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  3. Falls Interesse besteht kann ich die XE3-Wälder zukünftig durch das neue SAM-Plugin steuerbar machen - dann wären die Wälder technisch dieselben, aber mit einem Klick an verschiedene Umgebungen anpassbar, derzeit sind das sechs Jahreszeiten, SFD Global (v1.1), TerraFlora bzw. TrueEarth, XE3-Standard (bzw O4XP). Steuerung läuft dann über das neue SAM-Plugin direkt aus dem Sim heraus ähnlich wie bei TerraMaxx, nebenbei wäre XE3 dann auch ready for SAM Seasons.
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  5. Repaint requests are handled as noted in this post. It's not a good idea to have dozens of default liveries (or more) in the release because it makes the file bigger to download. Better to have the few that are planned with others available on the linked site.
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  7. Does exist NZFX AFCAD in somewhere in this planet? Just flew today NZCH rwy 20 to NZFX rwy 15 via waypoints as PEHRR - LASSE - URROA - JEHOO - NOBEY and landed now in NZWD1 (Helicopter area). Before I flew using the FMC default from PMDG 737NGX and landed in NZIR. Now is more weird (lol). I think a NZFX AFCAD is needed.
  8. Sorry, my question was not well spelled : in the templates distributed with the "driver", assignation of local variable don't specify a "unit" Take a look at any template - last lines "ButtonNumber": 34, [ ......] "ReleaseEvent": [ { "Variable": ">L:LEFT_LOWER_ignition", "Value": "0", I was expecting "Variable": ">L:LEFT_LOWER_ignition, enum" or something similar ... I understand you can only test 'equal' to ConditionValue, not 'greater' for example ? Thanks for your input. Gérard
  9. Hello! I am not sure if I'm writing this in the correct place, if I'm not, please move it or tell me where I should post it. Following a suggestion I got from DaveCT2003, I decided to describe an issue I noticed in the Aerosoft Airbus Professional. For this occasion, I recorded a video, which will help me describe the problem. To show the issue, I flew a short flight from FDSK to FXMM. I chose FXMM as my destination airport because its elevation is over 5000ft. I took off, climbed to my cruising altitude, descended and commenced my approach without any difficulties or issues. The video starts just before the final turn to the ILS approach at FXMM. As you can see in the video, checklists go on normally all the way to the landing. After touchdown, the AI co-pilot says “ground spoilers, reverse green” - everything goes on as it should. But then, when the plane slows down to 80 knots, the FO should say “70 knots” and fails to do so. Also, the plane keeps braking on autobrakes, they are not turned off automatically. After vacating the runway, the timer still goes on, flaps and spoilers are not retracted, landing lights are not switched off, the APU is not turned on. The after landing checklist is not activated and neither is the parking checklist after switching the engines off. Also, the MCDU doesn’t reset 30 seconds after landing, rather comes back to the takeoff phase of the flight we’ve just completed. When I checked the checklist page on MCDU3, FINAL is illuminated and DESCENT is flashing. Nothing can be done here, switching checklists and co-pilot on and off does not help. After loading cold and dark state, the cockpit preparation checklist runs normally and ends with MCDU3 telling us to close doors in order to activate the before takeoff checklist. After closing the only open door, nothing happens. So I opened both left doors and both cargo doors and closed them and the result was the same - no response. After switching to take off state, the takeoff checklist can be activated, yet as it is completed, the message to set takeoff thrust does not appear. Repeating this action gave the same effect. I decided to take off anyway, but only after setting the levers to FLX, the PFD displayed MAN MCT instead of MAN FLX, even though the MCDU performance page clearly shows a flex temperature of 67°C. At the same time, the upper ECAM display shows the take off trust as TOGA. Therefore, I decided to increase the power to TOGA and continue the take off. Surprisingly, the timer was activated automatically as soon as I started my take off roll. While speeding up, I noticed the lack of V speeds on the PFD display and that the pink arrow indicated 100kts instead of V1. Just after takeoff, not even having reached 100ft agl, I heard a GPWS warning “Too low, flaps”, although the flaps were at 2, just as set on the MCDU before takeoff. During the initial climb I followed the FD indications which caused a very high angle of attack. Then I switched the autopilot on to see how it would deal with that and I was a bit disappointed as it maintained the nose in the exact same position, despite the decreasing airspeed. Only after selecting optimum climb mode and then switching it back to climb the aircraft lowered its nose and kept climbing normally. During the climb, at about 6600ft, the QNH on the PFD started flashing, indicating the passing of the transition altitude. But according to the MCDU, the transition altitude was 12000ft. In the previous flight, it was 8000ft, so I have no idea where ~6600ft came from. When reaching the thrust reduction altitude (6850ft), the aircraft seems to ignore it, the PFD says nothing about it, there is just a stable MAN TOGA sign. I reduced the thrust levers to climb mode and the aircraft seemed to maintain 250 knots as it should. At this point, the checklist menu is completely frozen. The solution to this problem is very simple - it is enough to restart the simulator and everything works fine. But as this may take much time for people having complex sim configurations such as multiple screens, I thought I should report it to you so that you can try to sort it out. I believe this is not just my problem since I reinstalled the Airbus and it still is the same. I first noticed it in January, but it happened only once so I thought it was just a single error. But then it came back in September when I was doing a trip around Africa, where many airports are at high altitudes, and it happened every single time at airports located above some certain altitude (I don’t know exactly what altitude but I think 1000ft still works fine). I have the newest version of the Airbus installed, as well as the newest version of P3D. Also, there is no difference whether I land with the HIGH ALT button switched on or not. After describing the entire problem (quite extensively I believe), I need to apologise for the scenery in this video (bad glideslope, taxi signs on a runway) - it’s just a random scenery found online and used for a single visit at this airport. Please forgive me taxiing on the grass (it was just faster this way) and after takeoff, for forgetting to retract the landing gear, but since those things had no influence on my problem, I decided to keep it and not record a new video. I know my approach was absolutely terrible, I wanted to make an autolanding but I realised there was something wrong with the glideslope and I didn’t have time to do the video again or go around (btw. after going around the checklists also mess up, and that issue is here since the old Airbus). Generally, it’s just a small issue, which does not affect the flying daily. It just happened to me so I wanted to let you know about it. Looking forward for the A330! The video:
  10. Wahrscheinlich hat Ezdok was verbogen. Sieh zu, dass du es wieder los wirst und installiere den Airbus sicherheitshalber neu.
