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  2. Probably one of my new most favourite liveries. Great job. As Finn pointed out there is just some textures missing at the engine inlets, pylons or the main gear wheels. Hope you could fix that. I'd be awesome.
  3. Please can someone make a Garuda Indonesia livery (1) and new Cathay Pacific (2) livery both with a bit of weathering so they don't look squeaky new Thank you 1. 2.
  5. I got it... Thank you. The new thing for me was that FSUIPC had to be selected also in EFB....Thank you Look forward to fly her.. Thanks all for your nice eager to help Jens
  6. I Know... I will look to see what I can do in the EFB.. Thank you. Jens
  7. You can install both at the same time. The only files they share are some fonts and these are identical.
  8. How do I use the CRJ manager in PRO ... its not there? Thank you for your help guys. Jens
  9. diese Daten findet man z.B. in den Airport Information des entsprechenden Flughafens. Beispiel für LSGG habe ich beigefügt!! Gruß Hermann
  10. I decided to do a "manual install" from Navigraph rather than the desktop manager and track down the location of the introduced files. The CRJ is actually loaded in C:\Program Files (x86) as are my Airbus Pro. The NavData for Airbus are located in User\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph. However, the manual install put the Navigraph data in C:\Program Files (x86)\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData. Now I will point to that location for future desktop updates and see what happens. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. I have just checked with the CRJ 1000 Pro of Air Nostrum in the GATE 43 of Manises Valencia LEVC and I have loaded a flight plan that I have created with SimBrief to Lisbon LPPT with alternative to Seville. At the moment it has been loaded in All correct without errors with Navigraph cards (Olympic Step already trying to use the NAVDATA Pro Charts) as can be seen in the Image.... Can I uninstall the previous version of CRJ 700/900, Will I have problems?
  12. In my case Webclient works but IOS does Not work. I Hope Aerosoft find the failure. I will use ist on my iPad (latest Version). Best Michael
  13. My friends, When he creates the new A330 Support Forum, I will ask Mathijs to also create a performance section for sharing data, profiles, and flight / fuel planning for Simbrief, PFPX and other tools (yeah, of course I know about "" n and other tools, some you guys may know and some you may not). Anyway, given this is a long haul aircraft it seems pretty important to have this as a sub-forum.... please let me know if you agree. Anyway, I spent considerable time developing and testing an Simbrief A330-343 profile which I'd like to share with you. Now, we're talking apples and oranges here, but I've been very happy with it. Since Simbrief does not yet allow for sharing of custom aircraft profiles (though I've written to my friend Derek about this and maybe we'll see this at some point in the future. Thankfully, creating an aircraft profile is very simple if you have the numbers and a little math skills, but since I've done the math all you guys have to do is create a new aircraft profile and use the numbers I've provided. I'll look to revise these numbers after I have a few more intermediate and long haul flights, but for now they should be fairly accurate for flights under 6 hours. I'll make sure this info is moved to the new A330 Support Forum when it's ready, but you guys might want to get a jump on things by creating your custom A330-343 Simbrief profile before release. Here you go:
  14. Bei mir geht der Webclient aber IOS App nicht. Schade, ich nutze nämlich nur die IOS App. Ich hoffe Aerosoft findet den Fehler. LG
  15. As the Navigraph FMS Data Manager can't know where you have installed the CRJ to, you need to help him a little bit (just like with many other add-ons). When adding the Aerosoft CRJ Professional to the add-on list you need to select it's installation folder. This is the folder, in which the "Aerosoft CRJ Professional" folder resides. If you have installed the CRJ into your Documents folder, this is the folder you need to select: C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\Aerosoft If you have installed the CRJ to some other folder, you need to select that folder of course. It is important that you select the "Aerosoft" folder, not the "Aerosoft CRJ Professional" folder which resides within the "Aerosoft" folder. That's all you need to do. Afterwards the Navigraph FMS Data Manager will work just fine.
