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  2. I was able to land the plane, but like yesterday something happened to the sim and it not did work as it was supposed to. After completing all the ground checklists and the at least the after takeoff checklist, the start decent checklist did not come on (the message on the top did not appear either). I initiated the decent as I normally would in the FMC but there was no control over speed or maintaining the plane on the glide slope. Basically I controlled the decent and deployed the speed brakes and retarded the throttle to maintain proper altitude from waypoint to waypoint. I never heard from the crew at all on the way down and basically manually landed the plane. It did fly the localizer in, but even though I was below the glide slope, when it intercepted the slope it did not control the plane to decend along the glide slope. At least for me there has been maintaining control issues on both flights while on auto pilot, very different behavior than the A320 which was pretty rock solid. I don't think this is at all pilot error, because your not interacting with the plane at this point. It's just flying along on auto. Idk how much confidence I have right now to try another one. I like the visual on the A320 throttle much more than the A330. On the A320 it was very easy to see the detent for Clb vrs this one.
  3. Here is a picture. The good news is that Simbrief prediction is very close to FOB. The bad news is that the MCDU is completely messed up. You can see that even the previous way-point shows less fuel than the current FOB, and the prediction for the way-point which is 1 nm away is 7.8 tons less. I don't think this happens in the real aircraft.
  4. Perhaps an Air Hong Kong/DHL EI-HEA? Should be rather straightforward... https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1030996/ei-hea-air-hong-kong-airbus-a330-300f/ Thank you!
  5. Hello, i have an confusing failure with the frequency. All my navigation data is on AIRAC 1908 (which shows freq 109.5) P3D 4.5 database updated with fsAerodata tool. Little Nav Map updated with Navigraph tool (shows me the P3D data with 109.5) Active Sky, Aerosoft Bus Professional, PMDG 737...all of the databases on 1908...all of them know 109.5. Stuttgart Professional installed, the charts tell me frequency 109.5. But no one of my aircraft can receive the ILS on 109.5 When i check the ingame map of P3D, it shows a very old frequency of 110.9. And with this, i receive the ILS. So i wanted to find out where the failure comes from. With the Airport Editor from https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html I opened the scenery folder within the Aerosoft\Stuttgart Pro folders. ILS "ISTE" and "ISTW" show both the correct frequencies 109.5 and 109.9. So where the heck is the frequency 110.9 hidden? Must be in some other BGL files that are used by P3D for EDDS. Again, the scenery export in Little Nav Map from the P3D database shows the correct 109.5. I can not find out where this discrepancy comes from. As EDDS with the approach 07 from the west is my favorite arrival airport and approach...thats frustrating. Thanks for any tipps, Jan
  6. Mathijs, with all respect I don't think just because the real aircraft can sometimes show weird things, this is a proper answer for a bug we all experience. I don't think the real aircraft predicts negative fuel on destination in the middle of the cruise. That is way too off to be realistic.
  7. It worked again! Oh well, close the call is best and I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks! Gary
  8. I'm running HF2 V4.5.13.32097. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  9. I don't have pictures of this but I can confirm this issue. Occurred on my flight from CYYZ-KLAS yesterday. Very strange indeed.
  10. I think they mentioned they were going to implement that and you would hear it if you do not use the semi-intelligent copilot. Not sure if it has been implemented yet though?
  11. Hallo Othello ! Ich habe das erstmal an " Laminar " gesendet. Gleichzeitig habe ich die Vermutung, daß es " 124hATC " war, was das verursacht hat, da ich dieses Plug - in gestoppt hatte. Grund ist, daß ich die Daten nicht ans ATC des " Airbus A 330 " senden konnte.....bei Standartfliegern, die zum X - Plane gehören, funktioniert das nicht. Aber...ich werde mir bald mal eine Maschine kaufen..... Das Update ( 124hATC ) von vorgestern habe ich bereits installiert...... Fliegende Grüße, Papierflieger
  12. Hi, When I try to update the A330 for the lasted hotfix, the updater stops and close around downloading. I run it as Admin and have turn off the F/W. Please help.
  13. I followed the suggestion of deleting the 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) before running the installer but the True Glass installer seems to replace the deleted runtime during its process and I then get the "version error". I am using an A330 installer I downloaded today with the current version of P3D with the appropriate re-starts. After the version error etc. Windows and the Updater see the the 330 as installed however it does not appear within P3D. Thank you for any suggestions. Steve Dwyer
  14. My GSX did load the correct number of pax, but when the message window popped up at the top, it didn't match what I entered in my load sheet. Actually I entered 262 pax and the message said "6". Way off, but I changed it in the message and it worked fine. This never happens in the A320 series but may be a compatibility issue with GSX currently. Ha! Have you ever bought an aircraft for X Plane? LOL. They are all a work in progress. I've had much much MUCH better luck in P3D oddly enough. I switched over a few months ago and don't regret it a bit. Despite my wallet not being happy 😕
  15. By the way: I suggest you set in the settings mentioned above Sharpen to 0,25 and grain to 0,17. That makes the Cockpit very nice and all instruments are working,.
  16. just purchased the a330 first flight tried to taxi and plane started jumping wild throttles didnt move
  17. Hi all, Not really sure where to put this but is anyone having issues with aircraft busting through the top-of-descent point even though you have Pause at TOD checked in settings? I have flown three flights so far and twice the aircraft has ignored my setting in the options menu. Also, the external engine sounds during start up seem a bit lackluster, will these be adjusted? And finally, although they may be completely realistic, the internal engine sounds during shut down are non-existent in my sim. It goes from engine idle sounds (which are actually perfect in my opinion) to having no sound at all. No sense of the engines being shut down. Is this normal or will this be adjusted?
  18. Seems not be related to GSX. Happens with instant load also. (At least when doing it after having tried with GSX before.)
  19. That must be patch really, that is not a gsx compatible plane yet or should i say this is not a gsx Integrated plane yet.
  20. i wasn't able to test this out in the end sorry
  21. Yip, that fixed it for me too ... Maybe Aerosoft will fix it for future updates that it does not depend on changing stuff in Nvidia Control Panel.
  22. I think that’s a customer option in real life, I don’t think that has been implemented in A330
  23. Today
  24. Danke Helmut, so hatte ich das auch schon angedacht. Ich hatte nur bei einigen Airports festgestellt, daß die Gates auf der Passagierseite anders bezeichnet werden als auf der Vorfeldseite. Aber damit muss man dann eben leben. Gruß Ulli
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