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  2. ANY view that chaseplane or any other view add-on can show can be replicated by just moving the viewpoint with the standard P3D command. So nothing special there. I made my view of the wingtip without any tool and without using any of the views of the viewbar.
  3. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Hi Mr. Kok I have tried the things you mentioned and no luck 😞 see the attached XML files. They look fine to me as_a330_prof.xml asupdater.xml
  5. As said, we'll have a look at it.
  6. We have only seen that problem when time was turned back in the sim. Is there anybody who can replicate this issue?
  7. You absolutely need the very latest P3D version.
  8. Hi I got the A330 yesterday and I have a problem wits the views. I am using ChasePlane and created some views inside the cockpit, but after some seconds inside the cockpit, the view jumps / changes outside the window... The view system inside the A330 I turned of. Is there a workaround? Erik
  9. Yes, that is very hard to avoid as systems are being configured for the state. We'll have a look at it but it has very low priority.
  10. I believe that is the problem, I did not have the mini buses installed prior to the A330 and installed them afterwards so producing the different fuel planner. Thank you for guidance on this one. @GBNLL @Secondator
  11. And is there an error shown on screen or in the Windows event log?
  12. The error suggest a problem with Direct X.
  13. Hi Mathijs, Fair enough, except in doing so, I don’t know whether I have a problem or not as he is basically Chief Beta Tester on the Forum and his screenshots are different to what I (and other users) see “out of the box”. So in trying to ascertain if I have an issue to report or not becomes inherently difficult. BTW, I love the product and what you have achieved but it is hard to baseline and report issues if “staff” are showcasing other than “out of the box”. Kind regards, Mark
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. There are no excuse because we bought a service and we must have a compensation. Aerosoft must be more professional.
  16. In Chase Plane you can share your configured views with the community. If you take a look on how many different "wing views" are already available there (2 days after release of the A330), some being in front of the wings, others above the wings and others behind the wings, there simply is no one wing view. Obviously everyone have an own preferred viewing position here, and what ever Aerosoft would pre-configure in their view system, it will never match the taste of all but just the taste of a few customers. So, if you are not happy with the view system the Airbus comes with, just get a tool like Chase Plane or EzDok and setup all views exactly 100% to your liking. Advantage would be: with these tools you can configure view set for EVERY other of your installed aircraft as well.
  17. Ahhh indeed the effects are in the model. So it could only be the bitmaps in the effects folders that might be replaced. Make sure those are default. Almost all light settings affect how these effect look. I can recreate what you see by setting a low brightness.
  18. ProperllerAviation, could you please take a screenshot where we can see all your displays when this is happening so we could better understand what FMA modes are active and that way get some ideas what might be going on. And just to make sure as well: Are you using simStarter? RoyalToto, we are aware that there is an issue with simStarter that causes that issue. It has to be resolved by the developer of simStarter which we are in contact with. So the solution right now is to stop using simStarter until the issue gets fixed there. And please don't hijack other topics, thanks..
  19. I am closing this issue as we are totally unable to find anybody else who sees it. Do report if there is more information though!
  20. I've also tested it and they are in sync on my system. So, it must be an individual problem.
  21. Keep in mind we had to select one layout and almost all airlines have different layouts. From 208 on most Air France models up to 335 on some Asian models.
  22. We have Fly by wire logic implemented in the smaller busses. Obviously the two aircraft are a bit different and will handle differently but both have FBW logic in them.
  23. Just tried it. Much better handling. Thank you very much for the hard work
  24. I don't think what you show is very abnormal, but indeed they seem dimmer than we plan it. Could be some add-on changed default effects files, unfortunately we seen a lot of that lately.
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