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  2. I what to add NZFX to AES Antarctica X too ...
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  4. I will give a try with ZFX and come back here. Edit: I loaded FSX and also P3Dv4.5 and none be able to show me ZFX or NZFX Do I need to install another scenery?
  5. is this estimate still on track? Just a day now to wait then it is time to burn the f5 key
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  8. Hi, after installing Madeira X Ev. in an unmodified(!) prepar3.4 I find my planes somewhere downtown in an environment, that has nothing to do with Madeira. Unfortunately I do not have the time to study pages of possible solutions or/and dig into the heart of my pc system. This program should be as easily installed as other aerosoft sceneries. Obviously it`s not. So - before I return the CD to Aerosoft and never buy from them ... Somebody has a hint, why I don`t get Madeira running? Thank you. Fred
  9. Vielen Dank für die hochgeladenen Dateien. Es tut mir leid, wenn dies nicht der richtige Ort für vergleichende Bilder der Landschaft mit Wäldern von XE3 und TerraFlora ist. Alternativ bitte diesen eintrag löschen aus diese Forum. Aber ich denke, es wird nützlich für Menschen sein, die darüber nachdenken, Wälder zu ersetzen. Ich frage mich, ob es sich lohnt, in die OrbX-Wälder zu gehen, da sie nicht viel interessanter sind, aber FPS-Verluste verursachen (Zahlen in der linken unteren Ecke der Screenshots): 1 TerraFlora: 1 X-Europe 3 2 TF 2 XE3 3 TF 3 XE3 4 TF 4 XE3
  10. Juan Carlos, please read the pinned post at the top of the page and you'll see the planned release date is the first week in December. You'll find any updates there as well. Your post is answered here but hidden because you used a huge font (maybe from your phone) and blank space that couldn't be edited out. Don't worry though, no problems.
  11. Hallo Micha82, gibt es dazu genauere Infos (einen Link o.ä.)? Das würde mich sehr interessieren. Gruß Reiner
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  14. the jetbridges also look strange (duplicates) - interfering scenery or GSX2 bridges and excludes?
  15. Am besten einmal diesen Installer für das Update versuchen: https://www.x-plane.com/kb/out-of-date/ Und dabei X-Plane 11 nicht gestartet haben. Sowie den Installer ausserhalb des X-Plane 11 Ordners starten. Wie Othello schon schrieb. Gruß heinz
  16. Well, it is time for Aerosoft to reconsider... Now, that Navigraph canceled their "FMS Data only" Subscription and forced all customers to the highly-priced "ultimate subscription" (wich is around 3-4 times more expensive) it might be that customers switch over to Aerosoft. As mentioned above SimBrief has become very popular throughout the community because it easy to use and supports various Flightplan-formats for the different Sims and Aircraft. The mentioned "protective measure" for their PFPX is so old school. Nowadays we have different Sims on the Market and even virtual Pilots on Mac become more and more and running X-Plane (wich is cross-platform as you all know). So it might be a good (and clever) idea to open up their support for other Planning-tools and other Sims on various OS-es.
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  18. I'd imagine if any developer was likely to offer a discount for a different sim if it has previously used elements from your previous purchased version....... Aerosoft is that company.
  19. Thank you my friend! I'll leave this thread open for now in order to provides more information about this in the future. Thanks again!
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  21. Thanks for the response..I appreciate it and I know the team is working hard. Yes, I used a combination of V/S and open descent last night on VATSIM and it seemed to work pretty well (which like you said, is something used regularly in controlled airspace). Looking forward to updated releases as well as adding the A330 to my hangar...I, along with the rest of the community, want to see these products succeed!
  22. Moin Armin, da ich auch die OrbX TerraFlora habe, bitte ich auch um Zusendung der Austauschdateien. Vielen Dank im voraus und Gruß Horst
  23. Hallo Gerd, das ist doch super, wenn du eine Sicherung mit Acronis hast, ich benutze ebenfalls Acronis. Da X-Plane 11 nicht auf irgendwelche Daten von Windows nutzt, benenne vorsichtshalber dein X-Plane-Ordner um (oder lösche ihn einfach)und kopiere den X-Plane-Ordner deiner Sicherung von Acronis an seinen ursprünglichen Ort, das war es und sollte dann wieder laufen. Gruß Coverdale
  24. Thank you for writing to us! We're aware of this, and the team is in the process of updating the VNAV. In fact, we've got the VNAV working pretty darned well in the A330 and we're back-fitting the 320 series with the same (highly similar) VNAV code. Right now behind the scenes it's all hands on deck working, testing and tweaking the A330 as we get the aircraft ready for you guys. But (and this is my personal Best Guess so please don't try and hold me to it, I don't make any of the decisions for this stuff) I believe we'll publish an update to the A320 Series (A318/A319 and the A320/A321) sometime around the release of the A330 which is currently slated for this December. An A320 Series update might be out sooner, but that's a pretty big MAYBE. Now, I'm currently on the Customer Version of the A320 Series so that when I have the time I can fly Connected Flight Deck with you guys (our terrific customers) on the Aerosoft Discord Server - which by the way has been GREAT FUN for me as I get to meet you guys on a more personal level and enjoy flying with you both in single flight deck and Connected Flight Deck (CFD)! But sometime next week I plan to jump back over to the Beta of the A320 Series to evaluate the Beta changes and when I do I'll do my best to update this thread with my impression of the VNAV changes we've done thus far. What I can tell you about the current customer experimental version of the A320/A321 (version is the green dot is somewhat wacky in descent as you've already seen), but overall the VNAV descent itself is working pretty darned good. Of course it does need some changes, but it's working pretty well. Where realism is concerned, I think it's important to remember that in controlled airspace airliners often use Open Descent instead of Manag4ed Descent as ATC often descends them directively especially when it's a tight, heavily populated airspace, so if the wacky green dot bug really bothers you (hey, it bothers us too) then you can always fuse Managed Descent. But rest assured, we're committed to resolving the issue! Thanks again for writing to us! We really enjoy hearing from you guys! Best wishes my friend!
  25. Grundsätzlich hilft das Manual. Das MCDU für options ist nun ausgegliedert. Click Spot ist die annunciations lights Leiste direkt am oberen Bildschirmrand des MCdU. Oder Shift+4, wenn ich mich nicht irre.
  26. Me pasa en FSX SE, no tengo capturas por el momento.
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