  16. As you can see I have decided to update.......the AIRACs including the CRP Professional, crossing my fingers...... In the end I checked if it has been updated in the right place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? the AIRAC 1913, so it seems that it has. Now the question is, if you uninstall the previous CRJ 700/900, how can I use the CRJ Manager application for 550/700/900 if these in CRJ Professional do not have EFB.
  17. Hallo Zusammen, vielen Dank für die Rückmeldungen. Der Screenshot von Airway Pirat trifft es ganz gut. Die Information mit dem Höhenunterschied hatte ich bisher nicht. Dann muss ich mich für den Beitrag entschuldigen. Ich bin immer davon ausgegangen, dass eine Runway komplett eingeebnet ist. Wo findet man solche Informationen mit der Höhendifferenz der Runway? Danke und VG Itchy2
  18. Now this looks like one of those Airbus commercials! Amazing, very excited indeed.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1913 for best results. Updates for RAD Restrictions and Directs are cumulative. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: Route Charges (Dec 2019) Update: adpated Free Route Airspace Maastricht (FL245+) to 24/7 Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Prague group departures westbound via RAPET Frankfurt EDDF arrivals via RAPET EDGGFIR (e.g. EDDF, EDDK, EDDL, EDDS) departures via Vienna FIR/UIR Regards David
  20. Hi, I have the CRJ 700/900 installed in P3Dv4. How is the updated CRJ Professional installed? Just use the installer or remove the CRJ 700/900 first? There is no read me file for the installation. Thanks for help
  21. the only thing is that sessions is not installed, but this should not needet for the jetways. Have tried EGLL, EDDE and EDDV without success. download now the sessions to be 100% shure that it is not mandatory. but any other clues?
  22. Well it most decidedly is not working for me. Navigraph directs the data to FMS Data Manager\ [REGPATH]. Here there is a directory chain Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData\ that contains the folders [REGPATH] and PROC. [REGPATH] contains another Aerosoft CRJ Professional folder that in turn contains another Data folder which contains folder NavData (empty on my machine). The folder PROC contains a folder [REGPATH] which, in turn, contains another Aerosoft CRJ Professional folder that contains another Data folder that contains a NavData folder that contains another PROC folder that is in turn, empty. I have no idea where the putative Navigraph 1913 update went but it certainly did not update in the aircraft. I have a Matryoshka directory chain. Is this a unique situation or are others seeing similar results? Ron H
  23. With today's update, Navigraph's FMS Data Manager is supposed to support the CRJ. No more workaround needed. With the answer you've given me, it doesn't solve the question I've I repeat it. in C:\Users>Users>Documents\Aerosoft There's no folder... DATA. That is the one that you supposedly with the version of CRJ Professional, placed it in another place, and that supposedly when loading in the FMS the route, is where the ICAO of the Departure, Arrival and Alternative Airports are looked for, to be able to load SID, STAR, APP and other data as the FIX for example and data of ILS etc..... When a week ago and something, published the CRJ Professional observe that incongruence of location, I put a THREAD and you indicated to me that the CORRECT was the LAST that is to say this...>>> C:\USERS\<USER>\DOCUMENTS\AEROSOFT\AEROSOFT CRJ PROFESSIONAL\DATA and so I did it and updated the corresponding AIRAC in the DATA folder, from NAVIGRAPH, where there is the NAVDATA folder, and I checked in the CRJ in its FMS if it was updated to the LAST AIRAC, and so it was. the question I originally asked was, CRJ from your FMC will locate the AIRACs that are updated to what NAVIGRAPH is supposed to install, supposedly in the Documents\Aerosoft RAIZ? or you have to tell it again where to LOAD them for CRJ to read them correctly.
  24. ... die HTC Vive Cosmos ist etwas besser in der Auslösung, aber noch nicht so gut, dass ich es als "gut" bezeichnen könnte. Also kein großer Unterschied zwischen den beiden.... Werde jetzt die HP Reverb testen....
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