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  2. Martin, if you still need help, pm me and I will work with you.
  3. I have also experienced similar behavior in relatively gentle turns (20 degrees heading change or less).
  4. The most top indication is a EPR indication. EPR stands for engine pressure ratio. Simplified it compares the pressure in front of the engine (more precise: in the intake forward of the LP Fan) and at the aft (one of the most aft stations of the turbine). If the engine is not operating on ground it should reed 1.0 because the pressure in front and at the aft of the engine should be equal. RR Engines are normally EPR controlled engines (only changing to N1 which is the opposite way to indicate "Thrust" if engine mode is degraded).
  5. I would very much like the revised version.Because the operational delay is absolutely as bad as the EFB crash Thank you for your efforts and wish you and your family good health
  6. Hello guys, First of all, congratulations!! I am really a fan of FSLabs A320, but I have to say you make it! A330 is really a good product. It is far from AS A320. But, at my first flight I had a really annoying bug: the A330 maintained for a while the cruise level, but after some time the AP deviated the nose pitch up and down a lot of times with variations above 1000 feet from the planned FL, and unfortunately the overspeed was called one the cockpit and, of course, master warning was enabled. So, I followed the protocol for AP incoherences during high level flights from Airbus: disabled AP1, disable AT and maintained the nose pitch with some amount of thrust to reach stable flight. It was all ok until now. The plane became controlable. Then I switch ON the AT and then AP1. All switches of SPEED and ALT were in MANAGED MODE. Some minutes after......again the same problem. My A330 didn't follow the vertical profile as it was on CRUISE PAGE on FMS. On the Airbus checklist and on the FSLabs A320, after those actions above made, the AP would must act as it was for. But.....A330 didn't. So, I turned off P3D, reseted my computer and did the same flight, but without Active Sky and with CLEAR SKY with no turbulence.....So the A330 performed the flight correctly for about 30 min on the cruise level...then I stoped the flight. Then I've change the weather to Active Sky in real world conditions......and the problem came out again!! So.......probably this is how A330 AP's calculate the wind effect on the plane. Please, verify this issue cause I can't fly in real world whether conditions either with Active Sky or other selection except CLEAR SKIES. And.....of course......my P3D is 4.5 and all drivers were updated! No problem with no other add-on.
  7. Happened twice on the Tried restarting not only my sim, but my PC, and happened a second time. As soon as I click the flightaware tab on the EFB, I get a CTD After updating today to, it happened again. All 3 times I have clicked it, I crash.
  8. Thanks, I'm not aware of any settings related to animations in P3D? There is a setting for special effects, which I know impacts the strobes on one other aircraft, I have this set at full. The manual does not specify a setting for this that I can find. What effect files are used by the A330? I looked in the aircraft.cfg and did not see any entries for strobe effects files in the lighting section.
  9. The copilot does't stop say light on after take off. someone knows how can i fix this problem ??????
  10. You are most welcome my friend. Sorry I couldn't remember the actual name/term, but you have it! My friend Herman and I are the mid-watch here, we have you covered!
  11. Today
  12. Hi all, I have done additional flights and have noticed that there are no engine shut down sounds. Initially, I thought this was a virtual cockpit only issue but after shutting down the engines on my last flight and switching to external view, I have no shut down sounds whatsoever. Just silence. Is this a known issue yet? Edit: Odd, I checked the sounds folder and the files are there for what I believe are both internal and external sets. But in sim, once I shut down, its like the shutdown sounds aren't getting played?
  13. The issue has been fixed. Its a setting called : TAXI SPEED FIX on the Ezdok panel under effects. Apparently known issue.
  14. @Mathijs Kok . . . Hello... So I looked at some videos with the A330 and I'd like to rescind my concern about that engine display being at 1.000. it seems that this is modeled correctly. My concern is that in a heavy a/c the plane shouldn't roll that easily... it should require a little push and like Aviator1985 said after a while it should bleed off GS... however, you can counsel me/us on this ūüôā Thanks again for giving us a nice plane . . .
  15. Hallo, habe das Problem das bei mir das Boarding nicht funktioniert, egal ob ich mit GSX oder ohne GSX auswähle. Boarding blinkt nur die ganze zeit, aber die Pax zahl steht bei null. Das Cargo loading und refueling funktioniert einwandfrei. Vg Marcel
  16. Beautiful screenshots. Winter is very beautifully drawn!
  17. Na ja... du betreibst den XP11 auf einem ziemlich schwachen Rechner mit einer definitiv zu schwachen Grafikkarte und dabei zu hohen Settings (Objektregler ganz rechts) mit sehr leistungs- und vor allem speicherfordernden Addons (Ortho4xp, X-Europe), da ist dann der Flugspa√ü sicher nicht so gegeben wie auf einem angemessenen System oder bei angemessenen, das hei√üt zum System passenden, Settings und AddOns. Du hast scheinbar ja das Problem, dass dein Autogen immer beim Zielflughafen nicht dargestellt wird, sehe ich das richtig? Ist es auf dem ganzen Flug davor noch zu sehen? Wann genau passiert das und, ruckelt es kurz vor dem Verschwinden der Geb√§ude kurzzeitig sehr stark? Auf deinen Bildern sieht es auch so aus als sei die Autogen-Dichte das Problem, das sieht normal bei Objektregler am Limit nicht so aus - ist das m√∂glicherweise noch irgendein Tweaktool am Werkeln, dass dir da automatisiert das Autogen im Hintergrund runterdreht? Ich w√ľrde da mal eine frische Zweinstallation ohne jegliche AddOns machen und dann mit den unten gezeigten Settings und etwas reduzierter Texturaufl√∂sung (erstmal eine Stufe weiter links) testen ob das mit den Standardfliegern dann erstmal l√§uft. Danach packst du dann ein AddOn nach dem anderen rein und schaust bei welchem oder welcher Kombination das Problem dann wieder auftritt oder deine Leistung sehr stark nachl√§sst. Zur allgemeinen Leistungsoptimierung habe ich auch mal ein Tutorial geschrieben.
  18. Well, the plane was only made to be used in P3D V4.5 with the Hotfix 2.
  19. same issue for me when using the 330 on FSDreamteam scenery. (example KORD V2)
  20. I do apologize See the attached photo with the white circles. Hey bro, yes we have the same issue... I suspect it because the engine aren't spooling from 0, so as soon as you release the breaks it will move at idle. The only aircraft that I know as payware that does that - and based on what is said operates like that in the real world - is the QW787.
  21. Hello again Dave I followed your tip and went to investigate the options and test on FSUIPC, and you're right this particular Axis should be assigned to "Send Direct to FSUIPC calibration" and not like I had "Send to FS as normal Axis" Curious that on other planes it works. Ok The problem seems solved. Thanks again for your help. Herman Accept my apologies for carelessness
  22. Would be pretty nice to have clean and dirty options for all these repaints if possible
  23. Any news on the fix yet ?
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint inspired by the JET2 G-VYGL https://www.facebook.com/NNiSimulations/
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