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  3. Thanks for your response Dave. This happens with all variants of the A319, A320 and A321 professional running on P3D v4.5 (SP2). I do have an older system (holding off on the upgrade until MS2020) and get FPS in the low teens at busy airports but this has happened with FPS in the mid 20s, away from complex scenery at start of descent. Other aircraft - PMDG NGX/NGXu, Majestic Dash8, C172 - don't exhibit this behaviour but I agree PC performance is likely a contributing factor. Regards, George.
  4. My only time there (but hopefully not my last) was a short turn but in much more pleasant circumstances. When I was active as an FAA inspector in the Gulfstream, an operator in Cleveland wanted European operating authority from the FAA for a G-II and so needed what's called a proving flight to demonstrate to us they could safely operate it in the North Atlantic tracks. Since they had already done a proving flight to Scotland in some lessor aircraft, we decided that if they could find Iceland, that would suffice instead of going all the way over and back. For a challenge, I tasked them to go into Reykjavik (BIKF) instead of Kef. Great trip, albeit with some adventure along the way, like the flaps freezing in the up position and requiring the whole runway and overrun to stop with max braking, landing 5 minutes after curfew and talking the tower out of a fine, and forgetting the AFM back at home plate and so faxing the whole thing to the hotel in BIKF. The weather was good, though, and the day we spent waiting for the AFM to be printed out on that slick fax paper everyone used to use gave us a chance to see the city. I asked for the faxes to be left on the many rolls instead of cut page by page to make it easier to find pages we needed. Paging through piles of that slick paper to find a particular page would have used another day. I and the other inspector on the trip were willing to wait, but the operator didn't want to.
  5. Hello my friends! I'm looking for someone who has a second monitor that is not used to display P3D and can temporarily be placed on the left side of their desk at roughly a 60 to 90 degree angle off the monitor they use for P3D (see diagram below). This person also needs to have a webcam which will have to be temporarily mounted on top of the monitor placed on their left side, and any of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional series aircraft. The goal here is to create a segment for an upcoming promotional video using Connected Flight Deck, webcams and the monitor as described above. The video is a for the soon to be announced Aerosoft Flight Simulation Community, which is a non-profit endeavor designed to provide tremendous benefits those who join the community. If you're interested, please contact me via Private message. Many thanks! DIAGRAM
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  7. Okay, I recommend updating to as it includes some important updates, but we also have another great update coming out soon. Best wishes.
  8. ich bringe Dir anscheinend gar kein Glück 😞 Hierbei scheint es sich um eine uralten Fehler vom Uninstaller vom FSX zu handeln. Wenn man nach dem FSX 1603 Fehler googlest kommt man eigentlich immer zu diesem https://answers.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/forum/windows_8-gaming/flight-simulator-installation-meldet-fehler/9c7d0ee2-e8b7-43e4-9cff-7e928e578630 ich persönlich würde aber den PC neu aufsetzen, dann FSX nach bspw. C:\FSX installieren, danach SP1 + SP2 (oder SP1 + Accelaration). Zum Schluss den Airbus (und alles als Administrator ausführen lassen) Ahoj -Uwe
  9. Hello, I bought the LSZH Airport from Aerosoft, and having a lot of issues with it... First of all when I go there in the Night, there are literally no Lights, so I cant see anything. Also when I want to spawn at a Gate (for example A49) I somehow end up standing in the Building with my Plane. I've uploaded some Screenshots here. Does anybody know any of this issues and how to fix them? I havnt found any helpful information in the forums. I already tried the fix it with the scenery_packs.ini and also with the HDR settings, nothing worked..... Thanks alot for the help!!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Thank you for downloading!
  11. Sorry, forgot to mention that @DaveCT2003 A330 v1.0.0.6
  12. Not sure why, it works fine for me. What I do under Downloads (not Old Downloads) is select "All" from the drop down box and then Control-F for my search. As Otto mentioned, under Old Downloads it's merely a drop down box. I can do a recording of this if it helps my friend. The reason for both is that we moved to a new backend system a while back ago, so all orders that occurred on the new system are shown under Downlaod and anything that was ordered before the new system CURRENTLY shows up under the old downloads. I have a meeting coming up with the Boss, and I'll check to see what the decision was regarding old orders (if we're moving them to the new system or what). I hear you my friend, and we LOVE advice, especially from knowledable people like you! Give me some time to get some answers and I'll get back with you. Back in my military days we lost an engine in between Iceland and the UK and raced to beat a blizzard while making out way to Kef. We lost the race, had to do a radar guided precision approach to essentially the wrong runway due to the high cross wind and one of our 4 engines being out. Fun times. It was the dead of winter and we couldn't leave, so I didn't get to see anything of Iceland, but I can say I've been there! LOL! When you get back airborne, safe travels my friend.
  13. Okay, I'd double check your version of P3D as Otto suggested, and what I mentioned also applies my friend. Best wishes.
