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    Loss of power

    I notice the cause being that the APU Generator needs to be manually activated prior to APU activation. While I'm at it, I also do not hear a thump (like the other Airbusses) when the door(s) is / are closed. Instead of the thump sound, I get the start of a sound similar to when testing the fire alarms. The latter sound is repeated whilst the virtual pilot goes through some of the other checklist items. Just an observation... Note - I upgraded yesterday from version to P3Dv4.5 ver. (full installation) Herman
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  4. The link is broken. Can you please reupload the file again?
  5. Thank you, Tom, for your answer. No luck so far to get it... Crossing my fingers !
  6. The version is a complete new installer which you can download from the store from where you purchased LGSA. All shops have of course been provided with the new version.
  7. Never mind folks. I got it to work. Had to delete old PFPX shortcut and make new one. Now I see the current version.
  8. Approach Airport Chania, named after the Crete resistance fighter “Ioannis Daskalogiannis”, now in XPlane 11! The international airport is located on the Akrotiri peninsula that is part of the island of Crete in southern Greece. The scenery offers a highly realistic flight experience thanks to high-resolution ground textures and high detailed 3d objects and buildings. A customized, high-resolution mesh, PBR ground textures, animated vehicles as well as change of seasons bring the airport and its surroundings to life. This add-on is also compatible with ORBX TrueEarth, ORBX TerraFlora and the Scenery Animation Manager. Features: High detailed ground textures and runway - taxiway lines including the new apron parking positions and lines modified in summer 2018 High detailed 3d objects & buildings including the new terminal building completed in 2018 Custom static aircrafts according to real world service HDR lighting including detailed 3d taxi and runway lighting Animated vehicles in the apron area Animated marshaller (SAM required) Custom mesh for unique elevation including sloped runway (Ortho4XP patch included) PBR ground textures HD vegetation and grass Custom Color & Season Adjustments (SAMv2 Plugin required): ORBX TrueEarth (Vegetation) ORBX TerraFlora (Vegetation) SAM Seasons (Vegetation + Orthophoto) Ortho4XP (Vegetation) SFD Global (Vegetation + Orthophoto) System requirements: XPlane 11 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8 / 10 (64bit), Linux or macOS 10.10+ Processor: Dual Core CPU with 3.0 GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics card: 1 GB, DirectX 11
  9. Hello all, Wanted to know how to update to V2.03. Now, I uninstalled the previous version, 1.26. Restarted my PC, installed what appeared to be the AS_PFPX_V203 from where I purchased PFPX. Restarted my PC after installation and started PFPX. I checked the configuration settings within PFPX and under the program version, it says the following which I saw before uninstalling V1.26: Installed version: 1.26 with yellow triangle with black explanation mark inside. Available version: 1.28 Automatically check for update: with check mark inside the box Hmmm..... not sure what happened but I tried looking around for solutions. Any help would be great. Thanks. Brgds
  10. Thanks to this I managed to find that I had duplicate files for ENGM. I turned on of them to "off" and now it works like a charm! Thanks "data63"
  11. Unlike the A320/A321, I can't adjust the glareshield brightness or turn on/of fusing the knob as shown, the FCU Brightness adjusts works fine when turning the appropriate knob. Is this a bug or not modelled in th A330 Steve
  12. Ah, it must be it then, thank you...I had read that topic, but I guess I forgot what its content was...sorry. Bruno.
  13. The sim ATIS is reporting the unused crosswind runways in use implemented in the scenery. With calm winds it is likely any runway would be used, I don't see issues here otherwise. Static jetways only were implemented and GSX cannot replace them automatically.
  14. Hi Manwlo, this update is not available through the AS updater so far. Can you confirm you send it to PC aviator so that I can download the latest full installer ? Thank you in advance for your support. Best regards, Francois
  15. I have the same problem with an annual sub to navdatapro. the only reason I bought this plane was this feature that doesn't work ! I entered the login information in the options menu with DAVE and hit save options. Then as soon as I click Charts I get CTD and repeat and same thing. Tried rebooting and try again and as soon as I hit Charts I get CTD. everything else works with the aircraft as long as you don't click on the charts option. Very frustrating for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please advise when there is a fix for this problem that I am not the only one suffering from.
  16. I am guessing you have run into the issue mentioned the the topic linked below. Newer version of MkRwy began reporting elevation as a floating point (e.g. 922.26 in stead 922). Version 1.14 of FV and previous expected this to be an integer value and simply removed all non-numeric chars so "922.26" feet becomes "92226" feet. The leg search will exclude all results outside the limits of the criteria. As I recall these criteria limit the max elevation to 20000 feet, and since 92226 is greater, all flights to/from this airport will be excluded (hence why they are "missing"). Version 1.15 will fix this issue, however in the meantime you will have to revert to an older version of MkRwy, and have it generate the files once more.
  17. jrotaetxe


    Olá Will Pode esclarecer a qué coisa se refer quando fala de "ticket""? Os fornecedores de vento sao, usualmente, os aplicativos de meteo, ex. Active Sky etc. Cumprimentos
  18. Call me old fashion, but I don't care for GPS. I'm looking for something that has utility in a /A configuration for X-Plane. There is a popular /A C172 I enjoy, but that's a trainer aircraft. I was hoping there was a larger...182, 206, 210, etc..or light twin in existence that do not have GPS. Carenado loves putting a 530 AND a 430 in their light singles. I don't know why. I can't just turn off the GPS since they are NAV/COMS and I need them for their radio tuners. So I do my best to ignore them, but it's difficult to not get a glimpse at them and they give you situational awareness I'd rather not have. It's more fun to me to try figure things out without a glass screen telling you where everything is around you.
  19. Does anyone know of the black box a330/40 are similar to the aerosoft airbus? Or any other that are similar? For FSX or p3d it doesn’t matter I ask because I have been flying the aerosoft ones and been enjoying them and I would mind flying something bigger for those longer routes, but I want to try and learn a PMDG or something as I only just learned the aerosoft.
  20. Kann ich nicht bestätigen, bei mir fliegen die Wilcos Airbusse Vol 1 und 2 unter Win10 64bit ohne Probleme.
  21. Hello everyone, I purchased and installed Mega Airport Helsinki yesterday, but when I launch the ATIS at this airport, this happens (picture), it makes absolutely non-sense Can you help me to fix that ? Every AI plane lands at any runways, without taking care at the winds direction And last answer, how can I make the jetways move with GSX and SODE ? Because all the jetways are statics and in the GSX airport position menu, there are no jetways at all Thank you, and good day ^^
  22. Unfortunately limit my frames through the Nvidia control panel made my FPS much worse. It will not go over 20FPS with that turned on. As far as the MSAA over SSAA, my frames remain the same regardless. I will keep experimenting more and see what I come up with. I appreciate the help though!
  23. please guys, any painters can do it please??
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. So the goal is to eliminate wild fps fluctuations. The latest nvidia driver has a frame limit setting. If your screen refresh is 60hz I would recommend setting in the nvidia control panel to a limit of 30 fps. Then in P3D settings, turn vsync on, but set frame rate to unlimited. I would not use P3D's frame limiter (other than to set it to "unlimited"), as that gives you the lower results you saw. Verify that your sim is topping out at 30 fps (and a smooth stutter-free 30 fps it should be) using SHIFT-Z to display the fps counter. A word about SSAA...I would not run SSAA at night. At present SSAA just doesn't play well with HDR. Maybe if you have an RTX2080ti that is not an issue, but it's definitely still an issue on my 1080ti, and I'm sure on your GTX1070 as well.
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