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  2. Thanks for the report. It's known issue that the prediction UTC times are not always correct and we hope to get them fixed as we work through the issues with prediction functions.
  3. Richard, I am a retired computer engineer (mainframes to PCs and everything you can imagine in between) and I am formally trained in computer security and networking. The reason you have to disable computer security for vast majority of FSX/P3D addons is because they install to protected folders, folders you would not normally want to disable protection for in your computer security. If you search the Internet for the following phrase, you'll see that disabling computer security for FSX/P3D addons has been standard advice for the past 15 years. I know this, because I've been doing support for at least that long my friend. Search for either "FSX Disable Computer Security" or "P3D Disable Computer Security". It stands to reason that if you disable computer security for a software installation, that you would re-enable it after the installation is complete (one should not have to be told to do that), however I went the extra mile to ensure the procedure I provided included that step, so if your computer became infected then all I will say is... I'm truly sorry to hear that, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the instructions I provided, even if I didn't specifically say to re-enable your computer security (although I did). Best wishes my friend.
  4. We have seen this reported now few times. Please describe the full routing + runway, STAR, transition and VIA combination that you are trying to enter when the freeze happens. Also include the AIRAC cycle that you are using with the AIRAC provider (NavDataPro or Navigraph). Hopefully this way we can reproduce this issue and see what is actually causing the freeze with these in some cases.
  5. The Vspeed calculations needs still more work and we are hoping that we can utilise the EFB for that in the future. About the GSX loading incorrect Genter of Gravity. This issue is known and is under work as high priority item.
  6. Hello Pierre, Are you using any weather engine like Active Sky? Has this happened before or is it just one off that happened on this specific flight? This sounds very much like weather related issue where the outside conditions change unrealistically with turbulence, wind shift or temperature shift and the aircraft is not able to keep up with this change.
  7. Das hier ist kostenlos und unterstützt SAM Seasons: LOWI Demo Area Upgrade - FlyAgi.de
  8. AS Fuel Planner (after it has been corrected) 1. Select Advanced Mode, Set the PAX and Cargo, obtain the ZFW. SimBrief (Or alternative planner) 2. Create your flight plan, select the correct aircraft or aircraft profile, enter the ZFW from the AS Fuel Planner. Obtain Calculated Block/Takeoff Fuel. AS Fuel Planner (after it has been corrected) 3. Enter the Block/Takeoff Fuel in the Bottom Right under "Total". 4. Set your Takeoff Trim/CG 5. Select Generate Loadsheet In the Aircraft 6. In MCDU2(Smaller Buses) or MCDU3 (A330) Load/Fuel Page, select INIT LOADSHEET. Done.
  9. Ok Thanks, I hope we can get a normal view soon. Pierre
  10. Hi, This morning I was flying from LFPG to CYUL flight plan: ATRE3G ATREX UT225 VESAN UL613 SOVAT L613 SANDY L15 BIG UL9 STU N546 BAKUR DCT RESNO NATA RIKAL DCT QUBIS DCT VLV OMBRE6 when I reach waypoint Kenet on UL9, the aircraft start to slow down from .82 mach to as you can see on the picture .729 and it was still slowing down. I tried to use selected speed at .82, but the speed was still going down. I have tried to capture as much info I could, the picture was taken when I tried to use selected speed. Not sure what is going wrong Pierre
  11. Hi guys, Twenty years i waited for an EGNT Newcastle International Airport "PAYWARE VERSION ", Up here in the Northeast of England we tended to be overlooked on airport releases. the Londons , Manchesters ect ect being well catered for !. ( releases I own too ) So when EGNT was released by yourselves it was a no brainer ... reach for the payment card immediately ( admittedly bought through "Just flight" this time ). Then shock horror !! "NO PAPI LIGHTS !!! " this cant be true not from Aerosoft ?. Free ware versions have PAPI Lights !! check after check i made on comp scenery pack ini ect ect without a solution. Then i arrive here in search of solution and low and behold a "FIX" in the form of apt.dat file, Hoo-ray big smile,,, sadly a download/ repair which has since been blocked !!! Two months later after the first Post made by IanB3 there is still no Update , Fix or apt,dat file, to resolve the Papi lights issue. Am i looking in the wrong place is there a fix / update i can download somewhere ?? Aerosoft having been a customer with you for many years i truly am shocked you let this slip through the quality control, Still your testers did see and pass the approach lights ok, and gave us a runway centre line to aim for !!!! !!! !!! WOW Come on Aerosoft ...... keep up the standards please . Yours truly, dismayed, shocked and dis-appointed, Neville. ( EGNT )
  12. Die 2.01 brachte die Seasons auch nicht mit, die mussten da auch separat installiert werden.
  13. In addition to what Otto said, the problem you're having is that you hand flew the aircraft and turned it so many degrees that it required a Direct To a waypoint. On the MCDU you'd see that correctly as PPOS to whatever the next waypoint you command it to go to. The alternative is to select Heading Mode. It may have been a bug that you were able to get the AP turned on initially, but I suspect instead it's something we're not seeing as the video quality is very low and we can't read hardly any of the instruments so it's difficult to tell but I'll test it myself. So from what I'm seeing, this is pilot error.
  14. Joop, did you take a look at the link? There it is described what K, A and L variables are with links to their P3D SDK sections describing their usage. Prefixing them with ">" is simply used to set a variable. Vice versa, if it is not present, the variable will be read out.
  15. Hello, there is something new on the subject? Thanks
  16. Today
  17. Me too. Same Problem. If i close the Login form(without Login), EFB will Freeze and P3d 4.5 has a CTD. P3D 4.5 HF2 Win 10
  18. Moin, wie hier auch beschrieben: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141661-samv2-scenery-animation-manager-installation/ Gruß heinz
  19. Dave, sorry I had already entered another flight, and stuff from yesterday was gone. Now I know what you need so I'll try to get that at next problem. I am flying right now. If you want to see the Video it is the third one down on my channel, KEWR > EIDW 3:17. The break occurs around the 2:54 mark, up to that point it is solid.
  20. Just had this reply from FSDT. Can you shed any light on this please. "GSX works with 3rd party SODE jetways without any need to replace them. However, it's important they are specified correctly in their SODE XML name, if the names used for the parking spots in the SODE XML file don't match the names in the scenery AFCAD, they will work with SODE, but not with GSX."
  21. At 0:08 it is clearly visible, that the aircraft is not correctly configured: dashes beneath all waypoints in the flightplan.
  22. The A330 for X-Plane is by another developer and not by Aerosoft. There will not be a release for FSX.
  23. Hello, You have released the AIRBUS A330 PROFESSIONAL and the AIRBUS A330 XPLANE11. When will the AIRBUS A330 for FSX be released? Thanks for your feedback, Sincerely, François
  24. https://www.facebook.com/groups/534069540668364 The download link does change from time to time: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5mzg5962616ozc5/AAB4VCKTsTk-nDA-tRKBwjpPa?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR1qpSIO7F48WshruCGj0yhUQyYtXZCOG7jCO2xodNlvKS69JjDKKz0DLFo
  25. OK, mit Season library 101 Ist nun soweit alles repariert.
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