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  2. Interesting Miguel, however I believe the Ctrl+E starts both engines regardless of starter switch, that's what I've found to be happening. I performed a client update too for HF2. Just installed the latest FSUIPC (Unregistered). Cannot see this being the issue, but will report back.
  3. Brussels Airlines OO-SFC work in progress... Darn, I do hope you model the GE/PW version as well... otherwise I cannot paint sabena
  4. I installed first ECAMD2D.dll file. Then when v1002 update became available, I updated to v1002 with AS updater. Is that ok? Haseen Ahmad.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Srilankan Airlines A330-343 4R-ALQ By Dillen Weerasinghe 4K Textures
  6. I found 55 pixels offset to the left/right being perfect. Regards, Vital Vanbeginne
  7. I got you covered with the B-LAD "Progress Hong Kong" livery, just wait me tweak a bit and it will be ok for release... (I know, the registration is a bit weird, but I'll correct it anyway)
  8. is this where they have a ADIRS switch, followed by IR1, IR3 and IR2 (either switches or buttons or lights) and the NAV buttons? I always turn first in the checklist go here and make sure the three NAV buttons are set to NAV. From now on though, I'll keep an eye on it. Today, it's worked all day, so if those switches are the problem, then this is the first place I'll look. Thanks for your help Gaz
  9. Der pauschalen Aussage, dass die Jetways bei der Default 737 funktionieren, kann ich nicht zustimmen. Schließlich hat es seit der LSZH-Version 2.05 keine Veränderung gegeben. Demnach sind nur ein Teil von Jetways funktionstüchtig, wie ich dies bereits in o.a. Excel-Liste für die Standard B737 klargestellt habe. Eine Überarbeitung von Aerosoft wurde zwar im April angekündigt, aber ein Update wird wohl vermutlich auch nicht in diesem Jahr unter dem "Weihnachtsbaum" liegen.
  10. Btw I just did the client update too. I have no "engine not start" issue... Richard
  11. You know what the bug is- the value entered is being assumed to be KGS, and displaying after the conversion to LBS. .7 becomes 1.5. @mopperle
  12. Thanks a lot. We'll waiting for news further on! Thanks
  13. I did some testing and this is how I can recreate the issue: 1. load turn around state and set turn around state as default 2. close P3D 3. reboot PC 4. launch P3D and Aerosoft A330 5. load take-off state After these five steps half of the MCP turns black. I also figured that opening the MCDU 2d panel fixes the issue. EDIT: This doesnt seem to work every single time, so it could be an initialization related issue.
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  15. Has anyone else noticed that when you input the (already prefilled) taxi fuel below the block fuel entry, it corrects whatever you put in to a much higher value?
  16. I think I just found the culprit: SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT TRAUN L856 AKABI UZ613 TRA Z69 OLBEN UN869 BENOT -> PFPX ignores the restriction, however it's the automatic route found by PFPX If I manually change it to: SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT TRAUN L856 RAVED/N0453F340 L856 TRA/N0440F330 Z69 OLBEN UN869 BENOT -> PFPX gets it correct That is really strange, because the route restriction is RAVED L856 NEGRA MAX FL345. This portion of the route is before AKABI, so PFPX should always take this restriction into account. To answer your question: I get the same results irrelevant if I'm using MAX or OPT FL.
  17. Interesting observation. Installed PFPX on a clean system. Subscription expired. PFPX crash after loading. I don’t have time to enter the subscription code, since crash after loading. Turned off the Internet. PFPX started and did not crash. I got to the window for entering the subscription activation code, entered it. He turned on the Internet and began to press the activation button. Subscription activated. After rebooting PFPX, everything began to work.
  18. If I remember correct there was a selection next to generate loadsheet. I have to check. Maybe that was dropped and is now an error in the docs.
  19. Ah thank you, I didn't login, I can see now when I logged in it applied the discount.
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