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  2. Sorry, did not know. Done -:) Made sure running with admin rights. No change Will look further into it today Johan
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  6. Hello Rene, do you have the fonts with the X-Plane 11 menu changed? This can be the reason. Menu - Settings - Graphics - user Interface Size. Set it to 100% And be sure that your Monitor Settings are ok. With Full Screen the Resolution must match the Monitor Data.... Greets Heinz
  7. Genau, aber da es beim A333 ja das EFB gibt, übernehme nicht den gesamten Sichten Abschnitt. Wichtig sind nur: InitialZoom = InitialXyz = InitialPbh = Wolfgang
  8. Hi All, I too experienced this bug yesterday - initially with GSX2, but then with manual re-refuelling - interestingly I noticed with GSX2 that once the aircraft was fuelled, that I got a second fuel truck, although it didn't actually add any fuel, that is when the RefuelG stuck on the display. Had a 2 great first flights yesterday though with the A330, even if my landings were over 500fpm due to the weight! ;)
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  10. TheFl4me

    A330 EFOB

    Hi @DaveCT2003, we are having multiple reports like this as well within our VA on the 330 v1.0.0.2. (The EFOB is indicating way too low of a value). I personally also experienced this myself last night on a flight from LSZH to ZBAA. For 90% of the flight the EFOB said I would arrive with 0.4-1.0t of fuel left (Simbrief predicted 9ish tonnes). I followed the flightplan down to the letter(CI, step climbs, departure time etc...). As mentioned above the value start shooting upward once I got within a 1h range of the airport, by the time I landed th EFOB value was at 8t which coincided with the actual fuel amount I landed with. I understand that these values fluctuate based on WX forecasts, winds, etc... however I find it very hard to believe that they would fluctuate this muchIRL,.We also have quite a few real world 320 pilots in our VA (granted, no 330 pilots) who confirm that this is way too big of a fluctuation. Kind Regards EDIT: I forgot to mention that I was also using Active Sky live weather and it was correctly imported into the Wind Data Link in the MCDU.
  11. Hallo liebe Flusi Freunde, vielleicht könnt Ihr mir helfen... Bei meiner PMDGG 737.800 zeigt mir mein HSI Display die Flugroute weit versetzt an. Der Strich müsste eigentlich gerade sein, wenn das Flugzeug die Route abfliegt... Was kann dass sein? Liebe Grüße Sascha
  12. I know Hawaiian doesnt operate the -300 but it would look really nice.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Hi everyone ! How is it possible to get a view on the tiller on captain`s side ? The view to the tiller is covered through the EFB-Panel and clicking the tiller on and off for using it is not possible. Is there a possibility to move the EFB-Panel away ? I couldn`t find any solution into the documentation. Cheers gwdoc
  15. Its just the same Bob. Reason for not using managed mode is just another issue - I get a constant SPEED, SPEED warning. Best regards JJ
  16. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  17. Hi Rob, I hope you saw my answer, and I think your problem is solved now. If not, please let me know! Best, Marius
  18. Running on P3Dv4 and nosewheel steering does not animate. Aeroplane turns ok but nosewheel doesnt move from straight. Is it me, have I missed something? TIA Lee
  19. Dear Support Team, Dear Heinz, I have bought A320U two days ago, but am not able to run it. XPlane 11 starts up, I can select the airplane and it will load, but none of the panels are functioning... there is a general mouse pointer, no switches respond, the MCDU will only return a clickable sound, but nothing happens. Also, when trying to get into the normal menu of xplane, this shows up mid-screen and is not usable. I have followed the install instructions to the letter, have given 'permission' to XPlane and have ensured the correct sharing and access permissions. The install is on a iMac Pro (MacOS: 10.14.6), 64Gb Memory and 16Gb GPU. Hope we can get this plane to work. Kind regards, Rene
  20. Actually I did get it working yesterday with the A3XXConnectPro_A318A319.exe, albeit a bit funny, it didn't work consistantly and the MCDU was misaligned with the LSKs. No worries 🙂 I'm happy with how the A330 performs right now, great bird to fly with! These small issues will be ironed out eventually I hope.
  21. Hi again, Thank you for your express reply my friend, happened before taxiing and while fuel track was refueling. Georgios
  22. Finally, I reached to conclusion of the problem. I done clean install of P3d4, A330 re-installed and updated to ver All other related windows, graphic card drivers updated. No more CTD anymore with changing view. But still, there in one problem. While ATC text window open and change view from VC to external, it cause 100% P3d hungs. Not CTD but hung(Freeze). Cannot play anymore. Without ATC window open, everything goes OK. Any help? Yuki
  23. lao

    Engine Throttle

    When I startup engine up in Airbus 330 in window mode everything run fine, but if I startup in VR mode the engine startup but not in full power and the and the throttle not connect to engine, I use Aerosoft Airbus 318/319/320/321 without no problem in both mode.
  24. George, We will have to have more information my friend. When did you experience the CTD and under what specific conditions in P3D? Would you pleasr reboot your computer, then download and run the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool and take screen shots of any errors and fixes it finds, then post those screen shots here? You can take screen shots in Windows 19 If you need to take a screen shot, please see THIS WEBSITE. We are looking forward to hearing back from you!
  25. Hello Randy, and welcome to our forums! Sorry to hear you're experiencing a problem. You shouldn't see any erratic behavior or anything else which needs smoothing on the Speed Tape. Would you please share the following System Specs? Desktop or Laptop? Processor Type? Turbo Mode Active? Hyper Threading Active? Overclocked? Speed? Graphics Card Type/Model? GPU Overclocked? Speed? Memory (RAM) Size? Prepar3d Version (Example: P3D Would you please describe exactly what you are experiencing and under what specific conditions? Something like this is going to be a serious and questions and answers as we try to imagine what you're seeing/experiencing, so if at all possible, would you please also provide a short video of what you're experiencing? If you need a good, free and easy to use program to setup and use for capturing video then you may wish to try Open Broadcaster Studio (streaming software which also has an excellentand very easy to use video recorder). If you need a hand setting it up. someone over on the Aerosoft Online Flight Sim Community Discord (Voice) Server Server might be able to give you a hand. In addition to capturing the speed tape in the video, would you please also capture (zoomed in) a few seconds each of the Primary Flight Display (PFD), Navigation Display (ND), MDCU with the Flight Plan showing, Flight Control Unit (FCU, in a Boeing this would be called the MCP), and the Upper and Lower ECAM displays? We're basically looking for a few seconds recording zoomed on each display in the aircraft excect the First Officer's displays. Looking forward to hearing back from you!
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