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  2. Hi Guys, when installing the latest Chania release (v1.0.2.0) I had the NDP auto install going on but, as offline, I can't find Chania charts anywhere like for all other AS airports... Any help would be appreciated ! TIA
  3. Hi Herman, I can confirm it happends when installing the A330 and it's a post in this forum with other info regarding this two identical entries. Marc
  4. No Tom, I created nothing. Even went so far as to see if there was a hidden file... Prior to the A333, I have not got a single Asian Airline on my system as I do not use that region. I personally think that perhaps someone left it there from your side though I would think that many others would have reported the identical issue. Remains a mystery but the most important thing is that it is solved. Herman
  5. So the question is who created that double entry? Maybe the FSFX setup you started a few minutes before the current version of the aircraft.cfg file was written the last time?
  6. I just located the culprit. Right at the bottom of the aircraft.cfg file Herman
  7. Mathijs, I again uninstalled the A333 and in accordance with advise from Mopperle did a fresh installation (as Admin and AV turned off) outside the P3Dv4 directory. I have again searched to contents re livery directories / aircraft. cfg file and I'm baffled as to what the cause is. Again, I get the same message regarding the same aircraft as reported earlier. Also got a message in respect of the C++ module when upgrading to I opted for the repair option as a precaution. Hope to hear further as it's becoming very frustrating... Never had these sort of issues with the baby busses! Herman
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  9. Hovern kannst du theoretisch in jeder Höhe, was aber letztlich durch die Motorleistung limitiert ist und demenstprechend vom Fluggerät abhängt. Siehe auch Schwebeflug. Je schneller du wirst desto mehr Auftrieb wird durch die Bewegung erzeugt (der Rotor funktioniert dann ähnlich wie ein normaler statischer Flugzeugflügel und produziert Auftrieb durch Geschwindigkeit) desto weniger lässt sich da von Hovern sprechen, die Geschwindigkeit bei der der Helikopter in den normalen Flug übergeht ist abhängig vom Modell (bei 60kt würde ich jetzt nicht mehr unbedingt unbedingt von Hovern sprechen).
  10. Hauer

    Loss of power

    That's fine, Dave. Thanks. Hope he has some nice fresh ideas / solutions when he returns... 😉 Herman
  11. DaveCT2003

    Loss of power

    Our developer (our Herman) is just finishing up a well deserved vacation, but he knows about this thread and he will respond just as soon as he returns. Likely just a day or two. Best wishes.
  12. The funny thing Mathijs is that I've been looking for it and cannot locate it. I looked in the aircraft cfg file and amongst the texture directories. When first installed, I had removed all Asian carriers as those do not interest me. Doing that previously solved it from repeating the message. Strange that a totally new installation of the product would reflect this message box. Herman
  13. As far as we know all that was solved in the last update.
  14. Well it is that module that moves the aircraft, so I suggest asking them for support.
  15. The error is pretty self explanatory. There are two files with the same aircraft name. I suggest removing the product and then manually deleting the product folder before re-installing.
  16. Hallo Klaus, im Moment fliege ich die Wilcos nicht mehr. Ich bin zu den Aerosoft Airbussen gewechselt und habe es bisher nicht bereut, vielleicht solltest Du auch diesen Schritt wagen. Nichtsdestotrotz habe ich gerade nochmals einen Wilco ohne Probleme laden und fliegen können. Ich kann Dir leider keine weiteren Hilfestellungen geben.
  17. Dear Aerosoft Team, Can you please advise why I get to see the following when installing the Airbus A330 product. I saw this when installing the product the first time and resolved it myself at the time by removing the livery. As I'm experiencing a number of issues with this aircraft, I decided to uninstall and again do a new download / installation. Installed as Admin and without anti-virus program active. Again, the same comment appears when activating P3Dv4.5 Please advise. Thank you / danke. Herman
  18. Okay, alles klar. Dann sind wir mit dem Thema durch, und der Heinz Fichtbeil (übrigens auch >60) kann den Beitrag in den Papierkorb befördern!! Gruß Hermann
  19. So your AFCAD does not contain crosswind runways ? That is where those spurious runways come from to control runway use and appear in ATIS.
  20. Hallöchen! Vor paar Tagen habe mir den Beech Premiere IA gekauft. Wollte damit anfangen in Vatsim zu fliegen und müsste fest stellen das es gar nicht geht mit diesen Flugzeug zu fliegen. Nämlich der Autopilot funktioniert nicht. Sobald ich ihn anschlte und NAV ebenfals ist dalles oke. Solange ich ALT nicht einschalte. Wenn ALT eingschaltet wird bleibt er aus 2000 ft und will nicht höcher. Hab schon alles probiert die Manuals gelesen und auf Youtube Videos geguckt wo andere fliegen aber trozdessen ist der gleiche Fehler jedes mal. Hat jemand viielleicht eine Lösung?
  21. Hermann, das ist keine Entschuldigung, ich bin ein 68er. 🤣🤣 Grüße Horst
  22. Ich sage nur: ü60!! Mein zweiter Vorname: Analog!
  23. I am not this stupid 😂 there is only three ru ways, at Helsinki 22L/R, 04L/R and 15 and 33, there are no unused runways implemented in the scenery I have the same « issue » whenever the wind isn’t calm, the weather does not influence the ATIS in this case, maybe I should have specified it. Wind calm or not, the ATIS says non-sense thanks for your reply, by the way ;)
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