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  2. No time acceleration. P3dv4.5. Win10 On previous CTDs using Windows 7 I frequently got the D3D10Warp.dll error. No matter what web solution I tried to resolve it it would not go away.
  3. I don't believe you can change the pressure configuration within Topcat. Using the main program you can see hPa as the main function with the inHg equivalent displayed: If you call up the results table you'll also see the hPa figure in use which is relayed back to PFPX: TAKE-OFF KORD/ORD RWY 10L TORA 3962M G-ZESA BOEING 747-400 RB211-524H CHICAGO OHARE INTL TEMP +2C QNH 1018 WIND 110/09 (08KT HW) ------------------ CONDITIONS ------------------- TOW 216523 KG FLAPS 10 THRUST TO2 RWY DRY AIR COND ON ANTI ICE ON OR OFF ------------------ FULL THRUST ------------------- +2C 271020 OBS(B) 114-121 121 141 2221M 1.57 ---------------- REDUCED THRUST ----------------- +69C 234034 OBS(B) 127-129 129 139 1054M 1.37 +70C 231976 CLIMB 129 129 139 980M 1.37 +71C 227989 CLIMB 129 129 139 902M 1.37 +72C 224001 CLIMB 129 129 139 823M 1.37 //+73C 220102 CLIMB 129 129 139 740M 1.37 *************************************************** DO NOT EXCEED MAX STRUCT TAKE-OFF WGHT OF 396894 KG *************************************************** ------------------ ENGINE OUT ------------------- "AT 2200' LT TO HP 'OBK' 113.0" (092 INBD RT) ---------------------- END -----------------------
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint made by David Andrade If you want to see another repaints vist my home page https://pilotfriends69.wixsite.com/deltaliveries (old) https://andradecreations.weebly.com (new)
  5. Hello, I am having a recurrence of my issue noted in this thread: I hadn't flown the A330 in some time, the only major system change I can think of was to update windows. When I did so some permissions changed for A330 folders but I put them back so that all users have access. Last night I reinstalled using Dave's instructions as I did to solve the issue last time. After doing so I started up the sim to test and the plane loaded successfully. However this morning when I went to start the sim to conduct a flight the CTD's continue. There is no error message given and nothing shows up in event viewer. The flight loads to 100%, I hear what sounds like the landing gear settling on the ground, then it crashes. The screen remains black. No other aircraft are affected in the same way. Logs are attached, other relevant info: A330 version: P3D Version: Windows Version: Windows 10 Home Edition, version 1909, build 18363.657 ECAM_Systems.log EFB_Ctrl.log Immersion.log MCDUFPLNDataClb.txt MiscD2D.log AB_ND_GDI.log
  6. Hi, When I select any A21 with IAE engines the performance table shows the engines as being CFM (see screen shot attached. The aircraft.cfg file general section has the following: [GENERAL] //A321 atc_type = AIRBUS atc_model = A321IAE editable = 0 performance = "Cruise Speed\n0.78 Mach 530 mph 828 km\/h\n\nEngine options\nCFM56-5B3 33,000 lb thrust\n\nMaximum Range\n2,454 nm 4,352 km\n\nService Ceiling\n41,000 ft 12,497 m\n\nFuel Capacity\n42,000 lb 19,050 kg\n\nEmpty Weight\n105,906 lb 48,038 kg\n\nMaximum Gross Weight\n196,210 lb 89,000 kg\n\nLength\n146 ft 44.51 m\n\nWingspan\n111 ft, 10 in 34.09 m\n\nHeight\n38 ft, 7 in 11.76 m\n\nSeating (typical configuration)\n186" Category = airplane Can anyone please advise what should be the correct entries. Kind Regards
  7. Hi, I posted on this before but now I have more information. The issue is that PFPX calls TOPCAT for the takeoff and landing data, and then brings the altimeter setting back in hectopascals, which gets passed to the OFP, even when the airport is located in a region in which inches of mercury would be preferred. Attached is a screenshot of PFPX calling TOPCAT for takeoff information from Chicago O'Hare. You can see that PFPX/TOPCAT is fetching the altimeter setting in inches of mercury, and interpreting the METAR correctly - you'll see that under "Pressure," the correct numbers 30.06 are displayed. However, when you look at the results window (this is the information that TOPCAT will append to the OFP), you'll see that the altimeter setting is in hectopascals ("QNH 1018"). You'll see it in the line that reads: TEMP +2C QNH 1018 WIND 130/12 (09KT HW) (emphasis added) That line is brought into the PFPX flight plan verbatim. I'm guessing that TOPCAT is looking at a config setting somewhere that requests results be given in hPa, but for the life of me I can't see where that would be. The PFPX file for the aircraft I'm using has the units set at feet and pounds. Under TOPCAT performance module, the file that is called is Boeing 747-400 RB211-524H, but I'm not sure what that links to or even if it's the problem. Within TOPCAT, I have only one aircraft in the aircraft database, and under "Aircraft Details," the pressure units are listed as inches of mercury. Inside the TOPCAT "Aircraft" folder, the files are unreadable to me (i.e., not readable by a standard text editor). Inside the TOPCAT "Configurations" folder, I can see some readable configurations but I can't see a line for setting a preference for the altimeter setting. That's all I can think of. Can anyone help me get TOPCAT to send inHg to PFPX? Thanks!
  8. Und, hatte ich ganz vergessen, Marcos EDHK Kiel-Holtenau hat richtig viele Helipads, teils auch auf Schiffen und anderen interessanten Orten. EDHK Kiel-Holtenau by MrMo - FlyAgi.de
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  10. Hallo zusammen, ich möchte die Lichtkonsole des A350 nachbauen. Dabei haben sich mir folgende Fragen aufgetan: 1. mit welchem Shortcut kann man das Licht steuern? die Standartshortcuts für Landelicht an etc. funktionieren beim A350 nicht und in der Spezifischen Liste findet sich nichts für die Lichter. 2. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit Befehle auf Tastend zu stellen? Also so, dass der Schalter nur solange betätigt ist, bis ich kein Signal mehr gebe?
