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  2. ¿Qué versión de P3Dv4 y qué versión de Airbus utiliza?
  3. Habe ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie so gesehen. Welche Version von P3Dv4 und welche Version des Airbus verwendest du? Verwendest du irgendwelche shader tolsß
  4. The most important question for me is: Which preview topic in this forum will I check regularly in the future? The closure of this topic will sure leave a void in my life. Seriously, I want to congratulate the Aerosoft team for showing tenacity and passion throughout all these years of development. It probably wasn't the easiest of jobs defending themselves against all the criticism because development had to be put on a backburner in favour of the new A320 series or the previews showed what they were always meant to show: namely a work in progress, with all the corresponding flaws. I sure got a taste of all that criticism and sometimes plain vitriol when I read all those comments here or on other flightsimming sites while also defending Aerosoft against unjustified expressions of criticism myself. I think it will show that it was good to wait for an A330 that reflects the latest simming technology and new code. Even if I admit that it sometimes was disappointing for me as well to extend the time of waiting for another stretch of time. I love the A330 and while it wasn't meant to be to fly this Airbus parallel to a real-world flight in Air Berlin colours, I'm glad that I don't have to fly Boeing only anymore on my occasional long-distance flights. And an A330 in Lufthansa and Eurowings colours right from the start isn't too bad either. 😉 And if one day there'll be a A330-200 (or A330-300 with GE and PW engines) preview topic in this forum, I'll be glad to fill the aforementioned void in my life as well. 😉 So thank you, Aerosoft, for bringing this marvellous aircraft finally home - and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) future expansions to this product!
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  6. I'm having a problem similar to this: However, for me, when the ALIGN countdown gets to 0, it often does not change any of the screens (they remain RED). It mostly does, and that's fine - but I'm wondering if there is another way for it to this as I have to stop and restart P3D at the moment. In this pic, it is still counting down, and it worked, but not the time I tried it before). Fantastic aircraft, by the way. If you have a real one, can I try it for a day?
  7. Thank you very much for the explanation, Stephen! Apparently you are not only an expert on real-world flying. 😉
  8. Maybe there is an opening with MSFS2020 though? I have heard they have very good working relationship with Airbus.
  9. That still does not make it a political decision to use RR Trents for our product. That decision was 100% practical. Gents, Sunday 20:10 local, going for food for me, dogs, cats and horses, wine (for me and my wife) and some stupid TV. Don't expect any more replies from us today. Tomorrow we'll have the last fights over what files to include and what not, select what banners to put where, okay the product pages text and translations, make the last installers and test those on nine machines etc etc etc.
  10. Wow, some people must have looong evenings... relax guys, it won't be out before tomorrow noon central european time. Spend some time with your wife or girlfriend, they're likely going to miss you over the next days/weeks.
  11. Ja,INTEG LT ist eingeschaltet. Zwei Screenshots,einmal vor Cold and Dark,Beleuchtung funktioniert.Und einmal nach Cold and Dark start. Wie Du sehen kannst ist die Beleuchtung der Drehschalter im Instrumentenpanel dunkel.
  12. We have no plans for that at this moment. It is almost impossible to get the data we need for that. Airbus Industries is very very security minden about those. Same with the 350 and 380. Anybody who is doing an moderately realistic add-on for those either has cracked some iPads or is using interpreted data.
  13. Habe mir SAM 2.01 und das Addon SAM WorldJetways für X-Plane zugelegt. Sowohl unter Linux Mint 19.2 und Leap 15.von Opensuse stürzt X-Plane mit diesem plugin ab. Habe GLIBC _2.2.9 trotz Warnung nachinstalliert, auch damit läuft das SAM plugin nicht. Meldung an die Entwickler geht noch raus. Gruß Gerhard
  15. I think he meant more so that the airlines in Asia primarily use the RR variant as opposed to the others since those are American companies.
  16. Apparently the mapping between the TOWCG values and and the THS settings are not correct in Fuel Planner as well as the Steb-byStep Guide. Chapter 5.4 in Vol 6 (Step-by-Step Guide) shows the mapping for A319, which in fact is that of the A321, and vice versa. The Fuel Planner seems to have taken over the same swap. Selecting e.g. A319, the TOWCG translates in THS settings for the A321, and vice versa. This is the Trim Wheel for the A319, where the TOWCG value of 41 corresponds to DN 3: ... and this is the picture in the Step-by-Step Guide: Here the TOWCG 41 of the A319 is higher than DN 3.
  17. Uhhh? You suggest we choose the RR engine not because we had the best information on it, but because we are a European publisher and would for some reason want to hurt the US by not choosing US engine manufacturers? Give me a moment to dry my eyes before I assure you that that is not true. It is not true.
  18. I did my first flight today but unfortunately performance is really bad ,the previous crj was smooth with out stutters. i run all pmdg and labs addons with out any problems.is there any fix for this ,i tried disabling the FO display and still the stutter fest
  19. Hallo Heinz.. Ich habe die Funktion mit dem feststellen des Bugrades ausprobiert und ich habe die Empfindlichkeit des Joysticks geringer eingestellt. Hat alles nichts gebracht, ich habe mal ein paar Fotos meines Fliegers angehängt, ich hoffe man kann das Übel erkennen..Vielleicht sollte ich es doch als Bug melden, aber wenn ich der einzige mit dem Fehler bin, denk ich mir, muss es doch noch an etwas anderem liegen. Gruß Harry
  20. Hallo Wolfgang, nach meinem Usernamen sollte AppData kommen, bei mir nicht. Liegt es daran, daß ich den Flusi auf C:\FSX liegen habe ? Gruß Klaus
  21. I am sure you understand that this is the Aerosoft A330 Preview topic and no general discussion topic. You are of course free to open your own topic in the general discussion section of this forum. Thank you for your understanding.
  22. Hello I have a problem with the runway or with the ground in the Geneva Professional scenery. Depending on the angle of view, a second runway or a different ground structure appears. I installed Switzerland professional, ORBX Verctor/OpenLC Europe/Germany. At CH Prof I set the LSGG-BGL-File to off. I did not find an LSGG file on ORBX. Even a new installation didn't work. Maybe you know why. Best regards Joel
  23. I went ahead and answered my own question by looking at www.planespotters.net, going over each airline operating the A333 and reviewing relevant images to the airframes. I honest to go had no idea so many airlines sue the RR engine variant. Interestingly, the great majority are in Asia. Any ideas why? Is this a political decision because PW and GE are American companies?
  24. Chrome is fine, the browser in the A330 is crap on a cracker. But because it has to runs inside the sim there is not a lot that can be done. X_plane offers better options for that. We choose to use a web standard EFB because we believe the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will use web standards for many things, so we wanted to get some experience.
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