flight and obviously have to rely on its accuracy - we do not carry paper performance charts.
  8. Super. Danke für die Schnelle Hilfe
  9. Yeah turned the views off again and restarted sim, works fine
  10. how do I find the cockpit lights when I/'m in this situation? it's there somewhere!
  11. Is working fine for me as well. Have you set external view settings yet?
  12. Mal doof gefragt: Wo gibts denn die 3.06? Mein letztes Update war die 3.03 irgendwo hier im Forum.
  13. Ich rate dir erst auf den Standard für Logitech Extreme 3D zurückzusetzen, dann zu kalibrieren. Damit bekommst du meine Zuordnung im obigen Bild. Die Pfeile für Hoch und Seitwärts sind irreführend, die Texte stimmen allerdings.
  14. Neben dem View System musst Du auch den View Focus auschalten, wenn Du nicht willst, dass die View zu dem Element der aktuellen Checkliste springt.
  15. I have FSX SP2 and downloaded v2.1. Also noticed problem with v2.0. Only happens with this product. When I load the aircraft in cold/dark at a parking spot, the whole scenery vibrates very slightly and the aircraft very slowly creeps forward. Parking brake is set and I even actuated Aux Hydraulics but no joy. The movement causes my INS not to align and I get error code. Also interferes with GSX as the plane moves away from the stairs and service trucks. I have I7 7700 and my frame rates are usually 80-100 but I lock at 35 fps to avoid any loading stutters. I have tried placing the aircraft at different airports and same result. I use ASN but set the winds to zero and still I have the vibrations affecting the entire scenery when I have the plane loaded. When I switch to another aircraft, the problem disappears. This first occurred with v2.0 but upgrading to v2.1 still has same issue. I have the US-tools showing active in my tool bar but when I pull up the interface to check it requests me to sign in. Is this an additional requirement upon installation? Do I use my aerosoft credentials or do I have to set up a new registration just for that product? Could that be the issue that is causing the jerky vibrations? Please advise
  16. Perhaps the air hostess and her "activity" as an expansion pack in case she forgets the coffee
  17. Folgendes Problem ist bei mir aufgetreten. Ich benutze P3dv4.5 mit Chaseplane und den Aerosoft A330. Wenn ich im Cockpit des A330 bin und mit Chaseplane die VC Sicht eingestellt habe, hüpft mir die Sicht plötzlich auf eine Panelansicht die von Aerosoft mitgeliefert wurde und links oben Eingestellt werden kann. Gehe ich dann zurück auf die VC Sicht von Chaseplane dauert es nicht lange und ich habe plötzlich wieder irgendeine Panelansicht vor mir. Das ist sehr nervig wenn die Sichten Herumhüpfen. Hat jemand das Gleiche Problem bzw. an was kann es liegen. Bei den A319/320 habe ich das Problem nicht.
  18. Hello! A fictional HAWAIIAN A330 please! thank you
  19. Today
  20. Hier ein Bild meiner Einstellung, wo du die Vertauschung deiner Achsen erkennen kannst.
  21. Isn't retirement fun? Great to see you repaint again, Steve.
  22. Hi all, Just like to say thank you for a brilliant new aircraft type in the sim its truly amazing, just one thing though, Chaseplane seems to work fine inside the flight deck but does not seem to want to work at all on exterior views, ive turned off the view settings in the MCDU and still no luck, any ideas? Cheers
  23. phlpeo


    the FUEL Pred page is correct .
  24. Hallo Habe mir die Tolles a319 gekauft und bin sehr begeistert von diesem Flieger Sehr gute Freamrate uns Systemtiefe. Im 3D Cokpit funktioniert jeder Schalter mit der Maus ebenso in der VR Ansicht mit der Oculus Rift S Das Problem ist das mit den Oculus Controller nichts zu bedienen geht, weder Schalter noch Drehregler. In einigen YouTube Videos ist zu wie alles mit den Controller bedient wird. Gibt es da villeicht noch irgend eine Einstellung dazu ? Besten Dank im voraus
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