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  3. That's completely impossible. There's always a buffer times overflow. Either the testers find stuff or somebody has ideas that just need to be implemented with maximum priority. If you have a two week buffer, you will end up with three weeks of additional work. That's the reality.
  4. I'm sure you're missing the point my friend but only because you're not looking at this from a developer / Project Manager perspective. Where does one draw the line? How much does one financially invest in to please people by creating what they expect from sitting in the middle of the cabin? Also, just how many people are we talking about, and how much will it increase the financial price of the product and how will that affect sales... ? No sir, the easiest and least argumentative way to develop an aircraft is to do so as accurately as possible - and doing this usually pleases the greatest percentage of customers and even the few who need to have it explained "that's the way it is in the actual aircraft, microphones and recording devices pick up sounds the human ear wouldn't hear except during playback from a recording, frequency deafness that most everyone over the age of 21 has one way or the other, etc., etc. etc...." the vast majority of people are usually content with that. So to be clear, what I'm saying is that it's far more complex than people EVER consider, and unless you've served in the shoes of a technical program manager one wouldn't have the experience to fathom all this without an explanation. In my opinion, Mathijs does an incredible job of walking the line in between realism based sim and what is completely unrealisitic in order to give people want they think something should be and I'm sure he re-evaluates this more than a few times for every product. By the way, don't think for a second that we haven't had this same conversation internally with Beta Testers numerous times on every aircraft product - we've debated this until we're exhausted by it. So by the time we see it in the forums, we've already been around the block with the matter many times over. Best wishes! Well said brother. On a VERY serious note... we've actually had people formally request a passenger simulator, and with Avatars I've seen people ask for Airport Terminals to be modeled in detail, restaurants, ticket counters, all that. I"m serious and so were they! Flight sim is a crazy genre in which to work, for all sorts of reasons.
  5. I know this was already discussed, but will the paint kit feature a master template? It was mentioned that it'd be considered, but it was never a solid answer.
  6. It will be all detailed out on the product page, once you are able to purchase the A330. Just like it is for every other product in the shop, e.g. the Aerosoft A320/A321 professional:
  7. maybe you just need some "vehicle" parking spots near the terminal connected to the taxiway system (that's what I would read from Umbertos's post)
  8. Neither do they! I'm sure it will be just like all of our other products... put in the serial number for a qualifying product and you'll get the discount.
  9. So how will the discount work then? I bought them from your shop. Will it automatically get discounted when I add the 330 to my basket or is there a code i put in?
  10. The person who works this area of the sim has looked at this. He says that we had similar issues a while back ago with high altitude airports and we believe we solved them. He asked me to check to ensure you had the latest Experimental update for the Airbus.
  11. Yes. Also, the checklists don't always work, I mean the descent cl, approach cl, etc.
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  14. Today
  15. and don't install RAAS
  16. I think you missed part of my post, would you be so kind to read it again?
  17. True... we could just set a date and release two weeks later. It would make our sales and marketing department happy. I am just glad that my boss allows me to explain things to customers and get the product out to customers when we agree it it ready.
  18. What about including both sound packs and letting uses select which ones they want to use via the config tool ? that way everyone will be happy i guess
  19. Heidelberg = schlichtweg grandios!! Danke und gute Nacht Wolfgang
  20. But how is it possible to have a release date since a longer Periode and than suddenly on release Day you have to finish ore work on things. How do you guys give a fix release Date if you know you still have to work things out. I mean in a good working Management cycle you have to make a project schedule and plan in buffer times for unexpected problems and if everything is done and ready you can give a precise release date. At least thats what my Boss and customers excpect from me. Apart from this I'm looking forward to the release of this High End Addon and highly anticipate to get this thing on my sim.
  21. You re right. A RW pilot never see his plane air-to-air. But he see the plane on every outside-check
  22. That's not really the point - and I'm sorry for jumping in. Aerosoft is modelling the sounds environment after what the pilot/occupants can hear and experience in from the cockpit - not in seat 24A. This has actually been discussed, asked, debated and answered multiple times over the years... all with the same results. Insanity is defined as doing the same action over and over, and expecting different results...
  23. Wunschkonzert? šŸ™‚ Hohenzollern bitte
  24. Tbh, I never pay much attention to where the vehicles spawn. The don't take the real world routes anyway, some are more accurate, some are just using the taxiways... Out of curiosity I followed the GSX passenger bus once at LIPX, and it drove to what seemed like a industrial cargo area behind the fire brigade, but usually it's fine for me if they just show up. But in the above case it just looked very strange when I saw the vehicles drove down far away on the other side of the airfield. Plus the busses and the baggage trucks drove right across the active runway where AI was taking off etc.... So that's the only case where I actually wish they could spawn somewhere at the main terminal....
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