  14. Thanks for the response gents, but you're not really solving my issue to my satisfaction and was aware of the work-arounds. Ctrl + F doesn't work ... it will not search my list of purchases, only what's active on the page. Type sensitive dropDownList will quickly forget after about 2 keystrokes so if I type in "Ha" and pause for a fraction of second and then type "m", I don't get "Hamburg" I get "Madeira" ... it's a frustrating experience and as I pointed out doesn't show my "older download orders". I get the feeling "older downloads orders" button is going to remain for years and never get combined into my actual full list of items I've bought ... how many years since the transitions, 2 years or more? Other oddities like under "My account" there is a "Orders" and a "Instant Downloads" ... why both? What would be more efficient and better for both myself and Aerosoft sales is an intelligent search so that if I type in "LPMA" (and I'm logged into my account), rather than bringing me to the "sales" page for Madeira with option to "Add to Cart" even though I've already purchased the product ... if found, it would bring me to my Product already purchased page, if not in my purchases, then bring me to the "sales" page for Madeira. Please keep in mind, I'm trying to make this easier for me to want to buy from Aerosoft store and not go elsewhere ... I buy A LOT of products from Aerosoft. Still in US Dave, long story, flight cancellations in Iceland and very poor support/rerouting, but will be back out in UK Feb 24-Mar 5. Cheers, Rob.
  15. It is perfect now ! Don't touch it more, its perfect like that ! With tool bar on top and touch scaling without artifact... good job !
  16. you should search for AfcadParkingNumber="31" to check if the SODE Jetway fits to the AFCAD designation
  17. To clarify: this is for the A320 Professional, specifically for the A321 with IAE engines.
  18. I try to reinstall all the prepar3d but nothing change. now I only install : prepar3d, orbx (base,vectore, open europe. buildings and trees), gsx 2, active sky and rex
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. Are you running the Fuel Planner as Administrator? I did experience this one time though with GSX integration enabled, and I had to call the fuel truck to de-fuel the aircraft. But I realize you said you are not using GSX integration.
  21. Hallo! Seit dem (heutigem) Update, werden manche Sim-EInstzellungen in die prepar3d.cfg nicht mit übernommen. Aufgefallen ist es mir bei den Wetter-Einstellungen. Im Sim-Config-Manager habe ich die Cloud_density auf Maximum; im Simulater ist diese aber nur auf Medium gesetzt. Weiß jemand, was da los ist?
  22. Hello. Today I was flying the latest iteration of the A330, specifically the I wanted to load 18000 kg of fuel from the fuel planer. However, the plane loaded around 21.000 instead. I tried to manually put 18 tons from the MCDU 3. However, the problem persists. In general, the plane will load around 20% more than the amount set via the fuel planner or directly from the MCDU 3. This happens both when loading fuel slowly, or when using the instant option. In any of these cases, the FUEL indication in the LSK 3R button of the Load and Fuel page will continue flashing between white and green colors, as if the refuel process is trying to continue, but even if I wait a while, the actual amount will stay in this higher value. When using the fuel planner, the MCDU 3 will show the correct amount of fuel in the LSK 3L button in the Load and Fuel page. However, in the Actual amount of the same page, and also in the fuel tank readings, this higher amount will be shown. It's important to mention that GSX services are set to off from the MCDU 3. In general I never use GSX to refuel. Thanks
  23. Already solved in our internal rev.
  24. Hello Bernd, You said that this was the 3rd time this has happened. So you can recreate this? Do you by any chance have FSUIPC autosaves enabled? It would be really helpful for us to investigate this further if you could send us an autosave file before you get the DECELERATE message. If you don't have possibility to make automatic saves, could you try to pinpoint the location where this happens and try to save few minutes before that location. This would help us a lot trying to recreate this issue to investigate it better. Logs could also prove helpful. So when this issue happens, check the PC time and after the flight zip the whole Data folder and send it to us with a timestamp and we will have a look if we can find any anomalies there as well.
  25. Jetzt war ich ganz überrascht. Seit dem letzten Update ( hat sich auch im Fuel Planner etwas getan - die errechneten Werte sind jetzt annähernd brauchbar. Geändert hat sich jetzt auch was in der MCDU 3 - die Fueldaten aus dem Fuel Planner werden nicht mehr korrekt übernommen - siehe Screenshot.
  26. Maybe i have a solution via Pilots AFM Tool... Using the latest P3D V4 version with HF2 LSGG_Aerosoft.log
  27. I was a Boeing guy who made the transition to Airbus, so I thought I'd share a little information with you on this. So, there actually is no FMC onboard any Airbuses, it's actually an FMGS. However in both Boeing (FMC) and Airbus (FMGS), the FMC/FMGS is a black box located down in the aviations bay. What I believe you mean is that you're seeing a DIR button on the MCDU, which is an input/output device that the pilots use to input data into the FMGS and read data back from the FMGS. This is called a CDU on Boeings. I'm not being coy, terminology is everything, especially when one has to search the forums, Internet or manuals for information, so I thought I'd help out by providing the terminology, that's all. The fixed DIR button is indeed used to command the aircraft Direct To a selected waypoint. If memory serves, you'll find this as a selectable item (LSK) on the Boeing CDUs, but on the Airbus and some other aircraft it's a fixed button. That's not the only difference though. On some Boeing you can enter a Direct To but if the aicraft is in heading mode it will stay on present commanded course. In the Airbus a Direct To will set the Autpilot back to the Nav Mode. I hope this is helpful. Best wishes my friend!
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