  11. Hi Benjamin, I am wondering about the difference between a profile and a template. Am I correct in thinking that the resulting JSON files are basically the same, and that it is just a matter of 'organizing' what AS pre-made and what I make myself?
  12. Thanks, Stefan. What I don‘t quite get is: Why didn‘t you design the taxi light as a single nosegear light, and the landing lights (when switched on) light only the left and right of the airplane. Or wouldn’t that have provided the desired amount of brightness? Currently, it seems to be the other way round: The taxilight(s) light the left and right of the plane, while the front of the plane is only lit if one switches the landing lights on.
  13. Amazing! Aerosoft Customer Service in a nutshell. Thank you, Stefan!
  14. Really nice stream Dave but one thing I didn't catch, that 2d version of the EFB, is that something you get with the plane or is it some 3rd party? Also. What feature were you unsure i it would be ready for release regarding charts? Was it Navigraph?
  15. Hallo zusammen, wollte mal kurz etwas Aufklärung geben. Die Ursache ist da zu finden, dass ich GSX und alle folgenden FSDT Addons in das Verzeichnis des FSX installiert habe. Ist einmal ein Installationsordner gewählt, wird sich jedes weitere Addon von FSDT genau in diesen Ordner installieren. Eine Wahl des Ordnerverzeichnis ist dann nicht mehr möglich. Wenn man nur einen Sim betreibt ist das kaum ein Problem. Nutzt man wie ich (für eine begrenzte Zeit) zwei Sim, passiert halt das was mir Passiert ist. Lösung: Komplette Deinstallation aller FSDT Addons, inkl. des Addon Manager. Erst dann "vergessen" die Installer das vorgegebene Verzeichnis. Danach alle Addons wieder neu installieren, allerdings in einem Ordner außerhalb der Sim Ordner. Der Installer bietet einem dann auch an, dass Addon in alle vorhandenen Sims zu Installieren. Nur bei GSX ist es mir noch nicht ganz klar. Habe jetzt zunächst die FSX Variante installiert, kann aber aus beiden Sims auch auf GSX zugreifen. Allerdings fällt mir im FSX auf, dass die Schrift etwas anders ist als vorher. Irgendwie leicht unscharf. Und ich habe in der Mitte des Blickfeld einen weißen Punkt. Der bewegt sich mit, wenn ich die Sicht verändere. Gruß Jörg
  16. Leider tut sich da garnichts. ich kann auch die 2d Ansicht der Mcdu nicht mehr aufrufen. Wenn ich zum oberen Rand mit dem Mauszeiger fahre kommt zwar der Finger zum betätigen aber Reaktion erfolgt keine beim auslösen.
  17. No. And I bought v2.03 today. Well, at least, PFPX is now able to calculate TAS correctly. And also the crashes with shutdown have stopped.
  18. OMG!! 😮 the next Thursday, 21.11. is 2024 😂
  19. Great , good to know !! Thank you very much for your quick response ! I will go ahead and Install Chania ! Waiting for Lukla !! Mike
  20. So wird es dann mit einem Update der VFR-Objects_GK_+51+006_D_Ruhrgebiet-West 3.1 aussehen. Wenn es online ist melde ich mich noch mal. Viele Grüße aus Essen, EDLE Günther
  21. The CRJ got a taxi light on the nosegear, two landings lights on each side in the wing, which are paired with slightly sideward pointing turning lights. In realworld i learned that pilots often use the landinglights + taxi light for takeoff because it delivers a certain desired brightness, in Prepar3d i would also recommend this procedure because of the special technical nature of the landing lights not casting shadows and so are forced to point slightly outward. Many different scenarios were played through for the positioning already, with the current one as the most favourable one.
  22. Hi, Is the a chance to map the PEDAL DISC on the tiller to a button or is the a LVar available? Rgds Reinhard
  23. Thanks, @Stefan Hoffmann, for your answer regarding the taxi lights! Not that I want to postpone the release in any way, but isn‘t it possible to design the taxi light as a single light as opposed to double lights? In that IBEX video, it appears as if the taxi light is a single light on the nosegear. And @Mathijs Kok or @Hans Hartmann: Can you already tell us more about the pricing of the CRJ Professional - especially the upgrade price?
  24. I'm sure it got something to do with Windows. Experienced trhe same after doing a fresh install on a new PC early this year. Issue was solved after updating to Windows 1903, runing Windows update multiple times until no updates were available. Also I installed all Microsoft C++ redistributables starting with 2005 up to 2019.
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  26. Hello Stephen, thanks for your interest and I just installed the latest vcredist as posted above and tryed to compatibility mode but the result is the same. I have W10 Pro V1903 and PFPX 2.03 installed with P3D V4.5 client only. Have you any other idea? Regards Roberto
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