  11. What do you mean by throttles "locked together"? Are corp throttles physically tied together in this case? If this causes uneven thrust, then the levers are not calibrated evenly. If locking them together is supposed to work, both throttles must return exactly the same values for any position. But why don't you just unlock them and use them as separate levers as in the real thing? Both throttles at the same position doesn't necessarily result in the same engine N1 there either.
  12. Hello, All: I had asked a few months when the full fuselage paint kit for the A330 Pro would be available. The thread has been closed and I haven't been able to find a release date or if it's available I don't know where. If anyone knows if it's available or will be it would be appreciated. Regards
  13. Shalom and greetings all my pals, I am wondering if it is possible to use Aerosoft KDAB Daytona scenery to recreate screenshot of this runway approach precisely exactly same like this accompanying photo below?? What runway did the plane approach to, please?? Thanks, Aharon
  14. Du hast doch schon eine sehr schöne Route mit deinem Flug Kannst ja auch mal von Winterthur aus z.b Zürich anpeilen und bis Zürich mit dem Autopiloten und in Zürich auf einem Helipad manuell landen. Die haben doch genug um den Flughafen herum Grüße Sky
  15. It's on the to do list but I first need to be able to track down the problem. It's not that easy.
  16. Hello Pelle, I've just come across this GREAT tool and would like to congratulate and thank you for developing it, for it fits my needs almost perfectly! And, since you called it an "odd feature" in the manual, I would also like to give you very positive feedback on the randomizer option, which is what I will mainly be using FV for. I noticed that very few users interact with you here and on YT, so i thought I'd come by and express my joy at finally finding a tool like this. I have managed to create some tools myself with Excel VBA Userforms, but nothing as complete as yours. Keep it coming! Regards, Bruno.
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. Let me check on the screenshot thing. But yes, we need most of our attention on FS2020 right now, but there is also a big update pending for the A318/A319, A320/A321 and A330. There are also some scenery on final.
  19. Vielen Dank Horst für die schnelle Antwort. Werde alles mal durchprobieren.
  20. Das schöne an Helicoptern ist ja, dass du eigentlich überall landen kannst. Auch kannst du normale Approaches auf Runyways fliegen, dann per hover taxi zum Parkplatz etc, du brauchst dazu nicht zwingend spezielle Helipads. Ich selbst fliege meist irgendwie über größeren Flughäfen herum und suche mir dann bestimmte 'Löcher' irgendwo zwischen Gebäude oder markante rechteckige Flächen und versuche dort möglichst mittig zu landen, dann wieder hoch, nächster und so weiter. Nach der landung schaue ich dann jeweils im replaymodus, ob ich irgendwas mitgenommen habe, wie meine Abstände zu den Objekten sind etc um es dann nächstes Mal besser zu machen. Sehr gut zum Üben sind Militärflugplätze mit den vielen kleinen Parkplätzen an den 'Fingern' wo die Militärhangars stehen - da kannst du dann von einem solchen Finger zum nächsten und brauchst zum Landetraining nicht weit fliegen.
  21. Just did another run to check the fuel system and this time the trim tank transfer worked well, both aft and fwd. Idk why it didnt work last time, my apologies. But the transfer rate, both ways with trim tank and outer tank, is very slow. Rate should be much faster, my rough guess, double. I had no idea the 25kHz spacing was limitation of P3D @becas eheh true. Airplane is very sweet to fly, is actually pretty good. All this are mostly picky stuff. Thank you for everything @masterhawk and @DaveCT2003 Wish you all a great week ahead!
  22. I have noted continuous frame rate fluctuations in all iterations of the CRJ Pro since the first beta. I have an older i4790K system, running at 4 gHz (but with a good GTX1080 TI GPU), and do not expect extremely high performance, but with frame rates locked at 30, I can maintain close to that with other high-end add-ons, including the PMDG NGXu, FSL A320 and Leonardo Maddog. With the CRJ Pro, even if parked at a default airport, on the runway (away from the terminal), with default clear skies weather theme active, and all aircraft systems powered off, with no external programs running that interact with P3D, if I monitor the frame rates, they continually go from 25 down to about 15, and back up to 25. If I watch the CPU load in Microsoft Process Explorer, I will see P3D generating a recurring CPU spike that correlates with the frame rate drop. I do not use either Navigraph or Nav Data Pro charts functionalty in the CRJ EFB. I am a Navigraph charts subscriber, but I prefer to use their iPad app, rather than displaying charts in-sim. I always disable my antivirus before running P3D, as I know that AV file scanning can produce exactly those kind of fluctuations, and none of the other add-ons I use will produce those kind of regularly recurring frame rate drops - especially when sitting still with all aircraft systems unpowered. It certainly appears that with the Pro loaded, that some kind of additional process is running at regular intervals that impacts frame rates. Perhaps something to do with the new charts functionality? (Even though I have charts disabled).
  23. Gibt es eine Datenbank für Pflichtmeldepunkte, die man importieren/kopieren kann oder muss man die Pflichtmeldepunkte alle einzeln hinzufügen? Wie sieht es mit anderen Ländern außer Deutschland aus? Wo gibt es da Daten? Kenne mich gar nicht aus, wollte man bisschen in das Thema reinlinsen.
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  26. Ja, ich bin bald soweit, dass ich den Heli manuell oder mit teilweise Unterstützung des Autopiloten (z.B. Höhe und Geschwindigkeit halten). Problem ist wie finde ich den nächsten Heli Landeplatz ?
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