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  2. How to turn off this EFB? I do not use it. Thank you.
  3. I just had this CTD too, was about to start push back, went to change view then it crashed the sim.
  4. PMSoares

    Excessive Fuel use

    Gentlemen... I have made some long haul flights, and the Aerosoft A330 FMGS seems to have the following issues. When fuel is transfered from the wing tanks to the triom tank, the FMGS considers that this fuel is "lost" and thus the fuel predictions which were comfortable on dispatch, suddenly become low or even negative. Once the trim tank fuel is pumped back to the wing tanks, the EFOB on destination and altn airports start to rise. The fuel calculation algorythm must be improved. Actual fuel consumption is more or less realistic, according to some fuel flow tables that I have from the A330 FCOM. Actually I'd say the plane is burning aroun 10% less in crise than what's supposed to, according to the FCOM. Fuel calclation function in INIT B page is not working. Nor is the Wind Data request. In very long flights, even a minor Wind variation can yield to large EFOB variations. Always use the primary method (which works from the Piper Cub to the A380) for fuel calculation: Distance divided by Groundspeed multiplied by your fuel flow is the required amount to reach destination. Happy flights! Paulo M. Soares
  5. I install update ver Still P3d hungs when change view from VC to external or use view bar. I notice most of the time it will happen when I open ATC window in VC and change view to external or when open map window. It will never happen on A318-321 with same situation This time, its not immediate CTD but P3d4 hungs. I wonder why it happen only for me............ I'm using Active sky and environmental force.
  6. Well perhaps you should ask the devs of GSX.
  7. That's what you get using the very latest compilers! And that's why you need P3d V4.5 HF2
  8. I had an issue with flap retraction too. When I climbed out I was unable to retracted the flaps to 1. I reassigned the button but it did not help. The solution for me was to disarm the spoilers, when i did that I could retracted the flaps. I have no clue if that is a feature of the real Aircraft or simply a bug.
  9. My opinion is I think GSX doesn’t recognise exit 2 is open even though when it is open. I am not using GSX level 2 as I don’t have it, only GSX.
  10. Well most videos are made at 4k so they will show all these element a lot thinner.
  11. I also find it strange how when you see the image for the aircraft type displayed it seems to have gone back to the smaller airbuses with less tanks.
  12. thx for your help Yeah, becaus in the videos the flightpath shown on the nav display is much thiner and sharper. Does it look similar in your sim? I try this now, otherwise it is time for a new craphiccard and ram and a processor.
  13. Hello Aerosoft team. I'm having problems with the flap retraction. I use a joystick axis assigned to the flaps and all other add-on planes use this axis without any problem. However, in the A-330 it seems that somehow, the system doesn's position either the flap lever or the flaps to 1+F after a flaps 2 or flaps 3 takeoff/go around. When I mode the flap lever, it jumps from 2 to 0 without a detent at 1. However, if I assign a button for flaps extension/retraction, it Works properly. Thanks for the attention Paulo M. Soares
  14. Hey Mathijs, I am experiencing the throttle is at idle and the indicator is showing it in CLB mode. I am thinking that it is suppose to be at 0, yet it's at 1.00 on the display (see attached) Is this known already? AS330 throttle.bmp
  15. Please open a command windows (enter "cmd" into the Windows start menu), type in SET and press ENTER. Take a screenshot (or several) and post it (them) here to show us the entire result of this command.
  16. hilkiah

    Excessive Fuel use

    btw, I'm using GSX2 (enabled in MCDU) and I also had the checklists enabled in the MCDU...not sure if that matters to be honest.
  17. Even thoug a -200, an Austrian livery would be much appreciated! https://www.airliners.net/photo/Austrian-Airlines/Airbus-A330-223/145490?qsp=eJw9jTEOwjAMRe/iuUMBQSEb3VEZuIDluBAptJHjSlRV706SIjb/9/WfF6BxUP7oYw4MBiKj0AsqCCj4jmAWQCck2OsNh6lH0klYwOyrf9FidLTtz8emcO%2BGbNvVdXNJsjiKtnMCFpWvRByU7Y93YrMPLEcqf59l2eSb5b7FwylF62LwWDSs6Dys6xdOZj62 or like this https://www.airliners.net/photo/Austrian-Airlines/Airbus-A330-223/1259124?qsp=eJwtjbEKAjEQRP9lay1EsLgugp1yFv7AshnOQLyE3RU8jvt3Y7Ab3jxmVpIyOz7%2BWCpoIAOrPGlHlZVfRsNKiimZK3sqcxB/c27eeNlfw615VtTPSyORHUEE1RH/fNQI/VUw6ZNTuzi0AL33TMdT4zFZzdw34JwybdsXTu8yMw%3D%3D
  18. I previously had OneDrive blocked and deleted. The installer still writes this way. And updating the version 1001 did not help.
  19. What Otto said, above, is good plus I would experiment with turning off FXAA. FXAA can blur fine items like fonts / gauges.
  20. Hi Mathijs - many thanks that worked a treat
  21. What available tools or software are compatible with creating flightplans for the CRJ?
  22. @All Please respect what is clearly stated in the first post in this topic!
  23. This pic is from yesterday...amazing performance. Best. Miquel.
  24. Yes Mathijs the XML that was causing the issue first was deleted but after I did it that still came up
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