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  2. nun habe ich wieder einen Versuch gestartet und 38full neu installiert und .17 dazu installiert. Aber das Tablet zeigt die selben Probleme wie oben beschrieben, was ist den da bei meiner Installation los. Ich weiß jetzt wirklich nicht mehr weiter. Irgendwo ist da der Wurm drin. Sch…………….
  3. A330 Austrian Airlines Livery Texture Request... Thanks
  4. Hi The same file works for me as for the A318-A320. in fact A3XXConnectPro_A318A319.exe greetings and happy sunday Stephan
  5. As said earlier on this topic, the A330 RR engines are powerful and the aircraft will taxi forward with idle thrust especially at lighter weights. This is completely normal. As for the throttles not responding are you using simStarter by any chance?
  6. @Sabretooth78do you have by any chance FSUIPC autosaves enabled? If so, when you next time see the speed to drop, post the autosave files that you have taken before the speed dropped and test if it happens again at the same point with the saved flight. If so post us here the saved files and let us know exactly where it happens and we'll try to fix the case. We believe we have been able to solve most of these conditions but there are still few out there which will come out by trial and error. Did you follow the tutorial flight? Set thrust levers from TOGA/FLEX to CLB, retract your gear and flaps on schedule, altitude and speed in managed mode etc..
  7. You seem to have these small stutters where your simulator fps drops below 18 that probably causes this issue. So you would need to try to get rid of these stutters first.
  8. You cannot really make conclusions that because other aircraft works it would not be a Windows issue. In most cases kernelbase.dll errors are indeed a Windows issue and very hard to track down. Also it might only happen in certain conditions for example when flying with our A330 but only because there is something wrong on your Windows system. Things that you could try to solve this: Reinstall A330 Reinstall P3D 4.5 HF2 client Make sure that you are on the latest Windows 10 Update Make sure that you are on the latest VC++ Redistributable files Make sure that you are on the latest Grahpics drivers Check all other drivers and that they are up to date as well.
  9. Hallo Thomas, alle Anfragen dieser Art können in den folgenden Topic gestellt werden: Und bitte für die Zukunft: EIN Topic für eine Frage reicht. Es ist nicht notwendig DREI Topics aufzumachen. Ich lösche Deine anderen beiden Topics daher wieder.
  10. Right click on the prepar3d.exe, poperties, details tab and tell us the number in the line product version
  11. The FBW/AP requires a minimum FPS (18). Else it tends to go crazy.
  12. Not that I recall..wind turbulence is 100 , Cloud is off But this tends to happen when the sim freezes (FPS) to less than 10fps....I don't know why it does or what is causing it
  13. mopperle

    A330 EFB

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Hello 1.Greetings I own PMDG 737 and with them I will complete the flight always. 2.I have a new PC purchased over the summer this year. 3.I run everything as an administrator.How do I know if I have hot fix2? 4.The update windows are the latest and the graphics drivers have been updated to the latest before the week. I was mistaken that this may be a problem but it did not help
  15. xBobo

    A330 EFB

    Thanks, you can close this topic then.
  16. mopperle

    A330 EFB

    No this is not possible.
  17. xBobo

    A330 EFB

    Hi, is there a way to remove the EFB from A330 because I don’t use that EFB. Thank you
  18. During pushback with GSX, the wheels in the 330 gear spin/rotate the opposite way (forwards) and not the right way it should (backwards). Will this issue be fixed?
  19. Da ist noch das alte SAM V1 Plugin installiert. Könnte daran liegen. Installiere mal SAM V2 genau wie hier beschrieben. SAM V1 bitte vorher ganz entfernen. Auch aus dem Custom Scenery Ordner. SAM V2: Gruß Heinz
  20. Wie alle neuen Produkte, die für P3Dv4 gemacht wurden, unterstützt auch der Airbus die sogenannte add-on.xml Methode. D.h. du kannst solche addons in ein beliebiges Verzeichnis installieren. Am besten du erstellst ein Verzeichnis außerhalb von P3D, z.b. „ ...\P3D Addons“. In dieses Verzechnis installierst du all diese Addons. Bei der ersten Installation eines Aerosoft Addons merkt sich der Installer dieses Verzeichnis und bietet es bei der nächsten Installation wieder an. Die Nutzung verschiedener Verzeichnisse empfiehlt sich nicht und macht auch keinen Sinn.
  21. Hi, I try to update my Chania airport through the Aerosoft Updater but it seems the server is down?
  22. Here are new screenshots. A/P off at 1000ft AGL. GA was 100ft AGL. The semicopilot annunces "go aound, flaps" and thats it. At the second landing the GPWS conts normal until 50ft. The 50ft annunce was repeated until landing. The other annuncements (20, retard, 10, 5) came also and correct) regards Charly
  23. Reporting issues is not worthless itself and we appreciate people reporting these issues so that we can investigate. However in some cases we simply cannot recreate the issue with our testers and while the issue might be obvious to you, it does not mean that it happens to everyone. Describing the issue is very valuable but sometimes we just need extra information to investigate the issue further. And while it gives us better idea that the issue might be broader the more users report it, without the extra information we have requested it just keeps repeating what is already known and doesn't get us any closer finding the root cause of the issue. We would love to recreate the issue and have it fixed if there is indeed something wrong. But as I said, so far we have not seen this behaviour before so trying to recreate with trial and error is very inefficient and possible video and log files might give us better idea what is actually happening when the issue occurs so that we can recreate those conditions better. Thank you for understanding.
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