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  2. Sorry for my writing........It is a departure and i fly it manually
  3. Just notice today after landing Kopenhagen, and shut down engines (A321 CFM) there is no shutdown sounds at all... After looking (listening) Dave's video I notice there is never was those sounds (32bit busses it was). P3Dv4.3 and v4.4 client Aibus version No saved situations at startup The file, A and B is present into folder. Would volume level do this? I have engines volume below 50% into P3D settings.
  4. I just had this happen again today. Flight is RPLL-RPMD. Happened at cruise FL350 (route: IPATA2P IPATA B462 MASBA W9A BN W9 RIMAR MAR1). TAT is -14C from ASP4.
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  6. Unfortunately not. Mathijs told me on March 9th of 2018 that he would send me an installer to test, more than one full year and nothing...
  7. I often use PBD to facilitate approaches...... In this case you can use KLO/232/10
  8. I tried installing it with the standard install method, and the same problem occurs. Most likely a AFCAD, but can't come up with an idea of where this interfering file is..
  9. You can enable experimental updates on the updater through configuration menu. Remember to restart the updater so the experimental updates get enabled.
  10. HeyIs version already released, my updater still indicates that version is the correct version.thank you very much
  11. Como dice Walter... Ha configurado su producto? Hay un programa para hacerlo que se suministra con el programa principal.
  12. Thanks, Dave. I will do it as you advise and report the results. Regards, Josemari LEPP
  13. Salut Michel je viens voir votre message sur le forum, es ce que vous avez trouver une solution a votre problème ? j ai le même soucie depuis que j'ai installer le crj700/900. merci pour votre aide . cordealements
  14. Beim Starten des A 350 XWB von Flight Faktor kommt GPS Primary. Was bedeutet das und wie kann dise Meldung gelöscht werden ? D as FMS ganz unten rechts ist wohl nicht fertig, damit lässt sich kein vernünftiger ILS Flug z:B von EDDF nach LSZH fliegen. Hat jemand Bemerkungen dazu. Gruss WALTY
  15. By the way. This topic has a big number of views even though it's only open for five days. I guess there are a lot more people who experience this issue and just follow this thread instead of writing here.
  16. Thanks, got the files too. What exactly is different with these? I will have to update my P3D scenery and content part, as they indeed run on version 4.3 except for the P3D client, that runs the latest P3D 4.5 hotfix release. So far, I can already say, that I neither use Ezdok, nor do I start P3D with pre-saved flights.
  17. Hi Dave. 1. I don't use EZDOK camera. 2. I don't use saved flights. 3. I install full p3Dv4.5 (client,content, scenery) I downloaded the sounds and did the test but unfortunately it didn't help me.
  18. Hello FlyAgi, ok, I have tested it also because of APbjoerns text (passengers...). But with my system there are only about 4 - 5 FPS difference. For example: B12 = 31 FPS and A11 = 35 FPS. But I think, that depends on the Hardware used. I use a i7 6700K (32GB) and a GTX1080 (8GB). I think, I send an Info to our prod.-Manager. I don't know if you can disable the passengers in the terminal... and also the moving people... Greets Heinz
  19. Achso noch als Tipp. Versuche doch mal alle Plugins zu deaktivieren und fliege dann nochmal über die Alpen. Für mich hört es sich so an, dass der Absturz auftaucht sowie du über den Alpen fliegst. Denn eines muss klar sein, in Regionen mit hohen Bergen brauchst du viel mehr Leistung als in flachen Regionen.
  20. Hallo Campino, ich war etwas länger nicht mehr auf dieser Seite, deshalb meine Frage ob dieses Problem noch besteht, oder hast du es schon gelöst? Falls nicht helfe ich dir gerne. Viele Grüße Pit
  21. Hallo BontanaMack, ehrlich gesagt finde ich den von dir gezeigten PC etwas teuer und nicht gerade auf den neusten Stand für den Preis. Hier ist eine Seite da gibt es gerade ein paar gute Angebote. Vielleicht ist ja was dabei für dich. Viele Grüße. PIT.
  22. In may opinion simbrief is the only one that give you the most correct and reliable routes.
  23. Oh, there are a lot of sites where you can see and/or get flight plans for Simulators. I look also at to see some real life flights. In USA you can see at that side also the flight plan. Wolfgang
  24. 72westy

    Wing Sweep

    Could you describe this? I have this issue. Nothing is sweeping the wings open unless I check mark 'Cold and dark' After doing that I continue to have no control over flaps or wings. WTH... Using an X-56 and did not have this issue with the 2.02 version in P3Dv3.4.22.19868
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